Friday 15 April 2016

Samadhan Kender wishes Happy Ram Navami to All

Samadhan Kender wishes all its readers, visitors and customers a very happy and prosperous Ram Navami. Let lord Rama solve all your problems and make you free from all sufferings.

Samadhan Kender is committed to provide solutions to all your worries and problems under one roof. With the grace of Lord Rama we have been able to bring smiles to so many faces since our inception in November, 2015.

Now Samadhan Kender has undertaken a mammoth task of providing solid Aadhaar to all the residents of Rajpura and its adjoining areas through fresh enrollments, new born and child enrollments, correction and updation of old wrongly issued Aadhaars, linking of Mobile Numbers with Aadhaars so that you can drive full benefits of welfare schemes being launched by Government of India. Need less to mention that Samadhan Kender is the first and unique Government authorized Permanent Enrollment Center in Rajpura after Suvidha Center situated in Mini Secretariat, Civil Courts, Rajpura.

What is the Difference between Suvidha Kender and Samadhan Kender:

Suvidha Kender 
Samadhan Kender 
You have to pay Parking Charges of Rs.20 for every visit .
No Parking Charges
Limited Working Hours
Working Hours 10.00 AM to 8.00 PM
Lunch Time Half Hour to One Hour
No Launch Time
Closed on Saturday and Sunday
Open 24x7x365 including Saturdays and Sundays.
Long Queues 
No queues. Feel at home at Samadhan Kender 
No Follow up for Aadhaar Enrollments
We make regular follow up and inform the citizens through Mobile Call and SMS about the status of their Aadhaar

Fresh Aadhaar Enrollment is in full swing at Samadhan Kender along with more than 101 Services being provided by Samadhan Kender under the banner of Common Services Centre as Samadhan Kender is Government of India authorized CSC Centre, first of its kind in Rajpura 140401 Punjab India.

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