Thursday 7 April 2016

Do you get Rejected for Bank Loans by Banks?

Have you ever faced a situation when your banker or lending institution rejected your loan application and shut its doors for you due to poor credit rating or defective CIBIL Report. If yes, then we have solutions to solve your problem at Samadhan Kender. Our Panel of Experts will minutely examine your CIBIL report or credit report from other credit rating agencies like Equifax and suggest the remedial measures to convert your bad report into normal and healthy report. Samadhan Kender takes up your case with the Indian credit rating agencies like CIBIL, Equifax, Experian and CRIF High Mark for:

  • Removal and Delinking of loan accounts of other consumers creeping into your credit reports due to similarity in names.
  • If any bad loan wrongly creeps in your credit report it damages your credit reputation and all banks will shut their lending doors for you.
  • But even if some good loan belonging to others creeps in your credit report then it may not damage your credit reputation but the bank may reject your loan application just for the reason that the wrong reported loan will adversely affect your debt servicing power or your repaying capacity.
  • Sometimes even after you repay your loans the banks forget to close the loan accounts and such loans remain in open status in CIBIL though with Zero Balance. We will let you know the names of the lending institutions along with account numbers for loans adjusted by you long back and still appearing in your CIBIL report. We will arrange dialogue ,through dispute resolution mechanism, between such banks and credit agencies so that all such loan accounts with Zero Balance do not appear in your credit report.
Visit us immediately to get your CIBIL Report and setting it right lest your loan applications gets rejected at a time when you are in dire need of funds to run your business or finance your needs.

Latest Update on 23/07/2016: As per outgoing RBI Governor, Raghurajan, CIBIL will be providing one Credit Report to all individuals absolutely free so as to know their Credit Score before visiting any bank or lending institution. In case of any misreporting my any bank or lending institution the individuals will be at liberty to file petition with the Rating Agencies for rectification of their Credit Report and Updating the Credit Score.

Author's Opinion: Simply petitioning is not sufficient. Rather RBI Governor Raghurajan should propose to heavily penalize the banks and lending institutions for misreporting to CIBIL as misreporting tarnishes the credit reputation  of even honest individuals worldwide. Read Full Story.

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