Wednesday 7 September 2016

Why Samadhan Kender for Passport Appointments?

Why Samadhan Kender for Passport Appointments?

Often the people ask this question that why they should visit Samadhan Kender for fixing Passport Appointments when they can themselves take the appointment online by registering and signing in Passport Sewa services of Government of India. No doubt this is a valid question but based on our experience of having handled more that 1000 passport appointments in the current year 2016, we are of the confirmed opinion that the job should be handled by expert consultants who will check all your documents to confirm that Passport Officers do not keep your application on hold due to one or more clarifications. It is matter of satisfaction that none of our applications was "Put on Hold" and all applicants were approved for "Granted" status. We prepare the applicants to do their homework well before applying for Passport. Moreover "Samadhan Kender" is housing "Digital Sewa Kender" under Digital India program of our beloved Prime Minister Narender Modi.

Possible reasons for rejection or "On Hold":

The individuals may apply for appointments from the luxury of their homes but they must seek expert guidance from professional experts at Samadhan Kender. I am sure that they will be saved from unnecessary visits to Regional Passport Offices and they will get the "Granted" status to their passport application if they have furnished the proper information, documents, ID Proofs and Affidavits. Most of the common mistakes done by the applicants are as under:
  • While filling in the name of the Police Station, it needs to be checked online.
  • Proper Fees has to be paid as there are different fees for "Normal" and "Tatkal" schemes. For fresh issuance of passports their are different fees for individuals less than 15 years, 15 years to 18 years and 18 years and above. Different fees are to be paid for 36 page or 60 page booklet for frequent fliers. For reissuance there are different fees for different reasons for reissue like validity expired or due to expire, Change in Particulars, Exhaustion of Pages and replacement of Lost or Damaged passports.
  • While applying for reissuance the applicants forget to provide details of previous passports along with file number etc which can be collected from the Regional Passport Office, which issued the previous passport.
  • While applying for reissuance the applicants fill the place of birth in correctly as in India the data of Registrar of Births and Deaths is not error free. One must preserve the details of place of birth while applying for passport for the first time.
  • Some of the other issues are regarding name of the spouse and if there is a divorce and separation then different set of rules, documents and affidavits have to be applied.
Still any doubts? Visit Samadhan Kender for any clarification and foolproof perfect Passport Applications and Appointments through GOI approved Common Service Centre.

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