Saturday 7 March 2020

Yes Bank a lesson for the public and government

Yes Bank has become a new name to demolish private sector banking as of now as people has shifted from public sector banking to private sector banking due to their efficiency but such incidents have breached the trust of people and people are losing their faith from the banking industry.
This is a very serious issue and people do not find their money safe any where if incidents like PMC and YES BANK continues to happen in Indian banking industry. I am listening a statement of a customer of Yes Bank who was so fed up with this incident that he taken a decision to withdraw all his savings from banking industry. This is a small incident but a big massage if this happens and continue to happen all the banking industry and financial system will collapse so Govt should take strict measures to stop repetition of such incidents  to boost the moral of general public.If the faith of public continues to be broken again and again people will stop trusting any public or private sector bank.  people keep their hard earned money in these banks because they have a faith in government not these banks.

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