Friday 15 April 2016

Good News for serving or retired Punjab Government Employees

There is good news for all of you if you are:
  • Serving Punjab Government Employee
  • Punjab Government Pensioner
  • Family Pensioner/Extra Ordinary Pensioner
  • Serving MLA/Ex-MLA
  • Serving or Retired All India Service Officer
  • Serving or Retired Judge of Punjab and Haryana High Court/Other Judicial Officers
Now Punjab Government has introduced cashless health insurance named as Punjab Government Employees and Pensioners Health Insurance Scheme (PGEPHIS) to cover indoor expenses of the above categories of retired or serving employees/pensioners/judges/MLAs.

Punjab Government has tied up with MDINDIA HEALTHCARE SERVICES (TPA) PVT. LTD to provide Cash Less Health Insurance.
Visit SAMADHAN KENDER for your Cash Less Color ID Cards issued by MDINDIA, the third party administrator (TPA), which are must for availing cash less hospitalization. Sample Color ID card issued PGEPHIS is displayed above. To keep the privacy of the ID Card holder intact, the important items like Name, GPF/PPO Number, ID Card Number and Photographs of the ID Card and his/her dependents have been masked. However in case of any problem being faced by the retired or serving Punjab Government Employees/Pensioners/Judges/MLAs/All India Service Officers they can contact their district co-coordinators on their mobiles as displayed here.

Consult our Panel of Experts for all your solutions and avail more than 101 Services being provided by Samadhan Kender. 

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