Tuesday 8 November 2016

How to get Unique KYC ID at CERSAI

Now every financial institution and banks have been asked to complete the KYC of all the existing accounts. Banks and financial institutions have been asked to register the KYC details of the customers with Central Registry to general the unique CKYC registration number so that deduplication process is completed by December 31, 2016. Only Banks and Financial institutions have been allowed the Login facility by the Central Registry. In my opinion, if this login facility, is allowed to individuals and entities then they could generate the 14 digit CKYC number themselves. 

How to complete the De-duplication:

The GOI through Central KYC Registry at CERSAI can provide a suitable platform to the individual and legal entities to link all their financial products like bank accounts, loans, mutual funds, Demat accounts, Investment portfolios with the CKYC Number generated by themselves in a highly secured and protected platform to be provided by Central Registry. This process can be used to:
  • Auto filling of the 14 digit CKYC Number in all the accounts and financial products linked to the CKYC Number.
  • In case any account or financial product does not get linked to this Unique CKYC ID then the account holder can submit the 14 digit CKYC Number to the bank or financial institution so that there is no duplication.
  • In my opinion to achieve the de-duplication process of KYC and to generated Unique CKYC ID or Uniform Customer Identification Code (UCIC).
  • Moreover, this is an ongoing process and it has no scope for any laxity by individual or banks and financial institutions.
  • Let the banks and financial institutions should not allow opening of accounts without unique CKYC numbers for new financial products and existing financial products may be frozen till the implementation of CKYC whole-heartedly.
  • In respect of accounts of deceased, missing, insane, hospitalized and in a semi-conscious stage the accounts must be frozen and operations allowed after adopting the legal procedures.
  • Important of all, banks and financial institutions should also not allow even credits and deposits in accounts where 14 digit CKYC numbers are not fed to club all the accounts of specific individuals.
  • 14 digit CKYC number should also be made compulsory for accepting deposits by corporates, limited companies, and partnership firms. The balance sheets of sole prop firms, partnership firms, limited companies, trusts, and societies must indicate the 14 digit CKYC numbers of owners, partners, directors, trustees, unsecured or secured depositors and every inter-account transfer should move withing entities or individuals with 14 digit CKYC holders.

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