Thursday 3 December 2015

How to apply online Birth Certificate in Rural Areas in Punjab

How to apply online Birth Certificate in Rural Areas in Punjab:

To avail any government service in India one needs to visit Services section at National Portal of India and select the service and the state in which services are required. For example if one has to apply for Birth Certificate in the State of Punjab then search for the same at National Portal of India and it will take you to the desired linking page.

Once you are directed to the Punjab State Government site at the proper link then follow the following procedures provided there on the link:
  • On the State Portal of Punjab, click on Citizen Login link
  • If you are a New User, Click on New User to make profile or else Login with your userID and password.
  • If logging in for the first time then update your profile before proceeding further.
  • Click on Fresh Application link in the left menu.
  • On the next page all services by all departments will be listed. Chose the proper service and department to apply.
  • If you wish to apply online then go to alternative number 2 and click on "Click here to fill the application online".
  • Fill the form and Submit online.
  • Click "View saved Application" and Upload supporting documents as below:

Supporting Documents:

  • Scanned Copy of Proof of Residence of Parents is mandatory
  • Scanned Copy of Self Declaration Form/Affidavit.
  • Any Other document is optional
Ready Information required to apply online:
  • Applicant's name, address and relationship with beneficiary.
  • Beneficiary Details along with DOB, Father and Mother's name, address with PIN-Code.
  • Marital Status of beneficiary and name of spouse.
  • Email ID, Voter ID, Aaadhar UID, Contact Mobile Number is mandatory.
  • Date of Birth of Child along with name of parents in English and Punjabi
  • Address of the parents at the time of birth of the child
  • Name of the Child in Punjabi and English (Correctly Spelled)
  • Gender of the Child
  • Grand Father's Name in English and Punjabi
  • Place of Birth of the Child
Important Dates:
  • If the Child is born prior to 31-12-2003 then Name of the Police Station is required.
  • Name of the Revenue Block (Tehsil Block) required if born from 01-01-2004 to 30-09-2010
  • If born after 01-10-2010 then Name of Primary Health Centre (PHC) or Community Health Centre (CHC) is required.

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