Saturday 4 June 2016

Birth and Death Registration goes Online at Samadhan Kender

Modi Sarkar is doing its best for bringing a technical revolution in India through its dream project "Digital India". Under the Digital India programme the Modi Sarkar is empowering the Village Level Enterprises (VLE's) like Samadhan Kender under CSC scheme of Government of India to reach out to more than 125 crore population living in villages. So far it was a hercules task to get the birth certificate, rectify the birth certificate or to register for birth certificates what to talk of missing or late registration of birth or death certificates. Now CSCs can conduct birth and death registrations of citizens across the country with ease.

To make the birth certificates available online at the press of a button, the Government of India has empowered all the VLE's under CSC scheme to register the births and deaths. VLE's are being trained to handle this hercules task effectively. In my opinion the parents of the newborn child would be allowed to report the birth to the nearest common service center whereas the responsibility of designated officers to report births and death as per existing laws will remain unchanged. The Government must consider the following points so that there is error free data transmission from other known sources of information:

  1. All designated officers including Female Workers in villages, Nursing Homes must report all births through electronic mediums by providing admin access by state government and/or local bodies.
  2. Parents may also report birth to the nearest CSC along with UID Aadhaar Numbers of father and mother.
  3. Let the New Born be automatically allotted "New Aadhaar Number" to update the National Population Register.
  4. As Government has enrolled more than 10000000 aadhaars, it appears that every Indian is now equipped with Aadhaar ID and while registering deaths at CSC let the Aadhaar Number of the deceased be also fed into the deaths registrar data thereby automatically changing and updating the National Population Register and Aadhaar Data.
  5. Deletion and/or deactivation of Aadhaar ID may prompt the financial institutions like Banks and Insurance Companies to stop debit operations in such deceased accounts automatically so that no one can withdraw money illegally.
  6. No Hurdles for the New Born to have unique Identity and getting PAN Card immediately on birth. 
Samadhan Kender is an effort to solve all problems under one roof by Panel of Experts.समस्या आपकी, समाधान हमारा I ਸਮਸਿਆ ਤੁਹਾਡੀ, ਸਮਾਧਾਨ ਸਾਡਾ I

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