Sunday 2 October 2016

Think Before it is too Late - Marriage

Everyday we are listening of divorces within 1-2 years of marriage, the most pious relationship bond, due to one reason or the other. Divorces have big impact on the personality and lives of either sexes and in case divorce take place after birth of child out of wedlock, the child gets deprived off the love and affection of either father or mother. We undertook study of strained relations and there were variety of reasons for divorces due to mismatches. It is, therefore, always better to find suitable match abinitio so that the question of divorce does not arise at all. At Samadhan Kender, we provide "Matrimonial Investigation" before tying the knot. Our complete "Matrimonial Package" bundled with many features like 1) Financial Investigation 2) Social Investigation 3) Astrological Investigation 4) Property Investigation and Many more Attractive features comes at a price of $400 which can be remitted to us through the following link only after submitting the information and proofs for each type of Investigation:

(Amount Can be Changed from $400 to $300 or $500 just by changing the amount in Link above with our prior approval depending upon Discounted or Premium Services)

Astrological Investigation:

Astrological Experts at Samadhan Kender will minutely scrutinize the birth charts or the Bride and Bridegroom and ensure that there is no astrological mismatch which may invite the bad influence of planets resulting into divorce at any stage after the wedlock. Our astrologers also provide the ways and means to keep the bad influence under check through Puja and Religious efforts in case the astrological mismatch is not prominent.

Astrologers at Samadhan Kender are specialists in dealing with "Manglik", "Partially Manglik" and "Non Manglik" kundlies. Our astrological matching is 100% perfect and dependable. While seeking Astrological Investigation, you need to send us the following information about the bride and bridegroom to be:
  • Date of Births of both in format dd/mm/yyyy
  • Place of Births of both with PIN Code
  • Precise Time of Birth in format hh:mm:ss
  • Name of both bride and bridegroom
In Case you do not want to avail the complete "Matrimonial Package" then you can avail any of our individual package for example astrological package at $100 by using the same link as above by changing the figure from 500 to 100. You can visit Samadhan Kender, Near Bikaner Mishtan Kender, Rajpura 140401 Punjab, personally too with prior appointment for outstation clients and walk in for local residents. What are you thinking now? Click below to get astrological matching report:

Property Investigations:

Fraudsters and Cheaters in big metro cities hire good bungalows for temporary periods in posh localities to impress the families of bride or bridegrooms. Unsuspecting parents fall prey to smart people only to repent after marriage. The old saying "All that Glitters is not Gold" comes true when after solemnizing marriages the parents of the bride or bridegroom find that the House or Home shown by the opposite parties was mortgaged with one or more banks and lending institutions. Our experts at Samadhan Kender check the records of the CERSAI to find out any encumbrances on the property - relying on which the parents fix marriages. To know the complete search report you need to provide the complete address of the residential property like House Number, Locality and Exact Location. You can seek the report as a part of the complete "Matrimonial Package". You have the choice to get Property Investigation Report as a separate report for $100 as in the case of Astrological Investigation.

Similarly we conduct Financial Investigations and Social Investigations into personal profiles of bride or bridegrooms or even their parents subject to certain "Terms and Conditions" as a part of complete "Matrimonial Package" or as a separate report for $100 each as in the case of Astrological Investigation.

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