Saturday 18 June 2016

Get Error Free Birth Registration at Samadhan Kender CSC

As already informed GOI approved Common Service Center with CSC ID-PB152901026, operating at Samadhan Kender, has already been authorized by GOI to Register fresh Births and Deaths with immediate effect. Public is asking us questions as to how to register the births at Samadhan Kender.

To clear all the doubts of the public we inform that CSC ID working at Samadhan Kender is entertaining applications under Civil Registration System (CRS) under the (RBD) Registration of Births and Deaths Act 1969. Registration of Births and Deaths is mandatory under the RBD Act with in 21 days of the happening of event that is Birth or Death.

Now GOI has approved more than 175000 Common Services Centers throughout India to cater to the needs of the Citizens to report the Births and Deaths. As per Government approval under CSC scheme the CRS Birth and Death Certificate can be obtained from CSCs. Under this scheme all the VLEs (including the one operating at Samadhan Kender, Near Bikaner Mishtan Bhandar, Patiala Road, Rajpura 14040 Punjab India) can file applications related to birth, death and adoption through their CSCs.

Note: Digital Birth Certificates will be issued only against fresh registration of births through any CSC and it will not be applicable to already manually registered births. Data relating to earlier manual registrations is being updated and uploaded by respective State Governments and Local Registrars and Digital Birth or Death Certificates will be available only after the previous data goes online. However in respect of fresh registrations through CSC, Digital Certificates will be available and can be had from any of the Common Service Center operating in your Locality.

Salient Features of fresh registration made through Common Service Centre:
  • The application has to be filed through CSCs within 21 days of the event.
  • Team at CSC assist citizens in form filing.
  • Head of the family, registering the event will have to provide his/her genuine email ID and Active Mobile Number.
  • The event of the happening to be reported by the Head of the Family along with his/her UID (Aadhaar Number)/Voter ID/Passport etc.
  • Supporting documents is not mandatory for the filing of form. If Hospital certificate is available, the same needs to be carried by citizen to Common Service Centre or Digital Sewa Kender for online application form filing and also the same will then be scanned and uploaded/submitted to the Central Registrar to verify the facts.
  • Registrar will approve / disapprove all applications filed with in prescribed period.
  • Certificate verification confirmation will be sent to citizens’ registered email ID which was registered during online form filing.
  • If any further details or document is required by Registrar to approve the certificate, the same will also be informed to citizens on the registered email ID. The reporting citizen will have to submit the required document for getting approval of the certificate.
  • Citizens have to visit their nearest CSC on receiving the email confirmation along with the acknowledgement receipt to take the print of the approved certificate.

Sunday 12 June 2016

How to use Universal Account Number - UAN

What is UAN

UAN is the short form of Universal Account Number which is allotted to a Employees Provident Fund EPF subscriber to act as an umbrella for multiple PF accounts allotted to any individual by different employers. UAN concept has been initiated to accelerate the process of consolidation of multiple Member Identification Numbers allotted to single member under single UAN. UAN will facilitate the clubbing of multiple PF accounts of the members and only the latest member ID will remain active whereas along with PF balances will be automatically merged under the umbrella of Universal Number. On joining a new employer the member will be required to furnish his or her UAN so that the employer can link the PF account Number with the UAN. Universal Account Number is readily available with your employer and it is your right to known your UAN which must be linked to your mobile number.

Activate Your UAN

Once you get you UAN Number, duly linked to your own Mobile Number, you can get your UAN activated online at Samadhan Kender, Near Bikaner Mishtan Bhandar, Rajpura 140401 by providing the following information:
  • UAN number. In case you do not know your UAN number, even then Samadhan Kender will help you to generate your UAN online with the following other information.
  • Name of State and Office of EPFO under which your present employer is working.
  • PF account number consisting of Region, Office, Establishment Code, Extension and Account Number.
  • Mobile Number.

    What is the use of UAN

    Universal Account Number is very useful for EPF subscribers to keep track and check on their PF Balances and EPS-1995 contributions. Some of the benefit of UAN are as under:
    • Online download of your EPF Pass Book and Updation.
    • Online download of your UAD Identity Card
    • Online upload of your KYC documents and updation of your new Mobile Number. Do not discard your old mobile number without updating the new Mobile Number anywhere including UAN, Aadhaar, Bank Accounts etc.
    • Online nominations in your PF balance, change in nominations etc. Before the implementation of UAN, the members had to make nominations in their PF accounts with each and every employer but with the introduction of UAN, you need to nominate only once and the entire PF balance will be distributed among nominees as per your will.
    Visit Samadhan Kender, Near Bikaner Mishtan Bhandar, Rajpura 140401 for getting you UAN ID, PF Pass Book, Uploading KYC documents, Updating Mobile Number and above all making nominations to your PF Balances.

    Thursday 9 June 2016

    Open Common Service Centre under CSC

    Government of India is opening more and more common service centers across the country in rural and remote area so as to reach the hitherto neglected rural India. In case you want to open your own Common Service Centre under CSC scheme of GOI then Panel of Experts at Samadhan Kender will guide and help you at every step through transfer of know how and technical skills. We guide on the following issues:
    • Basic Requirements to open Common Service Centre along with UIDAI approved Aadhaar Enrollment Centre.
    • Infrastructure requirements.
    • Machine Requirements.
    • Skill Requirements.
    • Qualifications and Passing of certain mandatory online tests.
    • How to Register for getting OMT ID and Password.
    • How to activate the CSC.
    • How to start "KIOSK BANKING" through CSC.
    • How to start "INSURANCE SERVICES" through CSC.
    • How to start "Pension Distribution Centre" in your village/country side.
    • How to launc "Jeevan Praman" Utility.
    • Role and Functions of PEC, Permanent Aadhaar Enrollment Centre.
    • Generation of online VOTER ID Cards
    • How to establish PAN Card Centre and Passport Seva Kender at CSC.
    • How to book cheap Air Tickets and Railway Tickets legally at your self owned CSC
    • How to accept Insurance Premium of more than 15 insurance companies at CSC.
      Visit Samadhan Kender, Near Bikaner Mishtan Bhandar in case you have strong desire for setting up Common Services Centre in your locality, village or countryside.

      PP Recruitment of Male and Female Constables-2016

      Online applications have been invited for direct recruitment from Indian nationals to fill up the following vacancies of male (6252 posts) and female (1164 posts) constables in:
      1. District Police Cadre (Male 3751 + Female 1164 = 4915 Posts)
      2. Armed Police Cadre  (Male 2501 + Female  0      =  2501 Posts)
      3. Total Posts                  (Male 6252 + Female 1164 = 7416 Posts)
      of Punjab Police. The important dates are as under: (Refer to Official Advertisement for Details):
      • Closing Date for submission of online application is 21-06-2016
      • Closing Date for deposit of admission fee is 23-06-2016
      • Applications received after 23:59 Hours on 21-06-2016 will not be entertained.
      Visit Samadhan Kender, Near Bikaner Mishtan Bhandar, Rajpura immediately for applying online to avail this golden opportunity to join the elite Punjab Police force.

      Sunday 5 June 2016

      NIOS-National Institute of Open Schooling admissions open at Samadhan Kender

      Happy News ! Happy News ! Happy News !

      Online Admission to to different streams of National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS), the largest open schooling in the world with ISO 9001:2008 Certification, opens at Common Service Centre (Digital Sewa) operating at Samadhan Kender, first of unique of its kind in Rajpura delivering more than 101 services under CSC scheme of Government of India.

      • There is no Agency/Cybercafe/any other institutions recognised by NIOS for Doing Online Admissions.
      • You can take admission yourself on the internet without involving any middle man or tout/agent without paying any extra amount to such middlemen/touts/agents. You can take up help of your friends or family members in filling the online application form.
      • You may visit your nearest CSC (Common Service Centre)/Facilitation centres like Samadhan Kender, for online registration, which are operating with official approval of e-Governance Services India Limited, Government of India, Electronic Niketan, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi - 110003. Common Service Centres are known with different names in different states. In the state of Punjab, common branding is under the name and style of Gram Suvidha as shown in the displayed signboard with approved VLE ID PB152901026 operating at Samadhan Kender, Near Bikaner Mishtan Bhandar, Rajpura 14040 Punjab India.
      • The study material will be delivered to you at your address provided by you during the Registration free of cost. Don't accept and VPP Parcel from anybody.
      Now you can pass Matriculation Examination directly even if you are 8th/9th/10th Fail but you have attained the minimum age of 14 years.

      You can also qualify 10+2 in Science, Arts, Commerce even if you are +1 or +2 fail student from any recognised board or University. For more information Contact our VLE-Navneet Sood (9316077749) or Educational Expert Mr.Aniket Gupta.

      Saturday 4 June 2016

      Expert Online Doctor Consultation made easy at Samadhan Kender

      In an effort to make the affordable expert doctor consultation to reach the remote villages, the Government of India, under its "Digital India" programme, has authorized all the Common Service Centers in the country to book online appointments with Appollo Online Health Clinic which will save the patient's the following benefits:
      • Save money and avoid City Travel as Common Service Centers have been opened in all the villages and even remotest places.
      • Get Timely treatment and Recover fast.
      • Free Review Consultations.
      For more information go to your nearest Digital Seva CSC Center for an appointment now. Samadhan Kender also houses one of such Common Service Center, first and unique of its kind in Rajpura 140401 Punjab.

      This service is launched in addition to Booking of Appointments with PGI Chandigarh, already available as Samadhan Kender.

      Samadhan Kender is an effort to solve all problems under one roof by Panel of Experts.समस्या आपकी, समाधान हमारा I ਸਮਸਿਆ ਤੁਹਾਡੀ, ਸਮਾਧਾਨ ਸਾਡਾ I

      Birth and Death Registration goes Online at Samadhan Kender

      Modi Sarkar is doing its best for bringing a technical revolution in India through its dream project "Digital India". Under the Digital India programme the Modi Sarkar is empowering the Village Level Enterprises (VLE's) like Samadhan Kender under CSC scheme of Government of India to reach out to more than 125 crore population living in villages. So far it was a hercules task to get the birth certificate, rectify the birth certificate or to register for birth certificates what to talk of missing or late registration of birth or death certificates. Now CSCs can conduct birth and death registrations of citizens across the country with ease.

      To make the birth certificates available online at the press of a button, the Government of India has empowered all the VLE's under CSC scheme to register the births and deaths. VLE's are being trained to handle this hercules task effectively. In my opinion the parents of the newborn child would be allowed to report the birth to the nearest common service center whereas the responsibility of designated officers to report births and death as per existing laws will remain unchanged. The Government must consider the following points so that there is error free data transmission from other known sources of information:

      1. All designated officers including Female Workers in villages, Nursing Homes must report all births through electronic mediums by providing admin access by state government and/or local bodies.
      2. Parents may also report birth to the nearest CSC along with UID Aadhaar Numbers of father and mother.
      3. Let the New Born be automatically allotted "New Aadhaar Number" to update the National Population Register.
      4. As Government has enrolled more than 10000000 aadhaars, it appears that every Indian is now equipped with Aadhaar ID and while registering deaths at CSC let the Aadhaar Number of the deceased be also fed into the deaths registrar data thereby automatically changing and updating the National Population Register and Aadhaar Data.
      5. Deletion and/or deactivation of Aadhaar ID may prompt the financial institutions like Banks and Insurance Companies to stop debit operations in such deceased accounts automatically so that no one can withdraw money illegally.
      6. No Hurdles for the New Born to have unique Identity and getting PAN Card immediately on birth. 
      Samadhan Kender is an effort to solve all problems under one roof by Panel of Experts.समस्या आपकी, समाधान हमारा I ਸਮਸਿਆ ਤੁਹਾਡੀ, ਸਮਾਧਾਨ ਸਾਡਾ I

        Wednesday 1 June 2016

        Are You Holding more than one PAN Card?

        While the Government of India has taken foolproof steps to check issuance of more than one Aadhaar Card or Passport to its residents, there are instances of issuance of more than one PAN Card or Voter Cards.

        What is the Penalty for Addition PAN, VOTER ID, Aadhaar or Passport:

        Under the provisions of IT Act, No person who has been allotted PAN Card can apply for another PAN Card. Penalty of Rs.10000 is imposed under section 272B of the Income Tax Act if any individual fails to meet this condition. If more than one PAN Card are embossed with the photograph of any individual then it is clear case of holding more than one PAN Card and the individual has to decide as to which PAN Card - he or she wants to retain so that the rest of the PAN Cards can be surrendered for cancellation and inactivation. Visit Samadhan Kender to know the existence of more than one PAN Card in your name and surrender the additional PAN Cards lest you find yourself trapped in deep trouble and invite not only penalty but your online income tax profile may also become a mess. There can be multiple reasons that duplicate and additional PAN cards are issued by NDSL, UTI and Income Tax Department but the onus lies on the individuals to check their existing PAN cards before applying for the new PAN card. One of the reasons for issuance of additional PAN cards to females is that females get PAN card issued before their marriage and after marriage with the change in Surname or Name they again apply for fresh PAN card instead of modifying the original PAN Cards.

        Similarly under Section 31 of Peoples Representation Act, any person keeping more than one Voter ID Cards from more than one places would have to suffer Jail Term of One Year and fine or both if caught.  To avoid penalty you can visit any Common Service Center in India providing online registration, deletion, rectification of Voter ID services. Samadhan Kender is one such unique service provider in Rajpura District Patiala.

        UIDAI has implemented stringent measures to check issuance of more than one or duplicate aadhaars which were detected by the UIDAI. One of the key reasons for duplicate aadhaars slipping through was the collection of biometrics. According to the accuracy study conducted after 84 million aadhaar enrollments, around 0.23% (negligible) of the residents' fingerprints and IRISes did not register well making the record vulnerable to error. Due to failure of finger prints in case of less than 0.01% enrollments, Samadhan Kender will not be responsible for non-generation of Aadhaars even after enrollments. A very low %age of fresh enrollments get rejected as the residents were already enrolled and they forgot to collect and generate their Aadhaar issued at the time of their first enrollment.

        Surrender your duplicates immediately to avoid penalty under the respective Acts.

        Samadhan Kender is an effort to solve all problems under one roof by Panel of Experts.समस्या आपकी, समाधान हमारा I ਸਮਸਿਆ ਤੁਹਾਡੀ, ਸਮਾਧਾਨ ਸਾਡਾ I

        We have extended our working hours                                Monday to Friday                      9.00 A.M.       to       6.0...