Sunday 25 September 2016

Get Strangers Removed from Credit Report

Do you have poor Credit Report and Credit Score? Has your banker shut the doors for you due to poor Credit Rating?

If yes, then get your Credit Report Analysis and investigation Report from our panel of experts and entrust the job of getting the stranger's account completely removed from your Credit Report. Removing the stranger's loan accounts from the credit report is likely to improve your credit score and repaying capacity. Due to other's loan accounts in your report, the bank may reject your loan request merely on the ground that you have no further capacity to repay any further loan even if your credit score is high and comfortable.

Step-2: Remove Stranger Loan Accounts from Credit Report:
  • Recheck all your reported accounts in Credit Report after checking the detailed
    Analysis and Investigation report provided by our CIBIL Consultants after you have completed the process under Step-1.
  • Now mark the accounts in which neither you are a principle or joint borrower nor are your guarantor.
  • It clearly indicates that somebody else's loan accounts have crept into your Credit Report and you have nothing to do with such wrongly reported loan account.
  • If the stranger's loan accounts, appearing in your credit report, are very well maintained loan accounts even then such accounts can send wrong signals to lending-bankers who may conclude that your total loan accounts are more than your repaying capacity. As such to get even the very good stranger's loan accounts from your credit report is essential from lending banker's point of view.
  • Loan accounts are reported in the CIR as shown in the adjoining image. Our CIBIL Consultants will make you available the Member Name (Name of the Bank), Account Number, Branch Address etc from where you will be able to judge if you have any relationship with the loan account or not.
  • In case you have nothing to do with the loan accounts then you are just to inform the CIBIL Consultant via their email address and they will take necessary steps to get all such stranger accounts removed from the report after receipt of Removal Fees at the rate of Rs.500 per account.

Next culprit is "Zero Balance - Loan Accounts" in your Credit Reports. After you have got removed the stranger's loan accounts from the credit report, now it is time to Get Rid of Zero Balance Loan Accounts to improve your credit score and credit report.

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