Thursday 3 December 2015

What to do if your Birth is not registered with Registrar of Births in Punjab?

Do you know that Registration of Births and Deaths in compulsory as per section 8 of RBD Act 1969 and Rule 6 of Punjab Registration of Births and Deaths Rules 2004 and the following persons are responsible for reporting about the events of Births, Deaths and StillBirths to be reported in Form No.1 (birth), Form No.2 (death) and Form No.3 (Still Birth):

S. No.        Place of Occurrence              Person(s) required to Report  
  1. Domiciliary events                  Head of the household or the nearest relative present in the house.
  2. Institutional events            Medical Officer Incharge of the institution like hospital, nursing home.
  3. Deserted or Public place     The headman of the village in case of rural area & incharge of police station in case of other areas.

As per law registration of birth or death has to be registered within 21 days from the occurrence of event. After 21 days and upto 30 days Local Registrar can order for delayed registration with late fees of Rs.5 under Rule 9 of Section 13. District Registrar Births & Deaths in case of urban area and Additional District Registrar of CHC/PHC in case of rural area alongwith affidavit will be the competent authority to order delayed registration with late fees of Rs.10 after 30 days but less than one year. After one year the Magistrate or  Sub Divisional Magistrate of respective Sub Division will be competent authority to order delayed registration with late fees of Rs.20.

Who is Local Registrar in Rural and Urban Areas:
  • In Rural Areas MultiPurpose Health Female Workers MHFW (F) of the Health Sub Centre is designated Registrar.
  • In Urban Areas the Municipal Corporation/ Council/ Notified Area Committee is the local registration centre. The Municipal Medical Officer of health and in his absence the Executive Officer / Secretary is the Local Registrar, Births and Deaths. The State Govt. has also declared all the government medical institutions like CHC/ PHCs/ DHs/SDHs as sub-registration centres where the birth certificate of child is issued before the discharge of mother from the hospital.

  1. The cases of delayed registration are received in the office of Local Registrar who on satisfying himself as to the genuineness and correctness of the particulars forwards the same to the District Registrar who after satisfying himself forwards it to the concerned Magistrate under whose jurisdiction the delayed event pertains to as per place of occurrence of the event.
  2. After the birth has been reported in time or delayed reporting to local registrar, one can apply online for issuance of Birth Certificate.

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