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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Bye Bye 2016 and Happy New Year 2017

Samadhan Kender Rajpura wishes all its visitors, members, advertisers, friends and contacts a very very Happy New Year 2017. Visit Samadhan Kender for all your ID related problems, banking problems, insurance problems, legal problems, passport problems, aadhaar problems, cashless problems and any other problem being faced by you or your loved ones.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Exchange 500 and 1000 notes at Samadhan Kender

Exchange 500 and 1000 notes at Samadhan Kender 

Government of India vide its notification on exchange of old currency notes of 500 and 1000 rupees stopped the exchange facility throughout India. But Samadhan Kender is encouraging the public in general to deposit old currency notes of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 and get back the new currency immediately in denomination of Rs.500, Rs.100, Rs.50, Rs.20 or Rs.10 as per availability. Public can visit the Samadhan Kender along with the following documents:
  • Customer should tell the name of the Bank with which he or she is maintaining the Bank Account which is properly linked with either Aadhaar Card or PAN Card.
  • Customer should bring the original Aadhaar Card.
  • Customers can deposit the old currency notes of any denomination in their account maintained with Indian Commercial Bank up to limit of Rs.2500 per day per account per customer.
  • Customers can also withdraw any amount up to Rs.2500 per day per customer per account subject to weekly ceiling of Rs.24000 from such accounts.
  • Through the above process the customers can virtually exchange their old currency of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 up to weekly ceiling of Rs.24000 subject to availability of cash at State Bank of India - Customer Service Point being run at Samadhan Kender through Aadhaar Enabled Payment System popularly known as AEPS.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Income Tax Deptt Keeping Vigil on Cash Txns!

Do you know that IT Department is monitoring Cash Transactions?

With the demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupee notes, the Prime Minister, Narender Modi has given a hard blow to the corrupt and hoarders of black money. But demonetization alone is not the solution to curb corrupt practices and black money as people again find ways and means to evolve escape routes to befool the Income Tax authorities. To get rid of black money and corrupt practices, the government not only needs to be vigilant 24x7x365 but also make provisions for harsh penalities like imprisonment so that no one can think of corrupt practices and everybody is forced to be honest in dealings. While I will be discussing a few suggessions to take steps so that now onwards there is no creation of fresh black money. As of now the IT authorities appear to have taken step to keep vigil on cash txns through income tax website. New Menu with "Accounts with Cash Transaction" has been added in the Income Tax efiling and all your cash Transactions in Accounts with valid PAN Number will be visible in the menu.

Suggessions to Curb Black Money:
  • There is no system that doctors give digitalized receipt for the treatment and prescription given to the patients. Government should make it compulsory to register the patients online through Aadhaar ID and accept payments only through Digital Platforms.
  • Similar guidelines should also apply to Lawyers, Architects, Contractors and there should be complete ban on acceptance of Cash Payments by professionals.
  • Biggest source of black money is real estate and registrars enable the transfer of property at lower price whereas the actual deal is many times the transfer price. This facilitation not only causes loss of stamp duty to the state governments but is the biggest source of corruption as facilitators i.e. registrars, tehsildars and the connencted people get their share from the beneficiaries i.e. sellers and purchasers. Let the Government devise ways and means to plug the loopholes in the system.
  • The law enforcing machineries must set an example for the public in general and they should not find favors to favor the law breakers. In this category all vigiliance authorities like Income Tax, Police, CBI, Licensing Authorities, Jail Authorities, Judiciary must set an example before the public and they must command respect from the public by leading clean and public friendly life.
  • Politicians should be easily approachable by the electorate and they should maintain grievances registers to follow up the grievance redressal mechanism of the concerned department.
  • Harsh law need to be formulated so that anyone is to think twice before resorting to corrupt practices or commiting any economic offense.
  • If economic offences are brought to "Zero Tolrence" level then there will be big fall in other crimes and economic offences lead to money power translating into muscle power and crimes against the society.
  • Government should bring down the rates of taxations so that more and more people opt to pay taxes happily. Government will have to take risk by making a start. 
  • Agriculture is not taxable where as defence forces salay is taxable as a common man. Government must abolish the taxation immunity to the agriculture sector as big bigs park their black money in agricultural sector. Government can, if it wants to, keep the small and marginal farmers out of tax bracket.
  • All those entities, individuals or legal entities, who make cash transactions to befool the revenue authorities, should be heavily taxed in such a way that they are not able to create black money through cash transactions.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Cash Transactions at Samadhan Kender

Due to demonetization of 1000 and 500 rupee notes by Government of India, following services at Samadhan Kender will get disrupted:

1. Payment to Pensioners through Apna Dhan: Payment to pensioners will be limited to Rs.1000 per pensioner after the banks start making payments without any restrictions. However in case such payments are to be deposited with us for credit of some other account then there will no restriction on payments as per extant guidelines.

2. Payment through Western Union and Transfast: Payments even up to less than Rs50000-00 will also be made only through account payee cheques till normal cash payments without restrictions are restored in banks.

3.  CSP of State Bank of India: CSP is not allowed to accept old currency notes of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 from the customers. However, normal deposits will be accepted in denomination of Rs.100, 50, 20 and 10. New currency notes of Rs.500 and Rs.2000 will also be accepted.

4.  Working Hours: Samadhan Kender remains open on all week days including Saturdays and Sundays from 10 AM to 7 PM which will now be extended up to 8 PM.

Inconvenience is sincerely regretted. Please bear with us...

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

How to get Unique KYC ID at CERSAI

Now every financial institution and banks have been asked to complete the KYC of all the existing accounts. Banks and financial institutions have been asked to register the KYC details of the customers with Central Registry to general the unique CKYC registration number so that deduplication process is completed by December 31, 2016. Only Banks and Financial institutions have been allowed the Login facility by the Central Registry. In my opinion, if this login facility, is allowed to individuals and entities then they could generate the 14 digit CKYC number themselves. 

How to complete the De-duplication:

The GOI through Central KYC Registry at CERSAI can provide a suitable platform to the individual and legal entities to link all their financial products like bank accounts, loans, mutual funds, Demat accounts, Investment portfolios with the CKYC Number generated by themselves in a highly secured and protected platform to be provided by Central Registry. This process can be used to:
  • Auto filling of the 14 digit CKYC Number in all the accounts and financial products linked to the CKYC Number.
  • In case any account or financial product does not get linked to this Unique CKYC ID then the account holder can submit the 14 digit CKYC Number to the bank or financial institution so that there is no duplication.
  • In my opinion to achieve the de-duplication process of KYC and to generated Unique CKYC ID or Uniform Customer Identification Code (UCIC).
  • Moreover, this is an ongoing process and it has no scope for any laxity by individual or banks and financial institutions.
  • Let the banks and financial institutions should not allow opening of accounts without unique CKYC numbers for new financial products and existing financial products may be frozen till the implementation of CKYC whole-heartedly.
  • In respect of accounts of deceased, missing, insane, hospitalized and in a semi-conscious stage the accounts must be frozen and operations allowed after adopting the legal procedures.
  • Important of all, banks and financial institutions should also not allow even credits and deposits in accounts where 14 digit CKYC numbers are not fed to club all the accounts of specific individuals.
  • 14 digit CKYC number should also be made compulsory for accepting deposits by corporates, limited companies, and partnership firms. The balance sheets of sole prop firms, partnership firms, limited companies, trusts, and societies must indicate the 14 digit CKYC numbers of owners, partners, directors, trustees, unsecured or secured depositors and every inter-account transfer should move withing entities or individuals with 14 digit CKYC holders.

Cash Back is Black Corruption?

Can Cash Back schemes create black money and encourage corruption?

Cash Back ! Cash Back ! Cash Back !  Today everybody is attracted towards cash back and looks for goods and services offering Cash Back. For example, if any Government of Corporate employee is to travel from New Delhi, the smoke capital of the world, to Bengaluru then he or she will just surf for the costliest tickets offering highest cash back as the cost of the ticket is borne by the employers and cash back is pocketed by the employees. Now I am just thinking of Cash Backs which can be seen in many contexts like:

Source of Legalised Corruption: Cash Back is a source of legalised corruption as cash backs are designed to suit the requirements of the corrupt officials. The corrupt officials are asked to create their personal wallet account with merchants selling the goods or services. Cash back is ploughed back in such wallets whereas the cost of goods and services bought through such wallets are borne by the Government or Corporate sectors. For example, if anyone is buying an ordinary air ticket of Rs.3000 at a higher cost of Rs.5000 then the airline may not only offer cash back of Rs.2000 but also allow complementary food during the stay. Don't  you smell something fishy in the transaction? Yes, it is a direct greasing of the palm by offering lucrative cash back. Higher the cash back, more the chances to attract the greedy individuals, who treat the whole transaction as an honest deal.

Creation of Black Money: Such cash backs are source of undisclosed income or say black money in the hands of reciepants of Cash Back. These cash backs are neither taxable nor added under the head "Income from other Surces". Even if cash backs is received by genuine marketers, the cash back can not be termed as "Discount" as discounts are deducted from the bills. Take the case of reimbursable medical bills paid by the genuine patients. Cash Back received by patients is source of black money which is never disclosed in IT Returns.

Miscl Cash Backs: Payment Gateways like Freecharge and PayTM allow cash backs on funding the accounts by individuals. For example, freecharge offers me 5% cash on funding my freecharge account with a maximum of Rs.50-00. I deposit Rs.1000 on 1st of every month in my freecharge wallet and get income tax free credit of Rs.50-00 in my freecharge wallet and when I use this balance to pay my bills I get another cash back, ranging from 2% to 10%, and that too exempted from income tax.

What is your opinion about Cash Backs offered by merchants selling goods and service? Are they tempting the honest tax payers to violate tax laws knowingly or unknowingly.

Monday, November 7, 2016

What is CKYC and UCIC for Financial Products?

What is CKYC Number registered with CERSAI:

CKYC is the unified 14 digit KYC Number so as to deduplicate the multiple KYC or eKYC numbers allotted to any individual. Central KYC Registry is a centralized repository of KYC records of customers in the financial sector with uniform KYC norms and inter-usability of the KYC records across the sector with an objective to reduce the burden of producing KYC documents and getting those verified every time when the customer creates a new relationship with a financial entity. As per Prevention of Money-laundering (Maintenance of Records) Amendment Rules, 2015, Rule 9 (I) (1A), every reporting entity shall within three days after the commencement of an account-based relationship with a client, file the electronic copy of the client’s KYC records with the Central KYC Registry. 

There are three account types in the Central KYC form – Normal, Simplified and Small.
The account type can be gauged from the nomenclature of CKYC identifier issued to the customer.
  1. For Normal Account, any of six officially valid documents (PAN, AADHAAR, Voter ID, Passport, Driving licence, NREGA Job Card) can be submitted for the ID of the customer.
  2. For Simplified Measures Account, there are additional OVDs that are allowed as per RBI circular RBI/2015-16/42 dated July 1, 2015 - Point no. 2.3(i) & (ii) and point 3.2.2 I.A (iv) & (v). The KYC identifier for Simplified Measures Account will have a prefix “L”.
  3. For Small Account types, only personal details and photograph duly certified by the customer are required to be submitted. The KYC identifier for Small Account will have a prefix “S”.
Author's Opinion : The implementation of Unique Customer Indentification Code (UCIC) of RBI and now guidelines about CKYC Registry appear to be a distant dream to check the financial and other crimes. Had the GOI formulated policy about issuance of two types of SIM Card that Minor SIM Cards and Major Sim Card before allowing the Reliance JIO to lauch its JIO SIM without going into the reprecussions of its misuse.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Celebrate Diwali with Excellent Credit Report

Samadhan Kender wishes a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali to all. We wish that Maa Lakshami may always keep your families healthy, wealthy and happy.

Maa Lakshmi will definitely visit your home in case you chose to Celebrate Diwali with Excellent Credit Report. Hundreds of individuals are already enjoying this Diwali with their Cash Wallets oveflowing with Cash - thanks to the Excellent Credit and CIBIL scores.

Moreover, this Diwali, Play Safe and say "No to Fire Crackers" and say "No to Chinese Products" and send "Diwali Greetings to Jawans and Army Personnel". Say "Yes to Swachh Bharat Abhiyan". Avoid some of the ill effects of celebrating Modern Diwali:

  • Excessive Air Pollution 
  • Excessive Noise Pollution
  • Excessive Power Consumption
  • Consumerism (Excess consumption means excessive use of raw material and resources)
  • Corruption in the Guise of Diwali Gifts
In addition to above health hazards and ill impacts on environment, Diwali has also become a source of unending corruption in India. In the olden day people used to exchange sweets among their friends and relatives but now the new trend has set in to please the persons in powers by offering them costly golden gifts to get favors. Even big corporate sector spends millions of dollars on their Diwali Budget as advertising expense to please the bureaucracy and political leaders in power.
How to Celebrate Eco-Friendly Diwali:
Fireworks and Safety Tips:
  • Minors should handle fireworks under Adult Supervision
  • Purchase only legal and good quality fireworks conforming to safety standards
  • Read and Follow the instructions given on packs carefully
  • Always keep water, preferably ready hose pipe and/or sand nearby to meet any eventuality
  • Fireworks be used outdoor in spaces. It will be better if community fireworks are arranged in open grounds for a limited period.
  • Never try to reuse the used fireworks or fireworks that did not go off
  • One firework at one time is the golden rule
  • Do not use Chinese Fireworks as they are very toxic
  • Wear loose and cotton clothes
  • After finishing be responsible to and make arrangements to clear the mess next morning
  • Wash your hands and feets as firework material can be toxic and cause skin allergies.
Tips for Illumination of Homes with electric illumination
  • Earthen Diyas with mustard oil can be used instead of electric illumination.
  • Electric Illumination is wasteful use of power resources. Save Power for future generation
  • Electric short circuits and heavy loads can cause electric fires in addition to electrocution
  • Be as simple as possible.
  • Never envy you neighbours that my house should illuminate better than that of my neighbor
Tips for Exchange of Gifts and Sweets
  • Government should come out heavily on acceptance and offer of Gifts to persons in Power for undue favor. The trend is increasing day by day and the big business houses, corporate and individuals who present costly gifts, gold jewellery and even brief cases full of cash to find favors.
  • Exchange of Sweets be also restricted to Dry Fruits, Bakery Items and Fresh Fruits and Juices instead of sweets which are adulterated by artificial colors, artificial khoya and toxic preservatives.
  • New trend of gifting the Fireworks is catching which is adding the existing problem of Diwali which is not eco-friendly in its present shape. We must pledge to stop this practice and there should be a blanket ban of marketing of Fireworks in Gift hampers and packages which temptate the ordinary man or woman to try the idea of gifting fireworks in beautifully packed Gift Packages.
Consumerism Depletes Natural Resources:
Have you ever imagined what happens to the packing material used to pack the sweets and gifts exchanged on the eve of Diwali. Lacs of tonnes of packaging material is manufactured by cutting trees and deforestation leading to environmental imbalances, landslides and Global Warming. I have seen that every year the exchanged gifts get dumped into the store rooms with an idea to regift the gifted items. Trend of sending Diwali Card through post or courier is decreasing with due thanks to social media through which crores of diwali e-greetings are exchanged without  any depletion of natural resources.
Gambling and Bar House should be completely Banned:
Government should make gambling including online gambling and drinking in public places a cognizable offence one week before diwali and a few days after diwali.
Share your views as to how are you celebrating eco friendly Diwali this year. You idea may be well received by the audiences as one idea can change lives. 

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Think Before Settlement with Banks

Today I was reading "Chandigarh Tribune" dated 23rd October, 2016 and found one news item on Page 3 reading as under:

"SBoP's One-Time Settlement Scheme a hit among Borrowers" 

The scheme is on from October 1 to November 30. The scheme is reportedly beneficial for small/medium-size borrowers with debt up to Rs.5 Crores as the scheme provides concessions not only in interest but even in principal amount in eligible cases.

Immediately my mind was burdened with the idea if the offerer that is State Bank Of Patiala will also offer clean CIBIL or Credit Reports to the borrowers who avail the OTS facility. Having more than 35 years experience in banking industry I am doubtful if any lending bank will offer "Clean CIBIL Report" to any of its borrowers who avail the OTS Scheme.

In my opinion, if the borrower approaches any lending banker for waiver of principal or interest in respect of defaulted loan accounts then the lending banker may be right in its decision to report the account as "Settled Account" in the CIBIL report of the borrower.  But in the above case when a general OTS scheme is announced by any bank to all its borrowers after due diligence then it implies that such offered borrowers deserve the concessions announced in the OTS scheme and such borrowers need to be treated at par with the farmers getting Loan Waiver of Debts for Farmers without impacting their Credit Score or Credit Rating.

The Government, in consultation with the lending institutions and banks need to formulate policy for the defaulter borrowers clearly differentiating the willful defaulters and the genuine defaulters. While the genuine defaulters may need concessions, under loan waiver schemes of State or Central Governments without impacting their Credit History which got damaged for reasons beyond their control, the willful defaulters do not deserve any sympathy to get general concessions announced under OTS or Loan Waiver schemes.

Are Your opting for OTS or Settlement: 

If you, as a borrower, are negotiating with your banker and financial institution for partial waiver of charges, interest and/or principal amount then you must consider the following points before entering into compromised settlements:
  • Get the clause incorporated that the account will not be reported as "Settled" or "Partially Written Off" in your credit history which may get reflected in your CIBIL, Equifax, Experian or Trans Union Credit Score.
  • Keep it in mind that no Bank or Lending institution in India or elsewhere will grant you credit facility in case your credit report includes such "Settled" or "Written off" accounts and you will have to approach the bank with whom you entered into compromised settlement. 
  • Generally Bank's do not keep the old record for more than 8 years as prescribed under the Banker's Book Evidence Act and therefore they may find it difficult to tell you about the waiver amount enjoyed by you in the past. In the absence of any data the bank will not be able to upgrade your loan account status from "Settled" to "Clear and Closed".
  • Ask for statement of account before settlement and get the unwanted charges, interest and overdue charges reversed and ascertain the correct amount of the outstanding dues. It is always better not to ask for any waiver but get the exorbitant penal interest and charges reversed so that you can come to know the real amount of loan outstanding along with interest at contracted rate.
  • Get your Credit Report analysed from Experts before taking the final decision to enter into OTS or compromised settlement lest you may find yourself trapped in poor credit score debarring you permanently from raising any loan from any bank.
In case of any doubt about your CIBIL Score or Rating you can book appointment with the leading CIBIL Consultant in Northern India.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Pending Bills or Taxes can Lower Credit Score?

Non-Payment of Bills can also Lower Credit Score? 

India is fast moving towards digitalization and transparency. So far your credit score was adversely affected only because of default in payment of bank loans but now the concept is being stretched further to payment of bills, income tax, sales tax and other dues either towards the government or even towards private players. Even default as small as Rs.100 may lower your credit rating in the future.

Pay your electricity and phone bills before Due Date:

By paying the electricity bills before due dates, you not only get heavy discounts but in the times to come it may help you to build your credit history is such a way that you will be the preferred customer in the banks for getting easy loans. In the times to come the defaulters of electricity , phone bills will get uploaded with databases of credit agencies like CIBIL, Experian, Equifax and CRF High Rank and you may even lose access to your existing credit facilities or due to lower credit score your banker may revise your lending rate upwards eating away your margins.
As such keep access to all your bills and never allow these bills to go under default category: Some of the bills and utilities is given below:
  • Electric Bills
  • Landline Phone Bills
  • Mobile Phone Bills
  • Internet Bills
  • Water and Sewerage Bills
  • LPG Gas Bills
  • Other Utility Bills
Pay your Income Tax and other Tax Dues in time:

In case you have not paid your taxes in time or you have not filed your income tax return despite the fact that it is mandatory for you to file the IT return, then the day is not far away when such defaults may find mention in your credit rating or CIBIL report compelling the lending banker to conclude that your financial position can deteriorate in case heavy penalties are imposed by the income tax or other tax authorities. Similar is the case with other taxes like Service Tax, VAT, GST etc.

Recovery Suits may also be part of Credit Report:

Credit Report of any individuals tells us about his or her indebtedness as a principal borrower or as a guarantor but other contingent liabilities of the individual which can substantially affect the credit worthiness of any individual are never reflected. With technology taking the front seat, it may become a reality to know your hidden or contingent liabilities like:
  • You have divorced your wife and court might have burdened you with maintenance allowance to be paid to the divorced wife as such monthly outgo of funds can tell upon your repaying capacity.
  • 3rd party decree against you as judgement debtor can also deteriorate your financial health and in the near future such decrees may be finding mention in your credit rating or credit score.

In nutshell the idea of this post is just to forewarn the audiences that soon all your financial activities find a place in CIBIL or DIBIL.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Keep RC and Driving License in DigiLocker

Happy News !  Happy News !

Now the time has come that your important documents and ID proofs will become as immortal as your soul. Your PAN Card, Aadhaar ID, Voter ID, Passport or even Driving Licenses will remain saved in original in your DigiLocker and your nominated legal heirs will be able to view your ID Proofs even after your death.

Now the Ministry of Transport and CBSE Board has partnered with the DigiLocker in such a way that you can pull or fetch your original CBSE degree/marks sheet, NEET Rank Letter, Driving License and even Registration Certificate of your vehicle directly in your Digi Locker which can be opened on your smartphone through DigiLocker application. You can just show the original driving license kept in Digi Locker to the Traffic Inspector and the Traffic Inspector will not be able to harass you by demanding bribe in return for returning the driving license.

It is a welcome move as this will only reduce administrative expenses but also streamline governance.

Limitations of Online Storage of Documents:

There are many limitations for pulling and fetching original documents from the issuing authorities who have partnered with Digi Locker. Few limitations are discussed below:
  • As Digi Locker is Aadhaar Based application, user has to ensure that the particulars of the driving license, Voter ID, Passport, PAN Card, CBSE Marks sheet, NEET Rank letter exactly match with the particulars fetched by Digi Locker from Aadhaar servers. Name, Father's name, Date of Birth and Address etc need to be checked and verified in such a way that the user has no multiple different identities in digital records.
  • Only those documents will be pulled and fetched in Digi Locker where the issuing authorities have partnered with Digi Locker and there is 100% synchronisation. For example Registrars of Births and Deaths in many state have yet to digitalise their data and partner with DigiLocker where some states and UT's like Haryana have already partnered with Digi Locker. In case of Haryana digilocker owners can fetch their Birth Certificates in their Digi Locker Account.
In my view it will take another 10 years when all the issuing authorities in all the states go digital and partner with Digi Locker to reduce the administrative expense and make Digital India dream come true.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Manufacture Led Bulbs and Save Lite

If you are an electrician or electric Diploma holder then a good opportunity is knocking at your door. Now Samadhan Kender, Near Bikaner Mishtan Bhandar, Rajpura can help you to manufacture LED bulbs at your own home or shop with a small investment of Rs.5000 to Rs.10000 for which even banks like State Bank of India do not hesitate to grant you loan under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana.

How Samadhan Kender will Help:
  • Samadhan Kender will place an order for Save Lite DIY LED Bulb Kit for assembling of LED Bulbs with Government approved CSC.
  • You will get the DIY Kit from CSC directly.
  • You do not require any technical knowledge to handle the KIT.
  • The KIT is easy to assemble.
  • KIT includes:

  1. PBT Body, LED module and all electronic components for a LED Bulb.
  2. Soldering Iron and soldering wire (1 Mt) and Glue.
  3. KIT also comes with a video link which helps people to understand the assembly process. The video will make the assembler learn each step involved in assembling a LED Bulb.
  4. Details of the items in the Save Lite KIT for 22 Bulbs.

What are you thinking now? Come to Samadhan Kender to place your online order and start earning from the day one. The DIY KIT is available only through authorised CSC Centers.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Think Before it is too Late - Marriage

Everyday we are listening of divorces within 1-2 years of marriage, the most pious relationship bond, due to one reason or the other. Divorces have big impact on the personality and lives of either sexes and in case divorce take place after birth of child out of wedlock, the child gets deprived off the love and affection of either father or mother. We undertook study of strained relations and there were variety of reasons for divorces due to mismatches. It is, therefore, always better to find suitable match abinitio so that the question of divorce does not arise at all. At Samadhan Kender, we provide "Matrimonial Investigation" before tying the knot. Our complete "Matrimonial Package" bundled with many features like 1) Financial Investigation 2) Social Investigation 3) Astrological Investigation 4) Property Investigation and Many more Attractive features comes at a price of $400 which can be remitted to us through the following link only after submitting the information and proofs for each type of Investigation:

(Amount Can be Changed from $400 to $300 or $500 just by changing the amount in Link above with our prior approval depending upon Discounted or Premium Services)

Astrological Investigation:

Astrological Experts at Samadhan Kender will minutely scrutinize the birth charts or the Bride and Bridegroom and ensure that there is no astrological mismatch which may invite the bad influence of planets resulting into divorce at any stage after the wedlock. Our astrologers also provide the ways and means to keep the bad influence under check through Puja and Religious efforts in case the astrological mismatch is not prominent.

Astrologers at Samadhan Kender are specialists in dealing with "Manglik", "Partially Manglik" and "Non Manglik" kundlies. Our astrological matching is 100% perfect and dependable. While seeking Astrological Investigation, you need to send us the following information about the bride and bridegroom to be:
  • Date of Births of both in format dd/mm/yyyy
  • Place of Births of both with PIN Code
  • Precise Time of Birth in format hh:mm:ss
  • Name of both bride and bridegroom
In Case you do not want to avail the complete "Matrimonial Package" then you can avail any of our individual package for example astrological package at $100 by using the same link as above by changing the figure from 500 to 100. You can visit Samadhan Kender, Near Bikaner Mishtan Kender, Rajpura 140401 Punjab, personally too with prior appointment for outstation clients and walk in for local residents. What are you thinking now? Click below to get astrological matching report:

Property Investigations:

Fraudsters and Cheaters in big metro cities hire good bungalows for temporary periods in posh localities to impress the families of bride or bridegrooms. Unsuspecting parents fall prey to smart people only to repent after marriage. The old saying "All that Glitters is not Gold" comes true when after solemnizing marriages the parents of the bride or bridegroom find that the House or Home shown by the opposite parties was mortgaged with one or more banks and lending institutions. Our experts at Samadhan Kender check the records of the CERSAI to find out any encumbrances on the property - relying on which the parents fix marriages. To know the complete search report you need to provide the complete address of the residential property like House Number, Locality and Exact Location. You can seek the report as a part of the complete "Matrimonial Package". You have the choice to get Property Investigation Report as a separate report for $100 as in the case of Astrological Investigation.

Similarly we conduct Financial Investigations and Social Investigations into personal profiles of bride or bridegrooms or even their parents subject to certain "Terms and Conditions" as a part of complete "Matrimonial Package" or as a separate report for $100 each as in the case of Astrological Investigation.

Friday, September 30, 2016

How to Get Rid of Settled or Written Off Loans

Stay Connected to read the full article about "How to Get Rid of Settled/Written Off Loan Accounts" from your credit reports.

In the meantime please go through our following articles about getting rid of dirty things from your credit report:
  1. Get Your Credit Report Analysed Online from Experts.
  2. Get Strangers Loan Accounts Removed from your Credit Report
  3. Get Rid of Zero Balance Loan Accounts from your Credit Report
  4. Get Rid of Settled, Written Off or Partially Written Off Loan Accounts from CIR is under Print.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Let us Stand by Indian Army

In Uri Attack by Pakistan supported and sponsored terrorists, out 18 army jawans were martyred. Whole nation was angry with the events and Lata Mangeshkar, the renowned play back singer of the fame "A mere vatan ke logo, aankh mein bhar lo pani, Sahid hueyan hain unki zara yaad karo kurbani", sent a strong message to her fans and the whole nation that she will not celebrate her birthday this year. Rather she urged upon her fans to contribute their might for the welfare of the families of Army Jawans who met with martyrdom.  Samadhan Kender also urges the public in general and its clients in particular that they should also contribute their might in the "Army Welfare Fund Battle Casualties as per details given below.

Once again our great Indian Army has made us feel proud by carrying out surgical strikes to dismantle the terrorist camps being operated in POK after crossing the Line of Control.

An account titled “Army Welfare Fund Battle Casualties” has been opened at Syndicate Bank, South Block Branch, New Delhi (IFSC Code: SYNB0009055), with account number 90552010165915, which has been approved by the Integrated HQ of Ministry of Defence (Army) and as per their approval the donations received in the fund will be utilized to pay financial assistance/grant to widows of our Battle Casualties, their next of kin and dependents.

Please see the original announcement by Syndicate Bank on 01/09/2016 as per link below to verify the authenticity of the above details being provided by Samadhan Kender. Please contribute generously. Samadhan Kender will honour all the contributors by providing VIP treatment to the contributors.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Get Rid of Zero Balance Loan Accounts from CIR

Zero Balance loan accounts appearing in your credit report can also send wrong signals to the lending banker who can conclude the zero balance loan accounts differently.  Bankers and Lending institutions get the full and final loan amount deposited from the borrowers but forget to take the following actions:
  • Due to the shortage of time, the bankers just apply up to date interest and credit the loan amount deposited to make the balance outstanding to ZERO without bothering its impact on the Credit Report of the borrower. Zero Balance accounts can also damage your Credit Reputation. See How....
  • In the case of Term Loan or Demand Loan accounts, the bankers may not consider the sanctioned loan amounts as Term loans and Demand Loans can not be disbursed again. But Cash Credit and Overdraft Limit accounts with Zero Balance can make the lending banker think that the borrower can withdraw the sanctioned level of Cash Credit or Overdraft limits which can adversely affect the financial position of the borrower.
  • In view of the above, every borrower must insist for proper closure of the loan account and obtain the "Statement of Account" with Account Status as "Closed".
  • Return the unused blank signed cheque leaves to the borrower which can be misused.
  • Inform the CIBIL about the closure of the loan accounts. Some banks and lending bankers CIBIL data and Loan Data is not synchronized and CIBIL data are got punched from outsourcing agencies and they keep the zero balance loan accounts in "Open Status".
  • Inform the CERSAI, Central Registry of Securitisation Asset Reconstruction and Security Interest about the lifting lien on immovable property in their books. Borrowers must insist for Certificate from the Bank about deregistration of banker's lien on the property. In case you have not taken such certificate then visit Samadhan Kender, NH-64 Near Bikaner Mishtan Bhandar, Patiala Road, Rajpura for getting the "Clear Title" report online from CERSAI.
What should be done to Get Rid of existing Zero Balance Loan Accounts from CIR:
  • Book an appointment with our CIBIL Consultants along with your latest Credit Report and they will take up with the Credit Rating Agencies to know the names of the lending bankers along with loan account numbers. It is quite possible that some of the zero balance accounts might be "Stranger's Loan Account" while other zero balance loan account may belong to you. 
  • Stranger's Loan accounts will be dealt with by experts as already explained in "How to Get Strangers Removed from Credit Report.
  • As regards you own "Zero Balance Loan Accounts" our experts will take up individually with the lending bankers for and on behalf of borrowers for the closure of such loan accounts so that loan account status gets changed from "Active or Open Status" to "Closed Status". The distant borrowers who can not physically visit to meet our CIBIL Consultants, they can remit additional payment for removal of such loan accounts as already explained in our earlier article on Analysis of Credit Reports after booking of a prior online appointment.
The fees for the removal and/or closure of zero balance accounts ( excluding written off and settled loan accounts) is negotiable according to the work involved. Normally it is Rs.1000 per account for self-owned zero balance accounts.

In the next and concluding article we shall be telling you as to "How to Get Rid of Settled/Written Off Loan Accounts" from your Credit Report.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Get Strangers Removed from Credit Report

Do you have poor Credit Report and Credit Score? Has your banker shut the doors for you due to poor Credit Rating?

If yes, then get your Credit Report Analysis and investigation Report from our panel of experts and entrust the job of getting the stranger's account completely removed from your Credit Report. Removing the stranger's loan accounts from the credit report is likely to improve your credit score and repaying capacity. Due to other's loan accounts in your report, the bank may reject your loan request merely on the ground that you have no further capacity to repay any further loan even if your credit score is high and comfortable.

Step-2: Remove Stranger Loan Accounts from Credit Report:
  • Recheck all your reported accounts in Credit Report after checking the detailed
    Analysis and Investigation report provided by our CIBIL Consultants after you have completed the process under Step-1.
  • Now mark the accounts in which neither you are a principle or joint borrower nor are your guarantor.
  • It clearly indicates that somebody else's loan accounts have crept into your Credit Report and you have nothing to do with such wrongly reported loan account.
  • If the stranger's loan accounts, appearing in your credit report, are very well maintained loan accounts even then such accounts can send wrong signals to lending-bankers who may conclude that your total loan accounts are more than your repaying capacity. As such to get even the very good stranger's loan accounts from your credit report is essential from lending banker's point of view.
  • Loan accounts are reported in the CIR as shown in the adjoining image. Our CIBIL Consultants will make you available the Member Name (Name of the Bank), Account Number, Branch Address etc from where you will be able to judge if you have any relationship with the loan account or not.
  • In case you have nothing to do with the loan accounts then you are just to inform the CIBIL Consultant via their email address and they will take necessary steps to get all such stranger accounts removed from the report after receipt of Removal Fees at the rate of Rs.1500 per account.

Next culprit is "Zero Balance - Loan Accounts" in your Credit Reports. After you have got removed the stranger's loan accounts from the credit report, now it is time to Get Rid of Zero Balance Loan Accounts to improve your credit score and credit report.

Get Your Credit Report analysed online from Experts

Samadhan Kender has been approached by clients from as far as Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Ambala, Rohtak, Jalandhar and from far flung areas. The clients had to visit Samadhan Kender personally which involved traveling expenses to and fro Rajpura in addition to the loss of valuable time to discuss their poor credit scores and reports.

Keeping in view the hardships faced by our clients we have developed an online system for resolution of Credit Reports which involves three to four stages. We feel that clients from far flung areas will be benefited through the online resolution process and they will be able to save time and money spent on traveling to Samadhan Kender at NH-64, Near Bikaner Mishtan Bhandar, Rajpura 140401 Punjab. 

Step-1: Credit Report Analysis and Investigation Report: 
  • Obtain Latest Credit Report from your Bank or Lending Institution.
  • Send the Scanned PDF copy (Legible) of the complete Credit Report at our email ID.
  • Send Scanned PDF Copies of your original ID Proofs like Aadhaar, PAN Card, Voter ID, Driving License and Passport.
  • Check the total number of accounts reported in the Credit Report Summary as shown by an arrow in the adjoining figure.
  • In the shown example the number of accounts is 6 and Samadhan Kender charges Rs.500-00 per account as investigation and analysis charges. Total investigation charges will be Rs.3000 for all the six accounts.
  • Samadhan Kender will provide the Investigation Report and Analysis Report in respect of all the reported six accounts with the following information:
  1. Name of the Lending Banker along with Account Number
  2. Date of Loan, Sanctioned Amount and Present Outstanding
  3. Status of Account like Active, Closed, Past Due, Sub-Standard, Doubtful or Loss Asset
  4. Status of Account if it "Settled on Written Off or Partially Written Off" account.
  5. Delinquency Report of each account.
  6. Ownership and Type of each Loan Account.
If you want to know the complete analysis of your credit report from our CIBIL Consultant then send the Credit Report and ID Proofs along with the requisite investigation fees at the rate of Rs.500-00 per account. Minimum investigation fees are Rs.2500-00 per Credit Report. To make payment and to know more or to talk our leading CIBIL Consultant use the following link:

On remitting the money and sending the report in PDF format along with ID, Address, and Proofs of DOB, our experts will send you your Credit Analysis and Investigation Report for Further Resolution.

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