Thursday 8 September 2016

Why Samadhan Kender only for PAN Cards?

Why Samadhan Kender only for PAN Cards? 

Often public asks "What is the big deal in getting the PAN Card issued"? PAN agents are available at every corner of the street and they will just obtain your signatures on the blank Form 49-A along with self attested copies of your ID Proof like Aadhaar, Voter Card, Passport and Proof of DOB like Matriculation Certificate or Birth Certificate. They will fill the form 49A manually in illegible handwriting without bothering for spellings and any conflict with any of your ID proof or proof of date of birth. They will apply for fresh PAN Number without bothering for the following questions and guidelines like:
  • Had you got issued PAN number in the Past? If  yes what is the PAN number? Whether you were minor at the time of issuance of PAN number? Have you ever used your existing PAN number in banking or income tax transactions? 
  • We will search for the PAN number of the individual and make sure that you have never been issued PAN Card in the past as keeping two or more (multiple) PAN cards can have far reaching consequences.
  • In case we find that any person has got issued two or more PAN Cards, our experts will advise such PAN Card holder to surrender the unused PAN card.
  • Applying for PAN cards of Minors, Illiterates, Firms, Companies, NRI's and Trust requires in depth knowledge of documents to be submitted so that your application does not get rejected by PAN issuing authorities.
Moreover Samadhan Kender offers Complete Income Tax Package to existing or new PAN card holders which includes the following services:

1. Making IT profile on the GOI website of Income Tax and ensuring that the IT Profile is properly linked to:
  • Personal Mobile Number of the PAN card holder.
  • Personal email ID of the PAN Card Holder.
  • Aadhaar ID of the PAN Card Holder. If there is any conflict then experts at Samadhan Kender through "Aadhaar Enrollment Centre" of UIDAI operating at Samadhan Kender link the Aadhaar with Mobile Number and insert the correct Date of Birth in the Aadhaar as most of the Aadhaar Cards issued in India have only the year of birth instead of full Date of Birth and that too is declared but not verified.
  • Link and Pre-validate your main or primary bank account where all refunds of income tax will automatically land after assessment.
2. Checking the Tax Credit that TDS deducted and credited by the Income Tax authorities in your Income Tax account linked with PAN number.  Scrutiny of 26AS is very important as Tax Deductors wrongly report the tax deductions inadvertently.   In one of the cases a reputed company while making payment of more than one crore to one of their contractors wrongly mentioned the PAN number of some other individual resulting into that TDS deducted in lacs of rupees was wrongly reported in 26AS of the person due to wrong mentioning of PAN number. Now the PAN Card holder, whose 26AS was credited with contractual income of more than one crore and TDS in lacs of rupees, got a Notice from Income Tax authorities for not filing the IT Return and concealment of income. It was only after the aggrieved PAN Card holder, who was not having any taxable income consulted the experts and found that it was due to mistake of fact but the PAN Card holder had to pass through tough time.

3.  Filing of Income Tax Returns for immediately preceding two financial years. For example if you approach us now in September, 2016 than  we will electronically file your IT Returns for the AY 2016-17 and AY 2015-16.

4.  We will let you know the Refund Demand Status for earlier Assessment Years.

5.  File Rectification of IT Returns of previous two years in case you have filed the return before due date.

6.  E-verify your previous returns if these are found pending for e-verification. Unverified IT Returns are not assessed by the IT Department.

What are you thinking now? Visit Samadhan Kender immediately for solving all your problems relating PAN Card, Efiling of IT Returns, IT Refunds, Rectification of wrongly filed IT returns. Consult our experts for free and avail the IT Package to lead comfortable tension free life.

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