Sunday 24 July 2016

CIBIL may provide one CIR free annualy

As per RBI Governor Raghurajan, now CIBIL may provide one Credit Information Report annually to every individual for free by the end of the year 2016. The announcement came at a time when I was just thinking of filing CWP under MRTP act against CIBIL for providing unverified CIBIL reports to banks and lending institutions. Presently banks and financiers are in the habit of misreporting to CIBIL and RBI needs to heavily penalize the misreporting bankers and financiers who punch the PAN numbers, Aadhaar UID Numbers, Voter ID's, Driving Licenses, Mobile Numbers, Date of Birth and physical addresses of their borrowers. Main Problem lies with the above Proof of Identity, address and DOB which incorporate conflicting DOB. The problem gets aggravated when different borrowers provide the same mobile number for example father providing the mobile number of son or vice verse. In my opinion banks should not accept prepaid mobile numbers to be fed into the banking system and only postpaid mobile numbers duly verified from original bills be allowed to be accepted. Government needs to initiate penal action against all those who are holding more than one PAN Card, Voter Card. Data of Driving Licenses needs to be digitised to rule out the possibility of fake driving licenses. Moreover Government must give an opportunity to all Indians to get their DOB certified from some designated regulatory authority and the certified date of birth may be synchronized with all ID issuing authorities. All ID issuing portals need to be integrated to catch hold of individual with multiple DOB, Mobile Number etc and if need be the ID's may be blocked so that impersonating individuals are forced to get New ID's. I fail to understand that why the GOI can not integrate the AADHAAR data with digitalised data of birth and death registrar's so that no one can even impersonate the dead persons.

In my opinion birth and death registrations should not be left at the mercy of State Governments as many state governments are not serious in implementing the transparent policies adopted by the Modi Government. Let Birth and Registrations be entrusted to some Central Regulatory Authority like UIDAI and Mobile Companies should not be allowed to issue pre paid SIM Cards to all and sundry without linking SIM Cards to Aadhaar Numbers. Subsequent SIM should not be issued to any person and there should be a limitation on number of mobile numbers per Aadhaar ID whereas there should be more safeguards while issuing SIM Cards to Minors which must be got consented from parents and natural guardians.

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