Saturday 30 July 2016

Western Union Handshakes Samadhan Kender

We are pleased to inform public in general that the world famous Western Union Money Transfer has hand shake with Samadhan Kender Rajpura and now Samadhan Kender has started accepting the task of payments of foreign remittances sent by Non Resident Indian or Indians living abroad to their nears and dears in India.

How does WUMT works:
  • Your relatives, friends and loved ones - living across the world - remit money from Western Union Agent Locations.
  • They get a 10 digit Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) from the Agent Location.
  • Then they inform this secret MTCN to their loved ones, living in India, to whom money is sent via phone or any other mode of communication.
  • Do not divulge this MTCN to any one except Western Union Authorized  Agent who will verify your Identity and KYC documents and make the payment.
  • Just check in to Samadhan Kender, (M-9316077749) Near Bikaner Mishtan Bhandar, Patiala Road, Rajpura 140401 Punjab along with your valid photo identity proof and MTCN. You can also visit any WU Transfer Agent of your own choice.
While checking in, you need to have following Basic Information ready with you:
  • MTCN Number
  • Name of the Receiver
  • Name of Sender
  • Country Sent From
  • Amount Expected
  • Photo Identity Proof (Any One)

  1. Passport
  2. Voter Card
  3. Unique ID (Aadhaar Card)
  4. Driving License
  5. PAN Card accompanied by additional Proof of Address
  6. Central Government Employee ID
  7. State Government Employee ID
  8. Employee ID of Armed Forces, Para-Military Services and Police (In Service)
  9. Serving (Not Retired) employee of RBI, SEBI, TRAI and IRDA
  10. For Foreign Tourists only Valid Passport and Valid VISA is accepted.
Statutory Guidelines (Western Union Money Transfer)
  • Only 30 Transactions per person per calendar year 1st January to 31st December
  • Maximum Amount allowed in a single transaction not to exceed equivalent of US $2500.
  • Transaction amount above Rs.50000 will be paid by Cheque/DD/PayOrder/Bank Transfer. However Payment to Foreign Tourists holding Foreign Passports can be made in Cash.
  • Beneficiary of Payment can not be a minor. No Payment will be made to Minor.
  • Remittances in favor of Individuals will be accepted. No payment will be made to firms, companies, trusts, societies etc.
"Receive Money from Anywhere in the World Right Here. Approved by Reserve Bank of India".

Friday 29 July 2016

How to get Proof of ID Address and DOB Rectified?

How to Synchronize Proof of ID, Address and Proof of DOB

Have you checked your Aadhaar UID for possible mistakes?

If you have not checked your Aadhaar UID then you are committing a blunder as certain deficiencies in Aadhaar ID may not allow you to get the real benefits of having Aadhaar UID. Check you Aadhaar Card immediately:
  • Name : Ensure that the name in the Aadhaar Card is exactly same as in your Birth Registration Certificate or SSLC (Matriculation) Certificate. Your name in other ID Proofs like PAN Card, Voter Card, Driving License and Passport etc.
  • Date of Birth : Most of the Aadhaar Card mention only the year of birth like 1986, 1993, 1999 or Date of Birth is mentioned as 01/01/1986, 01/01/1999 etc which is incorrect. Such Aadhaar Cards can neither be accepted by PAN CARD issuing authorities nor be used to e-verify the online IT returns. In case your Aadhaar Card shows date of birth as "Year of Birth" like 1986, 1993, 1999 or Date of Birth is mentioned as 1st of January of "Year of Birth" like 01/01/1986, 01/01/1990, 01/01/1999 then you need to visit Samadhan Kender for immediate correction and updation of your DOB in the Aadhaar Card. Correct DOB in Aadhaar will solve your many problems in one go.
  • Mobile Updation in Aadhaar : Most of Aadhaar Cards are not linked to the mobile numbers of the Aadhaar Card holders. Aadhaar UID is useless without Mobile Number as without linking your mobile number the individuals can not:

  1. Avail the Free Digi Locker facility to store important documents.
  2. Update or Change address, mobile number, name, email ID in Aadhaar UID.
  3. Get Duplicate e-Aadhaar from Samadhan Kender.
  4. Generate Life Certificate for Pensioners.
  • Email Updation in Aadhaar : It will be prudent of the part of Aadhaar holders to get their valid and active email ID updated in their Aadhaar Card as GOI plans to issue dematerialized and digitized documents like Matriculation Certificates and Degrees which will land in Digi Locker account linked to Aadhaar ID with active mobile number.
  • Address on Aadhaar Cards : In India housing is a big problem and only 10% of the populations have their house of their own and more than 80% of the population are living in rented houses. Due to one reason or the other populations keep on moving and to avail the bank loan facilities the bank managers insist of updation of current address in their Aadhaar UID. Government has not issued any guidelines to UIDAI for inclusion of a) Permanent Residential Address and b) Current Residential Address. In our opinion the Aadhaar Card should have Permanent Residential Address.
In case you have any problem with your Aadhaar UID, please do not hesitate to talk to our Panel of Experts who will guide you in professional manner so that you do not face any difficulty while getting the a) Passport Issued b) Visa Issues c) PAN issued or availing any other Central or State Government facility.

Similarly Please check your Voter Card, PAN Card, Birth Certificate, Passport, Driving License, Universal Account Number etc for possible mistakes and mismatch with your Date of Birth, Name, Mobile Number, Email ID, Name of Father or Mother, Qualifications, Current and Permanent Address lest you feel helpless at the eleventh hour.

It will be better if you fill in the following format and check that all ID Proofs match with one 

ID CARD or Document
Name as on 
ID Proof or 
with Mobile Number if Linked
Date of Birth              
Address with PIN Code
Father Name 
Mother Name  
Spouse Name
Birth Certificate

SSC/Matric Certificate

Aadhaar ID

PAN Card

Voter Card

Pass Port

Driving License

Universal Account Number

Marriage Certificate

Do this one time exercise and ensure that there is no mismatch of the data available in your important documents and ID Proofs lest it may tease you at the eleventh hour when you try to get overseas VISA under work permit, student, tourist and Permanent Resident (PR) Visa.

    Thursday 28 July 2016

    Link Your Aadhaar with Banks


    We are pleased to announce that Government of India has allowed the "Digital Sewa Kender" operating at Samadhan Kender with CSC:ID:PB152901026 to link Aadhaar Cards of all Indian citizens to Link with Bank accounts of the following Banks in or around Rajpura:

    1. Punjab National Bank
    2. Union Bank of India
    3. Central Bank of India
    4. Vijaya Bank
    5. Andhra Bank
    6. Axis Bank
    7. Indusind Bank
    In addition to Aadhaar seeding/linking with Banks, you can also get it linked with your Voter ID, PAN Card, Insurance Policies, Universal Account Number for PF subscribers at Samadhan Kender.

    Aadhaar  seeding  is  a  process  by  which Aadhaar  numbers of  residents  are  included  in  the  service  delivery  database  of  service  providers.  ( In this case the service provider is Bank ) for  enabling de-duplication  of  database  and Aadhaar - based authentication during service delivery.

    The objective of de- duplication is not to replace the currently used  unique  identifier of  the  customers/residents/beneficiaries with  Aadhaar, but to clean  up the  databases  for  any  ghosts/duplicate/wrong  entries  and seamlessly  enable  Aadhaar  authentication without impacting any other interface that the service providers maintain with their customers.

    Further,  as  Aadhaar  number  is  unique  and  does  not  change over  the  lifecycle  of  an  individual,  the 12-digit  Aadhaar  number  is  sufficient  enough  to  transfer  any  payments  to  an  individual.  Today,  in order  to  transfer  money  to  a  beneficiary,  the  Government/  Institution  needs  to  know  the  bank account,  IFSC  Code,  and bank  branch  details  etc.

    Aadhaar offers the  possibility of sending government payments by using just the 12- digit Aadhaar number  for  life, which makes government  payments agnostic  to any  changes  in  the  bank Account of the individuals, hence reducing the administrative burden.

    CSC SPV is registered as Authorized Service Agency (ASA) and Authorized User Agency (AUA) with UIDAI for e- KYC related activities. 

    CSC Aadhaar seeding platform is a neutral platform and it has the following propositions for Aadhaar seeding with Bank accounts:
    • Multiple touch points, These centres will be additional points for Aadhaar seeding.
    • All Common Services Centres (CSCs) capable of handling Aadhaar Seeding as they are offering various services using EKYC.
    • We have all the three options on our EKYC platform - IRIS / FINGER PRINT / OTP.
    • Application has functionality of taking online consent from the customer for Aadhaar seeding.
    Please check if you have linked your Aadhaar ID to avail the following services:
    Aadhaar ID is Linked to 
    Nature of Facilities/Services available to individuals who have linked their Aadhaar IDs  
    The income tax department allows residents to e-verify income tax returns using Aadhaar, eliminating the need to send a physical signed income tax return form to the central processing center. All that the user needs to do is link his/her Aadhaar number to their respective e-filing account. Once this is done, the Aadhaar number will be linked to their PAN after validation through a one-time password
    BANK Accounts and Insurance Accounts 
    Insurance products will soon be available on the digital platform through e-commerce websites, according to the recent draft by the Insurance regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDA). e-KYC can be done using e-adhaar or by National Securities Depository Ltd (NSDL) using the e-PAN facility. The draft talks about a mandatory e-insurance account that individuals have to maintain for online purchase of a product. Similarly e-KYC of Bank Accounts has been made compulsory which is possible only through linking bank accounts with Aadhaar ID to receive financial benefits, subsidies like LPG subsidy and scholarships.
    Social Security like NPS
    eNPS enables a subscriber to open an account with the National Pension System (NPS) sitting at home. All he needs is an internet connection and an Aadhaar or Permanent Account Number (PAN) card. This facility is now available for non-resident Indians (NRIs) as well. The Central government has already made Aadhaar card compulsory for all Central government pensioners, encouraging them to seed their bank accounts with Aadhaar card numbers
    Driving Licenses and RC of Vehicles
    Having an Aadhaar card is mandatory for all road transport authority transactions in many states like Andhra Pradesh and Telangana for vehicle registration certificates, learning licence, permanent driving licence and change of ownership of the vehicles so as to curb increasing malpractices in the registration of vehicles, issuance of driving licences and irregularities committed by vehicle owners. The card has also been linked to financial institutions for getting and releasing loans. All other states are likely to follow suit so as to make the e-Governance, a reality in India.
    Free Digi Locker of GOI
    One of the key initiatives under the Digital India Programme, DigiLocker is aimed at minimizing the usage of physical documents and enabling sharing of e-documents across agencies. Aadhaar details need to be updated by citizens, after creation of the account, to avail of additional services. Residents can also upload their electronic documents and digitally sign them using the e-sign facility. These digitally signed documents can be shared with government organizations or other entities
    It has been made mandatory for all school and college students to have Aadhaar cards. In case any student wants to get a scholarship or fellowship from either the state government or the University Grant Commission (UGC), then she must possess the Aadhaar card issued by the UIDAI
    Property Transactions
    In near future the property transactions will become cashless, paperless and even presence-less throughout India to weed out corruption in the realty sector. Maharashtra is the first state to implement cashless, paperless and even presence-less transactions in realty sector. Now a homeowner renting out a property in Mumbai can go to, fill in his bank account, Aadhaar and bio-metric details (fingerprint, iris recognition etc.) along with digital signatures and property documents. The tenant along with the sub-registrar and the witness can also do the same, not necessarily at the same point of time. The fees will be paid electronically; all documents will be stored in the Aadhaar-operated digital locker which eliminates the need of physical presence in Mumbai

      Monday 25 July 2016

      CSC News Flash - July 25, 2016

      Team Samadhan Kender requests and advises all the Food Vendors/Hawkers and Eateries in or around Rajpura 140401 in Patiala District to get themselves registered with FSSAI through Common Service Center operating at Samadhan Kender. The Registration will be carried out on First Come First Serve basis with immediate effect.


      Service of registration of food vendors, hawkers and eateries available through CSC since July 1, 2016, is now successfully running pan India. CSC SPV had signed an MOU with FSSAI for enabling registration of food vendors, hawkers and eateries through CSCs.

      CSC (Common Services Centers like the one operating at Samadhan Kender) will assist vendors to get the registration then and there through a secured online mechanism. VLEs will help vendors fill the registration form online on to the FSSAI website, collect the fees via CSC wallet and generate a Certificate immediately for the vendor for running the business.
      The vendor is not required to pay the CSC service charge till August 4, 2016 as an initial campaign by FSSAI. However the vendor is required to pay the registration fee as mandated by FSSAI. The VLE will also get his commission on the transactions during the campaign phase.

      CSC e-Governance Services India Limited.

      Meet Our Experts Online

      Sunday 24 July 2016

      CIBIL may provide one CIR free annualy

      As per RBI Governor Raghurajan, now CIBIL may provide one Credit Information Report annually to every individual for free by the end of the year 2016. The announcement came at a time when I was just thinking of filing CWP under MRTP act against CIBIL for providing unverified CIBIL reports to banks and lending institutions. Presently banks and financiers are in the habit of misreporting to CIBIL and RBI needs to heavily penalize the misreporting bankers and financiers who punch the PAN numbers, Aadhaar UID Numbers, Voter ID's, Driving Licenses, Mobile Numbers, Date of Birth and physical addresses of their borrowers. Main Problem lies with the above Proof of Identity, address and DOB which incorporate conflicting DOB. The problem gets aggravated when different borrowers provide the same mobile number for example father providing the mobile number of son or vice verse. In my opinion banks should not accept prepaid mobile numbers to be fed into the banking system and only postpaid mobile numbers duly verified from original bills be allowed to be accepted. Government needs to initiate penal action against all those who are holding more than one PAN Card, Voter Card. Data of Driving Licenses needs to be digitised to rule out the possibility of fake driving licenses. Moreover Government must give an opportunity to all Indians to get their DOB certified from some designated regulatory authority and the certified date of birth may be synchronized with all ID issuing authorities. All ID issuing portals need to be integrated to catch hold of individual with multiple DOB, Mobile Number etc and if need be the ID's may be blocked so that impersonating individuals are forced to get New ID's. I fail to understand that why the GOI can not integrate the AADHAAR data with digitalised data of birth and death registrar's so that no one can even impersonate the dead persons.

      In my opinion birth and death registrations should not be left at the mercy of State Governments as many state governments are not serious in implementing the transparent policies adopted by the Modi Government. Let Birth and Registrations be entrusted to some Central Regulatory Authority like UIDAI and Mobile Companies should not be allowed to issue pre paid SIM Cards to all and sundry without linking SIM Cards to Aadhaar Numbers. Subsequent SIM should not be issued to any person and there should be a limitation on number of mobile numbers per Aadhaar ID whereas there should be more safeguards while issuing SIM Cards to Minors which must be got consented from parents and natural guardians.

      Wednesday 13 July 2016

      Samadhan Kender reaches out to Disabled Patients

      We are pleased to inform the public in general that Team Samadhan Kender is reaching out to disabled individuals and patients in a bid to provide Unique Identity Aadhaar Number to such individuals who can not visit Samadhan Kender. Our Aadhaar Supervisor Mr.Navneet Sood reached out to Smt. Surjit Kaur, aged about 81 years who was unable to move and visit the Kendra. Read the Full Story.....
      On 13/07/2016 we were visited by the relative of Smt. Surjit Kaur, who wanted to get the UID issued to her but we were told that she is unable to move, walk or visit the Kendra. Our Aadhaar Superviosr, who takes keen interest in issuing UID to such immobile individuals, immediately agreed to take all the machines to facilitate the enrollment process while Smt.Surjit Kaur kept sitting in the Car. With the efforts of our smart supervisor the enrollment was completed successfully and the nears and dears of Surjit Kaur felt relieved as Smt. Surjit Kaur had been pressing herself to be enrolled for Aadhaar and her will to get Unique Identity could not be fulfilled as no Permanent Enrollment Center working in or around Rajpura came forward to help the super senior citizen.

      In case you or any of your loved one is facing similar situation, please contact at Samadhan Kender, Near Bikaner Mishtan Bhandar, Patiala Road, Rajpura 140401 Punjab India.

      We have extended our working hours                                Monday to Friday                      9.00 A.M.       to       6.0...