Friday 30 September 2016

Thursday 29 September 2016

Let us Stand by Indian Army

In Uri Attack by Pakistan supported and sponsored terrorists, out 18 army jawans were martyred. Whole nation was angry with the events and Lata Mangeshkar, the renowned play back singer of the fame "A mere vatan ke logo, aankh mein bhar lo pani, Sahid hueyan hain unki zara yaad karo kurbani", sent a strong message to her fans and the whole nation that she will not celebrate her birthday this year. Rather she urged upon her fans to contribute their might for the welfare of the families of Army Jawans who met with martyrdom.  Samadhan Kender also urges the public in general and its clients in particular that they should also contribute their might in the "Army Welfare Fund Battle Casualties as per details given below.

Once again our great Indian Army has made us feel proud by carrying out surgical strikes to dismantle the terrorist camps being operated in POK after crossing the Line of Control.

An account titled “Army Welfare Fund Battle Casualties” has been opened at Syndicate Bank, South Block Branch, New Delhi (IFSC Code: SYNB0009055), with account number 90552010165915, which has been approved by the Integrated HQ of Ministry of Defence (Army) and as per their approval the donations received in the fund will be utilized to pay financial assistance/grant to widows of our Battle Casualties, their next of kin and dependents.

Please see the original announcement by Syndicate Bank on 01/09/2016 as per link below to verify the authenticity of the above details being provided by Samadhan Kender. Please contribute generously. Samadhan Kender will honour all the contributors by providing VIP treatment to the contributors.

Wednesday 28 September 2016

Get Rid of Zero Balance Loan Accounts from CIR

Zero Balance loan accounts appearing in your credit report can also send wrong signals to the lending banker who can conclude the zero balance loan accounts differently.  Bankers and Lending institutions get the full and final loan amount deposited from the borrowers but forget to take the following actions:
  • Due to the shortage of time, the bankers just apply up to date interest and credit the loan amount deposited to make the balance outstanding to ZERO without bothering its impact on the Credit Report of the borrower. Zero Balance accounts can also damage your Credit Reputation. See How....
  • In the case of Term Loan or Demand Loan accounts, the bankers may not consider the sanctioned loan amounts as Term loans and Demand Loans can not be disbursed again. But Cash Credit and Overdraft Limit accounts with Zero Balance can make the lending banker think that the borrower can withdraw the sanctioned level of Cash Credit or Overdraft limits which can adversely affect the financial position of the borrower.
  • In view of the above, every borrower must insist for proper closure of the loan account and obtain the "Statement of Account" with Account Status as "Closed".
  • Return the unused blank signed cheque leaves to the borrower which can be misused.
  • Inform the CIBIL about the closure of the loan accounts. Some banks and lending bankers CIBIL data and Loan Data is not synchronized and CIBIL data are got punched from outsourcing agencies and they keep the zero balance loan accounts in "Open Status".
  • Inform the CERSAI, Central Registry of Securitisation Asset Reconstruction and Security Interest about the lifting lien on immovable property in their books. Borrowers must insist for Certificate from the Bank about deregistration of banker's lien on the property. In case you have not taken such certificate then visit Samadhan Kender, NH-64 Near Bikaner Mishtan Bhandar, Patiala Road, Rajpura for getting the "Clear Title" report online from CERSAI.
What should be done to Get Rid of existing Zero Balance Loan Accounts from CIR:
  • Book an appointment with our CIBIL Consultants along with your latest Credit Report and they will take up with the Credit Rating Agencies to know the names of the lending bankers along with loan account numbers. It is quite possible that some of the zero balance accounts might be "Stranger's Loan Account" while other zero balance loan account may belong to you. 
  • Stranger's Loan accounts will be dealt with by experts as already explained in "How to Get Strangers Removed from Credit Report.
  • As regards you own "Zero Balance Loan Accounts" our experts will take up individually with the lending bankers for and on behalf of borrowers for the closure of such loan accounts so that loan account status gets changed from "Active or Open Status" to "Closed Status". The distant borrowers who can not physically visit to meet our CIBIL Consultants, they can remit additional payment for removal of such loan accounts as already explained in our earlier article on Analysis of Credit Reports after booking of a prior online appointment.
The fees for the removal and/or closure of zero balance accounts ( excluding written off and settled loan accounts) is negotiable according to the work involved. Normally it is Rs.1000 per account for self-owned zero balance accounts.

In the next and concluding article we shall be telling you as to "How to Get Rid of Settled/Written Off Loan Accounts" from your Credit Report.

Sunday 25 September 2016

Get Strangers Removed from Credit Report

Do you have poor Credit Report and Credit Score? Has your banker shut the doors for you due to poor Credit Rating?

If yes, then get your Credit Report Analysis and investigation Report from our panel of experts and entrust the job of getting the stranger's account completely removed from your Credit Report. Removing the stranger's loan accounts from the credit report is likely to improve your credit score and repaying capacity. Due to other's loan accounts in your report, the bank may reject your loan request merely on the ground that you have no further capacity to repay any further loan even if your credit score is high and comfortable.

Step-2: Remove Stranger Loan Accounts from Credit Report:
  • Recheck all your reported accounts in Credit Report after checking the detailed
    Analysis and Investigation report provided by our CIBIL Consultants after you have completed the process under Step-1.
  • Now mark the accounts in which neither you are a principle or joint borrower nor are your guarantor.
  • It clearly indicates that somebody else's loan accounts have crept into your Credit Report and you have nothing to do with such wrongly reported loan account.
  • If the stranger's loan accounts, appearing in your credit report, are very well maintained loan accounts even then such accounts can send wrong signals to lending-bankers who may conclude that your total loan accounts are more than your repaying capacity. As such to get even the very good stranger's loan accounts from your credit report is essential from lending banker's point of view.
  • Loan accounts are reported in the CIR as shown in the adjoining image. Our CIBIL Consultants will make you available the Member Name (Name of the Bank), Account Number, Branch Address etc from where you will be able to judge if you have any relationship with the loan account or not.
  • In case you have nothing to do with the loan accounts then you are just to inform the CIBIL Consultant via their email address and they will take necessary steps to get all such stranger accounts removed from the report after receipt of Removal Fees at the rate of Rs.500 per account.

Next culprit is "Zero Balance - Loan Accounts" in your Credit Reports. After you have got removed the stranger's loan accounts from the credit report, now it is time to Get Rid of Zero Balance Loan Accounts to improve your credit score and credit report.

Get Your Credit Report analysed online from Experts

Samadhan Kender has been approached by clients from as far as Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Ambala, Rohtak, Jalandhar and from far flung areas. The clients had to visit Samadhan Kender personally which involved traveling expenses to and fro Rajpura in addition to the loss of valuable time to discuss their poor credit scores and reports.

Keeping in view the hardships faced by our clients we have developed an online system for resolution of Credit Reports which involves three to four stages. We feel that clients from far flung areas will be benefited through the online resolution process and they will be able to save time and money spent on traveling to Samadhan Kender at NH-64, Near Bikaner Mishtan Bhandar, Rajpura 140401 Punjab. 

Step-1: Credit Report Analysis and Investigation Report: 
  • Obtain Latest Credit Report from your Bank or Lending Institution.
  • Send the Scanned PDF copy (Legible) of the complete Credit Report at our email ID.
  • Send Scanned PDF Copies of your original ID Proofs like Aadhaar, PAN Card, Voter ID, Driving License and Passport.
  • Check the total number of accounts reported in the Credit Report Summary as shown by an arrow in the adjoining figure.
  • In the shown example the number of accounts is 6 and Samadhan Kender charges Rs.500-00 per account as investigation and analysis charges. Total investigation charges will be Rs.3000 for all the six accounts.
  • Samadhan Kender will provide the Investigation Report and Analysis Report in respect of all the reported six accounts with the following information:
  1. Name of the Lending Banker along with Account Number
  2. Date of Loan, Sanctioned Amount and Present Outstanding
  3. Status of Account like Active, Closed, Past Due, Sub-Standard, Doubtful or Loss Asset
  4. Status of Account if it "Settled on Written Off or Partially Written Off" account.
  5. Delinquency Report of each account.
  6. Ownership and Type of each Loan Account.
If you want to know the complete analysis of your credit report from our CIBIL Consultant then send the Credit Report and ID Proofs along with the requisite investigation fees at the rate of Rs.500-00 per account. Minimum investigation fees are Rs.2500-00 per Credit Report. 

On remitting the money and sending the report in PDF format along with ID, Address, and Proofs of DOB, our experts will send you your Credit Analysis and Investigation Report for Further Resolution.

NEET Registration for PG Diploma Courses is Open

Do you want to Register for NEET - PG Diploma Courses?

If your answer is "Yes" then this article is meant for you as Registration for National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test opens on 26th September,2016 and will remain open up to 31st October,2016.

What is NEET-PG: 
  • NEET-PG is an eligibility-cum-ranking examination conducted as the single entrance examination to various MD/MS and PG Diploma Courses as per section (10) of the Indian Medical Council Act,1956.
  • It is a single window entrance examination for PG Courses. No other entrance examination, either at State or Institution level, shall be valid for entry to MD/MS/PG Diploma Courses as per IMC Act,1956 wef Admission Session - 2017.
  • NBE (National Board of Examinations) has been notified by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, GOI, to conduct NEET-PG on an All-India Basis for admission to various MD/MS and PG Diploma Courses at various medical colleges and institutions in India.
Important Dates: 
  • Online Registration at NBE website wef 26th September,2016 to 31st October,2016.
  • Testing Window in 41 Cities/Centres wef 5th December,2016 to 13th December,2016.
  • Declaration of Results at NBE website by 15th January, 2017.
Visit Samadhan Kender, Near Bikaner Mishtan Bhandar, Rajpura 140401 Punjab India for error free registration along with the following examination fees prescribed for the exam:
  • General and OBC Candidates :  Rs.3750
  • SC/ST/PWD/PH Candidated   :  Rs.2750
  • MBBS Degree/Provisional MBBS Pass Certificate from a Medical College/Institute duly recognised as per provisions of the Indian Medical Council Act. Candidates who are likely to complete the MBBS or equivalent exam on or before 31st March,2017, as per advertisement above, are also eligible to apply for registration.

Saturday 24 September 2016

Are you using recycled or reissued mobile number?

Are you using recycled or reissued mobile number? 

If you are in habit of frequently changing your mobile numbers (without updating the new mobile number in your bank account, aadhaar ID, PAN Card, Insurance Profile or any other online profiles to receive SMSes) to cheat your creditors then you may have to pass through tough times in the near future as all the latest technologies and applications work with your mobile numbers.

What are the consequences of using recycled or reissued mobile numbers?

Let us suppose that you (Priyanka Chopra - assumed name) are using Mobile Number 98xxxx2345 and Priyanka Chopra has got her mobile number entered in her following profiles:

  • Her Saving bank account with HDFC Bank Ltd
  • Her Car Loan account with ICICI Bank Ltd. and she has defaulted in repayment of Car Loan account. Default 
  • Her PAN card number - PRIYA2345C.
  • Her Addhaar ID No. 2345 xxxx 6789
  • Google, GMail, Facebook, Twitter and other Social Profiles.
Now let us assume that Priyanka Chopra discard her SIM Card with Mobile No.98xxxx2345 without informing the HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, PAN authorities, Aadhaar authorities and Social profiles.

Likely Impact on Priyanka Chopra:

  • She will be deprived of facility of receiving SMS from HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank. It is advisable that she should get her fresh mobile number updated in both the bank accounts so that she does not loose the SMS facility.
  • Without getting the fresh mobile number updated in bank accounts she is likely to loose access to OTP for online banking transactions and changing or resetting password.
  • Without updating the fresh mobile in Income Tax profile, Ms. Priyanka Chopra will loose access to resetting passwords in case password in forgotten to efile the Income Tax Return online.
  • Without updating new Mobile Number in Aadhaar, Ms.Chopra will not be able to e-sign or e-verify or e-authenticate any thing like e-verification of IT return, downloading and updation of Aadhaar, activation of JIO sim cards and linking with various government sponsored schemes.
  • In case social profiles of Ms.Priyanka Chopra get hacked then it will become very difficult to recover and retrieve the hacked social profiles without back up phone and discarded phone numbers.

What happens when you use recycled or reissued SIM cards?

Now imagine the situation that Mobile No.98xxxx2345 discarded by Ms.Priyanka Chopra is recycled and reissued by the Mobile Service Provider to someone named Ms.Katrina (assumed name) and she gets her mobile number 98xxxx2345 in her bank accounts with HDFC and State Bank of India. Let us assume that so far Ms.Katrina had not taken any loan from any bank. The following things can happen:

  • She may start receiving SMS from HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank regarding the bank transactions carried out by Ms.Priyanka without updating her new mobile number in her bank accounts.
  • Ms.Katrina will come to know the name of the banks with whom Ms.Chopra was dealing which are HDFC and ICICI in the present example.
  • Ms.Katrina may approach those banks and may some how obtain the statement of accounts of Ms.Chopra by showing the SMSes to the bank officials.
  • She may get access to the priviledged information like customer id etc and may be able to reset the net banking passwords using the priviledged information.
  • Ms.Katrina may approach SBI for taking Car Loan. SBI will obviously pull out the CIBIL Report of Ms.Katrina by using her mobile number (98xxxx2345 which incidently is the discarded mobile number of Ms.Priyanka with defaulted Car Loan with ICICI Bank). There is every possibility that this defaulted Car Loan account of Ms.Priyanka may be reported in the latest report of Ms.Katrina with undisclosed name of lending banker, undisclosed account number etc and Ms.Katrina will find her high and dry to get her CIBIL report modified through a prolonged process of more than 45 days.
  • Ms.Katrina may be able to access and hack the social profiles of Ms.Priyanka Chopra and it can be damaging for Ms.Chopra.
In my opinion the governments should ban reissuing of discarded mobile numbers to new subscribers to safeguard the interests of general public.

Saturday 17 September 2016

Live Long Narendra Modi

Long Live Narendra Modi our beloved Prime Minister

Samadhan Kender wishes Narendra Modi, dashing and devoted Prime Minister of India, a very happy and prosperous birthday. Team Samadhan Kender prays to God Almighty to give him enough strength to change the Destiny of India.

Team Samadhan Kender pledges its wholehearted support in spreading the message of "Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas" to the grass root levels. Team Samadhan Kender also pledges to provide error free Government to Citizen services to everyone irrespective of caste, creed and religion under the Digital India initiative of the Government of India.

We once again wish Narendra Bhai Modi, good health for him to continue as Pradhan Sewak for at least another 25 years so that India gets fully transformed with his great vision and selfless approach.

Samadhan Kender is an effort to solve all problems under one roof by Panel of Experts.समस्या आपकी, समाधान हमारा I ਸਮਸਿਆ ਤੁਹਾਡੀ, ਸਮਾਧਾਨ ਸਾਡਾ I

Tuesday 13 September 2016

Can eSign replace Digital Signatures?

Can e-Signatures replace Digital Signatures? 

Presently if someone has to digitally sign any document then one has to purchase pen drive, dongle to store the etoken from anyone of the authorised service providers for digital signatures. Alternatively one has to get key from online agencies and the same has to be stored in the personal computers. Both the procedures are susceptible to frauds and cost the individual anywhere between Rs.700 to Rs.2500.

Now with the introduction of e-verification of IT returns online, through EVC codes generated by using Aadhaar Technologies in India, has paved the way for revolutionary changes by switching from digital signatures to e-signatures.

What is eSign and How it is better than Digital Signatures?

eSign is an online electronic signature service, in the live environment, which can be integrated with service delivery applications via an open API to facilitate any Aadhaar Holder to digitally and legally sign any document. It uses authentication of the Aadhaar Holder through e-KYC service and once the Aadhaar database in India is linked to live registrar of deaths and births then the e-signing will not be possible in respect of dead people and if the e-signing person is a minor then also the system will generate exceptions that the e-signor is a Minor, who can bind all other parties except  himself or herself.

Salient Features of eSign vis-a-vis Digi-Signatures:
Save cost and time
Aadhaar e-KYC based authentication
Improve user convenience
Mandatory Aadhaar ID
Easily apply Digital Signature
Biometric or OTP based authentication
Verifiable Signatures and Signatory
Flexible and fast integration with application
Legally recognized
Suitable for individual business and Government
Managed by Licensed CAs
API subscription Model
Privacy concerns addressed
Assured Integrity with complete audit trail
Simple Signature verification
Immediate destruction of keys after usage
Short validity certificates
No concerns regarding key storage and key protection

Jio Mobile SIMs to use eKYC or Aadhaar bases authentication:

The latest use of esignatures by Reliance Jio to verify the authenticity of the applicants has brought about revolutionary use of esignatures being used for the following operations:
  • Bank's use it as a tool to generate eKYC profiles of their customers.
  • UPI or United Payment Interface will also be using esign facility.
  • Digital Locker also uses the esign facility and in the near future all your important digital documents including degrees, title deeds, Wills, Birth Certificates, Passports and ID Proofs will be directly landing in your Digital Lockers.
  • Even PAN issuring authorities like NSDL and UTISL have also allowed esignatures through Aadhaar Based OTP or biometrics to issue fresh PAN Cards.
  • Sooner or later, the Voter Cards may become redundant.
  • eSigning of  IT returns up to Rs.5 lacs has already been enabled through aadhaar authentication.
Limitations of eSigns: 

Neither RBI nor any legal agency has not mandated in favor of eSignatures. RBI or any other agency has neither said that "You can use eSign - Aadhaar based authentication" or they have stopped by saying that "You can not use eSign - Aadhaar based authentication". It appears that effective changes will have to made to the Information Technology Act so that eSign facility through Aadhaar Based authentication becomes the most sought after Aadhaar Technology to enter into contracts by individuals competent to contract. To realise this dream minor changes may be required to link the imprisonment, blindness, lunatic or any other incapacitated condition of the Aadhaar Holder to send a warning signal to the other party that person esigning through Aadhaar based authentication is incompetent because he or she is either minor or blind, lunatic,  imprisoned or of unsound mind.

By reading this article still have you any doubt that Aadhaar can't change Destiny of India?

Monday 12 September 2016

Can IT Notice be resolved online?

How to resolve IT Notice online? 

Have you received notice from Income Tax Department? Do not panic? Notice does not necessarily mean that you have to pay more taxes or any penalties. Some notices are just sent to you to for the sake of information or alert. Now the IT Department has facilitated the process of filing your reply to the IT Notice through simplified online process.

Why do you get the Income Tax Notice?

You can get IT notices as a matter of general routine in the following cases:
  • It is mandatory to file IT Return for income of INR 3 lac or more. In case you have not filed the return before due date, you can get the IT Notice.
  • Efiling of IT Return is compulsory for income of INR 5 lacs or more.
  • On successful filing and e-verification of IT Return, the IT Department sends notice as information in token of having received the IT Return.
  • In case of any mismatch of TDS as per your 26AS and IT Return, you may also get the notice as information.
  • Notice is also send to inform if any Tax is payable or Refundable to the assessee.
  • Notices are also issued in respect of Cash and Property Transactions which get reflected in your 26AS.
What to do on receipt of IT Notice? 
  • In case you can not understand or interpret the IT Notice then it is advisable to seek the advice of IT Experts.
  • Government of India, through incometaxindiaefiling website, has started the e-Nivaran link when you log in to your income tax profile. Through this link you can seek resolution of your IT Notice and even upload zipped PDF file of up to 5 MB. Through e-Nivaran you can get all your problems related to PAN, Refund, TDS or Income Tax.
  • Through compliance window in your IT profile you can comply with any outstanding issues. If there is any demand then you can ask for the Demand Notice and even file rectification if any online.
  • In case there in any Tax Demand then you can click "Response to Outstanding Tax Demand" and select the assessment year to which is belongs. The income tax portal will provide you three options 1) Demand is Correct 2) Demand is Partially Correct or 3) Disagree with Demand. On you verifying that Demand is correct, partially correct the portal will ask you further user friendly questions to provide logical solutions online.

Consequences of Non-compliance of IT Notice? 

Most of the IT notices are sent by the IT Department via email ID. However in respect of physical or electronic IT Notices, the Notice  has to be responded within given timeframe and reply can be filed online or submitted in person/registered AD post. Non filing of reply within the given timeframe can result in to fine up to Rs.10000 and in some cases imprisonment upto 1 year. On receipt of IT Notice in case you feel that you require more time to comply then talk to your assessing officer who is empowered to give you more time to comply with the IT Notice.

Friday 9 September 2016

Why public prefers Samadhan Kender for Aadhaar?

Why Public prefers Samadhan Kender for Aadhaar? 

While basic difference between Suvidha Kenders or Sewa Kenders Vs Samadhan Kender is available on the top front page of our website as reproduced below:

What is the Difference between Suvidha Kender and Samadhan Kender:

Suvidha Kender 
Samadhan Kender 
You have to pay Parking Charges of Rs.20 for every visit .
No Parking Charges
Limited Working Hours
Working Hours 10.00 AM to 8.00 PM
Lunch Time Half Hour to One Hour
No Launch Time
Closed on Saturday and Sunday
Open 12x7x365 including Saturdays and Sundays.
Long Queues 
No queues. Feel at home at Samadhan Kender 
No Follow up for Aadhaar Enrollments
We make regular follow up and inform the citizens through Mobile Call and SMS about the status of their Aadhaar

It is convenient for the public to visit Samadhan Kender as per their own convenience without worrying for any Holiday, Saturday or Sunday. For getting the children enrolled for Aadhaar, one of the parents have to accompany the child along with his/her Aadhaar ID in original. If the parents have to visit Suvidha Kender or recently opened Sewa Kendras of Punjab Government for enrolling their newborn or school going children then they have to take leave from their government or private employers and in case they are businessmen/businesswomen then they have to close their business for one day for a pety job of enrollment, updation, rectification, seeding or linking of their Aadhaar Cards. But Samadhan Kender operates on all days including Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays for 12 hours a day and anybody can visit anytime for availing the services offered as Samadhan Kender. Samadhan Kender observes only following  National Holidays:
  • Independence Day on 15th August
  • Republic Day on 26th January
  • Gandhi Jayanti on 2nd October
It is needless to mention that the following sub centres are operating at Samadhan Kender:
  • SBI Customer Service Point
  • Permanent Aadhaar Enrollment Centre of UIDAI
  • Digital Sew Kender of Government of India
  • CIBIL Consultancy Kender
  • IRCTC Ticket Booking Counter of Indian Railways
  • Centralized Insurance Kender of more than 20 major Insurance Companies including Life Insurance Corporation of India
  • Settlement Point for Denied Insurance Claims or Bank Death Claim
  • Food Licensing and Registration Centre of FSSAI
  • Western Union and Transfast Money Transfer Centre
  • Pension Distribution Kender through Apna Dhan of GOI
  • Utility Payment Centre for Electricity Bills, Dish Recharge, Tax Payments
  • PAN and Income Tax Centre
  • Passport Service Centre
Check our Services and Prices or dial at 9316077749 to talk to our Customer Care Officer, Mr.Navneet Sood

At Samadhan Kender our experts solve all your problems to logical end and keep you updated from time to time through SMS, Call and Email services. Your smallest problem gets our biggest attention.

Thursday 8 September 2016

Why Samadhan Kender only for PAN Cards?

Why Samadhan Kender only for PAN Cards? 

Often public asks "What is the big deal in getting the PAN Card issued"? PAN agents are available at every corner of the street and they will just obtain your signatures on the blank Form 49-A along with self attested copies of your ID Proof like Aadhaar, Voter Card, Passport and Proof of DOB like Matriculation Certificate or Birth Certificate. They will fill the form 49A manually in illegible handwriting without bothering for spellings and any conflict with any of your ID proof or proof of date of birth. They will apply for fresh PAN Number without bothering for the following questions and guidelines like:
  • Had you got issued PAN number in the Past? If  yes what is the PAN number? Whether you were minor at the time of issuance of PAN number? Have you ever used your existing PAN number in banking or income tax transactions? 
  • We will search for the PAN number of the individual and make sure that you have never been issued PAN Card in the past as keeping two or more (multiple) PAN cards can have far reaching consequences.
  • In case we find that any person has got issued two or more PAN Cards, our experts will advise such PAN Card holder to surrender the unused PAN card.
  • Applying for PAN cards of Minors, Illiterates, Firms, Companies, NRI's and Trust requires in depth knowledge of documents to be submitted so that your application does not get rejected by PAN issuing authorities.
Moreover Samadhan Kender offers Complete Income Tax Package to existing or new PAN card holders which includes the following services:

1. Making IT profile on the GOI website of Income Tax and ensuring that the IT Profile is properly linked to:
  • Personal Mobile Number of the PAN card holder.
  • Personal email ID of the PAN Card Holder.
  • Aadhaar ID of the PAN Card Holder. If there is any conflict then experts at Samadhan Kender through "Aadhaar Enrollment Centre" of UIDAI operating at Samadhan Kender link the Aadhaar with Mobile Number and insert the correct Date of Birth in the Aadhaar as most of the Aadhaar Cards issued in India have only the year of birth instead of full Date of Birth and that too is declared but not verified.
  • Link and Pre-validate your main or primary bank account where all refunds of income tax will automatically land after assessment.
2. Checking the Tax Credit that TDS deducted and credited by the Income Tax authorities in your Income Tax account linked with PAN number.  Scrutiny of 26AS is very important as Tax Deductors wrongly report the tax deductions inadvertently.   In one of the cases a reputed company while making payment of more than one crore to one of their contractors wrongly mentioned the PAN number of some other individual resulting into that TDS deducted in lacs of rupees was wrongly reported in 26AS of the person due to wrong mentioning of PAN number. Now the PAN Card holder, whose 26AS was credited with contractual income of more than one crore and TDS in lacs of rupees, got a Notice from Income Tax authorities for not filing the IT Return and concealment of income. It was only after the aggrieved PAN Card holder, who was not having any taxable income consulted the experts and found that it was due to mistake of fact but the PAN Card holder had to pass through tough time.

3.  Filing of Income Tax Returns for immediately preceding two financial years. For example if you approach us now in September, 2016 than  we will electronically file your IT Returns for the AY 2016-17 and AY 2015-16.

4.  We will let you know the Refund Demand Status for earlier Assessment Years.

5.  File Rectification of IT Returns of previous two years in case you have filed the return before due date.

6.  E-verify your previous returns if these are found pending for e-verification. Unverified IT Returns are not assessed by the IT Department.

What are you thinking now? Visit Samadhan Kender immediately for solving all your problems relating PAN Card, Efiling of IT Returns, IT Refunds, Rectification of wrongly filed IT returns. Consult our experts for free and avail the IT Package to lead comfortable tension free life.

Wednesday 7 September 2016

Why Samadhan Kender for Passport Appointments?

Why Samadhan Kender for Passport Appointments?

Often the people ask this question that why they should visit Samadhan Kender for fixing Passport Appointments when they can themselves take the appointment online by registering and signing in Passport Sewa services of Government of India. No doubt this is a valid question but based on our experience of having handled more that 1000 passport appointments in the current year 2016, we are of the confirmed opinion that the job should be handled by expert consultants who will check all your documents to confirm that Passport Officers do not keep your application on hold due to one or more clarifications. It is matter of satisfaction that none of our applications was "Put on Hold" and all applicants were approved for "Granted" status. We prepare the applicants to do their homework well before applying for Passport. Moreover "Samadhan Kender" is housing "Digital Sewa Kender" under Digital India program of our beloved Prime Minister Narender Modi.

Possible reasons for rejection or "On Hold":

The individuals may apply for appointments from the luxury of their homes but they must seek expert guidance from professional experts at Samadhan Kender. I am sure that they will be saved from unnecessary visits to Regional Passport Offices and they will get the "Granted" status to their passport application if they have furnished the proper information, documents, ID Proofs and Affidavits. Most of the common mistakes done by the applicants are as under:
  • While filling in the name of the Police Station, it needs to be checked online.
  • Proper Fees has to be paid as there are different fees for "Normal" and "Tatkal" schemes. For fresh issuance of passports their are different fees for individuals less than 15 years, 15 years to 18 years and 18 years and above. Different fees are to be paid for 36 page or 60 page booklet for frequent fliers. For reissuance there are different fees for different reasons for reissue like validity expired or due to expire, Change in Particulars, Exhaustion of Pages and replacement of Lost or Damaged passports.
  • While applying for reissuance the applicants forget to provide details of previous passports along with file number etc which can be collected from the Regional Passport Office, which issued the previous passport.
  • While applying for reissuance the applicants fill the place of birth in correctly as in India the data of Registrar of Births and Deaths is not error free. One must preserve the details of place of birth while applying for passport for the first time.
  • Some of the other issues are regarding name of the spouse and if there is a divorce and separation then different set of rules, documents and affidavits have to be applied.
Still any doubts? Visit Samadhan Kender for any clarification and foolproof perfect Passport Applications and Appointments through GOI approved Common Service Centre.

Samadhan Kender requires Aadhar Operators and Sales Girls

Samadhan Kender is an approved Adhaar Enrollment Center duly recognized and authorized by UIDAI. We need Aadhaar Operators on contractual basis. The aadhaar operators should have the following eligibility criteria:
  • Minimum 10+2 qualified with more than 50% marks in aggregate with basic knowledge of computers.
  • Should have valid Aadhaar Card.
  • The candidate must have qualified the online Test from NSE.IT, Testing and Certification Agency appointed by UIDAI to conduct online test for the role of enrollment supervisor/operator/child enrollment Lite Client Operator. In case the aspiring candidates want to qualify the above test then they can contact Samadhan Kender and our Team of Experts will guide you to clear the online test.
  • Candidate's age should be 21 years to 30 years as on 30/09/2016.
  • Candidate should be from good  family background.
  • Candidate should be ready to work in villages within Rajpura Block as per guidelines prescribed by UIDAI.
  • Selected Candidates, who are entrusted with the job of Banking Operations will have to deposit security of Rs.5000 and surety of two respectable persons.
Samadhan Kender is providing more than 101 services and we are looking for sales girls on commission basis to market our products in or around Rajpura. Aspiring candidates need to possess the following qualities:
  • Pleasing personality with good communication skills.
  • Qualifications - No bar
  • Age                -   Below 30 years
  • Preferred       -   Owns two wheeler and knows driving, Basic Knowledge of Computers
  • ID Proof         -   Should Possess valid Aadhaar ID
  • Remuneration - Commission Based
Walk in at Samadhan Kender for an interview between 10.00 AM to 8 PM on all week days including Saturdays and Sundays or apply with confidence at

Sunday 4 September 2016

Can somebody else lower your Credit Score?

Can somebody else lower your Credit Score?

If somebody asks you this question your abrupt reply will be "How can somebody else lower my Credit Rating or Score!". But hold your breath. It is possible that despite the fact that you have never defaulted in payment of bank loans or in making timely payments of your credit card bills, your poor credit score or rating may surprise you and your bankers. I am receiving numerous complaints against CIBIL and other credit rating agencies. When I thoroughly investigated their CIBIL reports, it was found that somebody else was responsible for lowering their credit score and they were ignorant about the real culprits who were spoiling their credit reputation worldwide. 

How to find and locate such Culprits? 

Such culprits are none other than your close relatives, friends and even family members who might have used your good credit reputation to cheat the lending institutions. 

To find and locate such culprits just you need to critically examine your own Credit Report and in the reported accounts just look for those accounts where ownership type is either Joint or Guarantor.

Use the "Know your Lender Name and Loan Account Number" to get the loan account details of those accounts where your ownership is shown as Joint or Guarantor. One you have access to the loan account number and the name of the lending banker, approach the lending banker to provide the details of the account by showing your Credit Report. The lending banker will provide you with the following information:

  • Either you are a co-borrower in the loan account 
  • Or loan has been granted at your specific Guarantee Bond
In both the situations i.e. as co-borrower or guarantor you have full right to obtain the following documents from the lending banker:

  • Statement of Account in default.
  • Check the Loan Agreements that you have actually signed the loan agreements as co-borrower.
  • Check the Guarantee Bond executed by you if the lending banker informs you that you have stood as Guarantor in the loan account reported in CIBIL report.
  • In case the Bank is not able to produce either loan agreement or guarantee bond than do not forget to obtain written undertaking from the Bank officials that you are nothing to do with the said loan account.
Try to recollect the names of the loan account holders, who will definitely be either your close relatives or friends and even family members who might have used your good credit reputation to cheat the lending institutions. At the time of obtaining the loan or credit facilities they might have requested you many times and now it is your turn to request such close relatives, friends and even family members to regularize or close their loan accounts. It will take more than 60 days time even after regularisation and closure of such accounts that such accounts are taken off your Credit Report. In future, think 101 times to become co-borrower or Guarantor of such persons who might spoil your credit reputation and you may get debarred from taking any loan or credit card from lending institutions.

In addition to the above culprits who can lower your credit score without your knowledge, your can also be a victim of recycled or reissued mobile numbers. If you have got issue a brand new SIM from your mobile service provider and you are receiving unnecessary SMSes purportedly meant for the user who might have used this mobile number earlier then you can land yourself in big problem. While getting issued the fresh SIM and Mobile Number ask your service provider to given and undertaking that it is not a recycled or reissued mobile number.

Last word of caution! Get such loan accounts fully adjusted and closed without any waiver from the lending institution as in case their is any waiver the status of the account will become "Settled Account" and the account will remain for ever in your Credit Report. It is very cumbersome procedure to approach the bank again for depositing the waiver amount as the bankers get the waived amount deposited immediately but never update the status of the account with CIBIL due to technical reasons.

Still strugling with your CIBIL Credit Report? Meet our CIBIL Consultant to get rid of any CIBIL related issue.

Friday 2 September 2016

Can Aadhaar change the Destiny of India?

Can Aadhaar change the Destiny of India?

Why not? Today when I was reading the news headlines in a national daily newspaper, I came across a news item that India may provide technical know how to small under developed and developing countries. After all the pioneer project of Aadhaar was launched in India by UIDAI and by know our engineers have graduated in the project having solved most of the roadblocks coming in the way of creating data base of more than 100 crores of residents. Now India is in a position to market its unique product that is Aadhaar Technology for a good price to other nations. In the meantime we will keep on improving our Aadhaar Technology day by day based on feedbacks, experiences, experiments and above all its utility in our daily life. In my opinion the time is ripe enough to revisit our aadhaar technology in such a way that we can make it user friendly without least interventions of government offices, enrollment centres. But, How can we do it?

Can Bank ATMs be converted into Aadhaar ATMs?

If you ask me this question, my answer is in yes. But it can be possible only if plastic smart Aadhaar Cards are issued with magnetic strip and chip technology which can be used on ATM machines with biometrics of the aadhaar card holder. In advanced countries the ATM like machines are being installed to dispense water, contraceptive condoms, gold coins and even foreign currency conversions. Use of ATM's in India has increased manifold and ATM machines can be used for delivery of various services in India. It will not be a difficult task for the engineers to convert ATM machines into ATM-cum-Aadhaar by replacing the Card Readers and installing the user friendly menu to access the Aadhaar database in similar way as these machines access the database of different Banks through centralized ATM switches. Only recently banks have allowed the ATM machines to update the Mobile Numbers on ATM machines itself before discarding their old SIM or Mobile Number. But in case we allow the updation of Aadhaars on ATM machines which are open 24x7x365 then Aadhaar Technology can become game changer as now a days Aadhaar is being linked to the Banking, Insurance, Employee, Income Tax, Medical, Online Shopping, IMPS and all other types of profiles including Crime Records. Presently an individual has either to physically visit of digitally visit the service providers for changing the linked mobile numbers which keep on changing whereas the Aadhaar ID remains the same from birth till death. And if mobile numbers are issued to only valid Aadhaar ID holders, I am sure that we can evolve technologies which can update the mobile numbers issued to Aadhaar Holders automatically in their Banking, Insurance, Employee, Income Tax, Medical, Online Shopping, IMPS and all other profiles including Crime Records. Strong political will power is required to implement such type of transparent technologies.

What updation facilities can be provided at ATM-cum-Aadhaar Machines:

Just imagine that you are visiting the ATM-cum-Aadhaar Machine on the way or near to your locality. I can just think of Aadhaar Menu appearing on the screen once you insert your smart plastic aadhaar card with bar code, magnetic strip and chip. The following illustration may help the software engineers to develop the proper secured software for such ATM-cum-Aadhaar Machines:

Welcome Mr. XYZ
Prove Identity by pressing the screen with your Right Thumb
Now put your Unique PIN
Insert your Date of Birth
Enable Web Camera 
The Machine can ask for any biometric like Right or Left Thumb, Middle finger or any other biometric enabled for exceptional cases like blind people, people with no arms or fingers. Authentication of biometrics will not only verify the identity of the Aadhaar Card Holder but also confirm that the person is alive on date of operation. Web Camera enabling will record the face of the individual operating the machine. Insertion of date of birth and its verification from database of Registrar of Births and Deaths will send signals if the user is a Minor or Major. The following screen may appear for updating Mobile Number and/or email ID of the user:

  1. Update Mobile Number
  2. Update Email ID
On pressing Update Mobile Number the machine may ask your present mobile number linked to Aadhaar and on entering the existing mobile number you may receive OTP on your existing mobile number. On entering the OTP machine may automatically fetch mobile numbers issued to you through your Aadhaar Card. ( Reliance Jio will be issuing the Mobile Numbers through Aadhaar Technology which will be pre-linked with your Aadhaar ID and in the near future the government may freeze all the SIMS/Mobile numbers which are not linked to Aadhaar IDs). Machine will display the list of mobile numbers, issued to the user as per Aadhaar database, as under:
  • 98xxxxx324
  • 80xxxxx456
  • 99xxxxx786
Government is likely to limit the issue of more than 2 or 3 SIM cards/numbers to the residents to check crimes and in near future the mobile numbers will also become unique mobile numbers throughout the life of the user and will be automatically portable to any network as these will be linked with Aadhaar IDs. There may be limited version mobile numbers for Minors and other incapacitate persons and such limitations will come into force from the aadhaar database itself.

Now the user will be asked to select any of his/her mobile number for updation in Aadhaar and submit for updation. The machine will send OTP once again on the New Number to be update in Aadhaar and user will have to keep the new number accessible at the time of transacting the updation process. Once the user validates the entry through OTP the mobile number will get updated in his or her aadhaar. Validation is very important so as to rule out any mistake. Once the mobile number gets updated in Aadhaar then in the near future it may get automatcally updated in all your profiles with Banking, Insurance, Employee, Income Tax, Medical, Online Shopping, IMPS and all other profiles including Crime Records.

Similar will be the process for change in email ID except that the new email will be updated only after validation through link sent to new email Id by the Machine.

I think that Government of India should allow correction of gender through this process. Even the change or updation of address  should be allowed trough such ATM machines by just fetching the address details of the Head of the Family or Landlord by inserting the Aadhaar ID of the Head of the Family or Landlord. Machine may sent OTP to the linked mobile number of the Head of the family or Landlord and the user will have to obtain the same from him/her to validate the transaction.

As regards change in Name, Date of Birth in the aadhaar, it should not be permitted and needs to be synchronized with database of Registrar of Deaths and Births in such a way that daily updation of deaths in Digital Death Registers should send signals to Aadhaar which in turn will send signals to Banking, Insurance, Employee, Income Tax, Medical, Online Shopping, IMPS and all other profiles including Crime Records of the dead persons.

Similarly issuance of Physcially Handicapped certificates digitally linked to Aadhaar will change the profile status everywhere. It may take another 25 years for Prime Minister Modi's Digital India dream to come true.

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