Sunday 17 April 2016

Insurance Centre opens at Samadhan Kender

You might have taken Life Insurance from reputed insurance companies through nationalized government sector banks and private banks who have tie up arrangements with different insurance companies to sell their products just to earn commission. But what happens after you have taken the Insurance Cover? Just look at these astonishing facts:

One of the leading nationalized bank entered into "Tie up Arrangement" with Reliance General Insurance Company and the bank cancelled the tie up arrangement with in 2 years due to difference. Now the customers who had taken the Reliance Cover searched for the local office of Reliance General Insurance Company and they were surprised to note that there was no office of the company in Rajpura and even to pay the premiums the customers had to visit either Patiala or Chandigarh offices of the company.

One of the customers took the HDFC Life cover through HDFC Bank but when the customer went to the HDFC bank to deposit the renewal premium the banker told that it can be deposited only with HDFC Life office at Patiala. 

There are hundreds of cases where the customers feel cheated as they do not find any office of the above reputed insurance companies in small villages and towns. To overcome this problem and to provide services like payment of renewal premiums Samadhan Kender has enabled the payments of insurance premiums of any insurance company listed above for which Samadhan Kender has been provided the premium CSC platform under Digital India programme of Government of India. 

Insurance Services Provided at Samadhan Kender

  1. No extra Charges. Just Pay your Insurance Premium with us and get Instant Premium Receipt issued by the respective Insurance Company.
  2. Samadhan Kender has data access to Insurance Policies of above 17 Life Insurance Companies and Samadhan Kender issues the valid Premium Receipt instantly, which is digitally signed by the respective Insurance Company.
  3. Premiums can be paid one month is advance from the due date.
  4. Customers have to provide the following information:

  • Name of the Insurance Company
  • Insurance Policy Number
  • Date of Birth of the Insured
We also provide Duplicate Receipt service for the premiums paid through us at very nominal costs.

Note: Do you know that Samadhan Kender is UIDAI approved Permanent Aadhaar Enrollment Center, First of its kind, in Rajpura catering to the needs of Rajpura and its adjoining village.

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