Sunday 12 June 2016

How to use Universal Account Number - UAN

What is UAN

UAN is the short form of Universal Account Number which is allotted to a Employees Provident Fund EPF subscriber to act as an umbrella for multiple PF accounts allotted to any individual by different employers. UAN concept has been initiated to accelerate the process of consolidation of multiple Member Identification Numbers allotted to single member under single UAN. UAN will facilitate the clubbing of multiple PF accounts of the members and only the latest member ID will remain active whereas along with PF balances will be automatically merged under the umbrella of Universal Number. On joining a new employer the member will be required to furnish his or her UAN so that the employer can link the PF account Number with the UAN. Universal Account Number is readily available with your employer and it is your right to known your UAN which must be linked to your mobile number.

Activate Your UAN

Once you get you UAN Number, duly linked to your own Mobile Number, you can get your UAN activated online at Samadhan Kender, Near Bikaner Mishtan Bhandar, Rajpura 140401 by providing the following information:
  • UAN number. In case you do not know your UAN number, even then Samadhan Kender will help you to generate your UAN online with the following other information.
  • Name of State and Office of EPFO under which your present employer is working.
  • PF account number consisting of Region, Office, Establishment Code, Extension and Account Number.
  • Mobile Number.

    What is the use of UAN

    Universal Account Number is very useful for EPF subscribers to keep track and check on their PF Balances and EPS-1995 contributions. Some of the benefit of UAN are as under:
    • Online download of your EPF Pass Book and Updation.
    • Online download of your UAD Identity Card
    • Online upload of your KYC documents and updation of your new Mobile Number. Do not discard your old mobile number without updating the new Mobile Number anywhere including UAN, Aadhaar, Bank Accounts etc.
    • Online nominations in your PF balance, change in nominations etc. Before the implementation of UAN, the members had to make nominations in their PF accounts with each and every employer but with the introduction of UAN, you need to nominate only once and the entire PF balance will be distributed among nominees as per your will.
    Visit Samadhan Kender, Near Bikaner Mishtan Bhandar, Rajpura 140401 for getting you UAN ID, PF Pass Book, Uploading KYC documents, Updating Mobile Number and above all making nominations to your PF Balances.

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