Thursday 12 January 2017

Get New Version of PAN Card in 3 Days

All TEN-FCs and  PAN Centres are hereby informed that the Income Tax Department (ETD) has prescribed certain changes in the existing design of the PAN Card. Accordingly, with effect from January 1, 2017, PAN cards are being printed as per the new design specifications approved by ITD. The Specimens of the PAN card as per new design is as under:
New Features of PAN Card:
  1. Quick Response (QR) code having details of the PAN applicant is printed on PAN card for enabling immediate verification of the PAN Card.
  2. Legends have been incorporated for particulars Name, father’s, and date of birth fields. Position of PAN & signature has been changed.
  3. Position  of PAN and signature have been changed.
Existing old PAN Cards to become INVALID if not linked with Aadhaar ID up to 30/06/2017.

All TIN-FCs and PAN Centres are advised to take note of the above and advise applicants in the events of queries received from the applicants.

Now Government of India has asked the PAN Card issuing agencies to issue PAN Card in 3 Days. (See Video on YouTube).

Though it is not mandatory to obtain the changed version of the PAN Card but the existing PAN Card holders are at liberty to replace their existing PAN Cards with New PAN Card.

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