Thursday 7 April 2016

Are you in a hurry to file your ITR for AY 2016-17 ?

With the close of financial year on 31st March every year the tax payers especially the salaried class employees rush to TRP's or their Tax consultants to file their ITR immediately and most of the TRP's and Tax consultants, in a bid to make money through professional fees and services, file the ITR's without bothering for the TaxPayer  whereas before filing the ITR following things are to be kept in mind:
  • Check and Generate their TDS Certificates online through TRACES as manual or TDS certificates issued by the deductors are not valid. Insist on TDS Certificates Generated through TRACES bearing digital numbers allotted by TRACES and Income Tax Centralized Processing Cell.
  • It is better to wait till 15th to 20th May so that all the tax deductions get reflected in you 26AS and there is no mismatch with the Form 16 or 16A issued by the deductors under various sections like 192, 194A, 194C etc. etc.
  • Please ensure that your Aadhaar ID is linked to your PAN card number through Income Tax website so that you get rid of e-verifying or digital signing of your ITR.
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