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Friday, November 24, 2017

Points to Remember When Filing Your Income Tax Return

Points to Remember When Filing Your Income Tax Return

Tell us Your CIBIL Problem
If you are an earning member of the community, you are required to give back to the community a small portion of your income and this is the basis of Income Tax. However, not everyone willingly parts with their hard earned or ill-gotten gains, thus the need for legislation to determine how much tax an individual needs to pay, by which date these taxes are payable, what the penalties are in case taxes are evaded and so on. All of these laws are provided for in the Income Tax Act of 1961 and the penalties included in the Act can be quite severe in case an individual fails to comply. One of the lesser-known and often missed parts of the IT Act is the filing of your returns. In the following sections, we will discuss some of the key things to keep in mind when filing your ITR.

Don’t Miss the Due Date

This is of prime importance because missing the due date can cause small problems like delayed refunds or larger issues like having the IT Department initiate criminal proceedings. Additionally, in case your ITR is filed after the due date, you also lose out on the opportunity to make corrections later. For self-employed, carrying forward business losses can be a blessing in disguise which will also be missed in case of there is a delay in filing the return.

Use the Online Method of Filing Taxes

In case you are a salaried individual, filing your income tax returns has truly become a breeze with the introduction of the ITR-1 or Sahaj form. There is truly no easier way to do it as the entire system is almost completely automated with inbuilt calculators and automated cross-reference of TDS paid form 26AS and much more. These benefits cannot be avail in case you are still using the paper filing system so it is probably time to upgrade in case you haven’t already.

Compute Interest Income carefully

Interest income above a certain limit (currently Rs. 10,000 annually) features TDS at the rate of 10%. However, in case you belong to a higher tax bracket, such interest income will be treated as “income from other sources” and added to you’re to total income and taxed according to the applicable tax bracket. If you miss out on such interest income especially in case of savings account, where no TDS is chargeable you will definitely get an income tax notice.

Don’t Miss out any Tax Exemptions

An individual taxpayer is liable to take the benefit of various tax exemptions under key sections such as 80C, 80D, 24 and others. Just under 80C itself, an individual in the maximum tax bracket can save over Rs. 46,000 in taxes if they use the complete tax benefit offered by the section. Some of the other commonly missed benefits include personal loan taken for home renovations, rent paid, income from agricultural activities and so on. This time around, with the Sahaj form, it should be easier to correlate all of the applicable tax exemptions before filing your return.

Verify Your Income Tax Return

This might be the last step when filing your return but its importance cannot be overstated. The old school system of ITR verification was a paper form named ITR-V, which had to manually sent by post to the CPC Office located in Bangalore. Using currently available digital technology is much easier. Now the
verification can be completed online on the Income Tax e-filing website and in case you have already linked your Aadhaar Card with your PAN, an Aadhaar OTP can also be used to complete the process as long as your mobile number is registered with the UIDAI Database. Additionally, verification can also be completed through Net Banking of leading Indian public and private sector banks as long as your PAN is updated with them.

Friday, September 29, 2017

How to Open a Bank Account Using Aadhaar Card

How to Open a Bank Account Using Aadhaar Card?

Open Bank Account using Aadhaar
Aadhaar is a 12-digit unique identification number issued by the UIDAI (The Unique Identification Authority of India) by capturing a person's biometric details such as fingerprints, iris scan and demographic information such as date of birth and address.

The importance of Aadhaar card has been growing significantly in India. Not only is it useful in availing subsidies, filing ITR and getting a gas connection but the government also made the Aadhaar card mandatory for opening bank accounts. Axis Bank was the first to introduce the KYC (Know your customer) service that allows customers to open the bank account simply by providing his/her unique identification number. However, this service is now being used by many banks across India.

Under this facility, the fingerprints of the customer are captured and sent to UIDAI for validation of identity and address proof.  Upon successful verification from UIDAI, the e-KYC service will ask for demographic details like the name of the person, his/her date of birth, address, phone, email, and photograph. Based on this information, the e-KYC certificate will be issued to the customer stamped with Quick Response (QR) Code to avoid duplicity of the certificate by the third party. This certificate will be used to open an account subject to satisfying other account opening requirements.

Benefits of Using Aadhaar Based e-KYC
  1. Opening bank account using Aadhaar based e-KYC eliminates the need to submit the address and ID proof.
  2. Secondly, the process to open a bank account using Aadhaar card based e-KYC is more convenient and time-saving.
  3. Aadhaar based e-KYC is completely safe and paperless, thus reducing the chances of forgery and theft.
  4. With Aadhaar based e-KYC, you no longer have to visit a bank to open your account and can complete the bank opening process while being at home.
  5. It saves you from standing in long queues at the bank. Just an OTP that you receive on your registered mobile number is required.
Application Process for Aadhaar Card Based e-KYC

Opening a bank account using Aadhaar card based e-KYC is quite simple and easy. All you need to do is to:
  1. Get an Aadhar card and submit it to the bank as your identity & address proof.
  2. Next, you will have to allow your bank to access data from the UIDAIs Central Data Repository.
  3. Visit the official website of your bank, and fill in the online application form and upload the required documents along with the photograph.
  4. An OTP (one-time password) will be generated and sent to your mobile number mentioned on the Aadhaar card.
  5. OTP should be entered and the form should be submitted.
  6. The bank will contact the customer for physical verification through Electronic In-Person Verification. It is an immediate video verification process.
  7. During this verification, customers will have to show their Aadhaar card or PAN card along with their respective bank statement.
  8. Once their KYC is registered, you will receive confirmation of it through e-mail and this status can be verified online.
  9. Sometimes banks may also ask the customer to sign and send a physical KYC application form.
While you wait for their verification, their bank looks for the approval of UIDAI to facilitate the use of e-KYC service. Once all essential details are obtained by the bank, the customer’s account will be opened immediately. e-KYC is a fast, easy and convenient procedure to open a bank account using Aadhaar card. Note that this process can only be utilized by Aadhar card holding citizen of India. So by now if you have not applied for your Aadhar card, do it right away to avail this service.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Aadhaar Verified SIMs may Fetch Hefty Premiums!

The very topic "Aadhaar Verified SIMs may Fetch Hefty Premiums!" seems illogical - but it is true. It is a timely alert for Department of Telecommunications, Government of India who has advised the Telecom Operators in India to verify all the Mobile Numbers using Aadhar Based Biometric authentication. Any unverified number or any Mobile Number that is not linked to an Aadhar number will be illegal in India after February 6, 2018.

I wonder as to why the "KYC Process" is not being undertaken in its true later and spirits and all the Government, Private and Public sector organizations are just taking it as a mere formality as there is no Single ID Proof in India which can be relied upon for exact Name, Date of Birth, Address, Mobile Number and Email ID. The main reasons for improper implementation of the creation of single reliable ID, DOB and Address Proof in India is the casual attitude and the vested political and business interests like:
  •  Banks want business and they are not concerned about the reliability of the record available on Aadhar, Voter ID, PAN Card as I have seen that there is different DOB in all the main three ID and Address Proofs. Banks just ask the customer - which DOB do you want to register with the Bank and it is the sweet will of the customer to use Aadhar for Name, Voter-ID for Address and Aadhar or PAN Card for DOB. It is a bare fact that you can get your date of birth changed in Aadhar - without even producing the Birth Certificate or Matriculation Certificate, Passport - so far considered as best proof of Date of Birth. I had mentioned in one of my earlier articles that the Bank Managers just suggest the public to get the date of birth changed in Aadhar in such a way that he or she can earn additional interest @1% per annum extra. The Banks, even on finding different dates of birth in PAN, Voter-ID, Aadhar or any other ID Proof will never ask their customer to get the data synchronized in all of his/her ID Proofs but will just lure the customer to choose any date of birth to suit the customer. In my opinion, the Government of India must get all the ID Proofs in India to be issued digitally and synchronize the data - by providing OTO (One Time Option) to residents to choose any ID Proof of their Choice - which may contain valid data of Name, Address, DOB, Mobile etc.
  • Telecom Operators want their business to increase and this is possible only in case they issue the SIM Cards to the customers without any limit. Presently there is no limit on the issue of any number of SIM Cards to any individual and you can get as many SIMS as you want - thanks to loopholes in the Indian system allowing Mobile Operators to expand their business even if may cause a security risk to National Security. Now the GOI on the directions of Supreme Court has asked the Telecom Operators in India to verify all SIMs through Aadhar Based Biometric Authentication but the GOI has made a blunder by not putting a limitation of issuing not more than one SIM card to any Individual with age restrictions in such a way that the SIMs are never issued to any Minor - with age less than 15 years. I have seen students, who are minor, using high-end devices, smartphones, tablets, iPods - which are sold without any User Verification. I am of the confirmed opinion that the all high-end devices with IP Addresses must be registered with some authority and in case the high-end devices are resold, gifted - the purchaser must transfer the high-end device to the purchaser, gift taker. In case such devices are stolen are not useable then the owner should file and FIR as in the case of stolen vehicle - so that such device can be frozen and blocked permanently.
  • Business organizations, small or big, have to sell their products - and at times I have found that the retailer will ask the purchaser - "In whose name do you want the Bill?" and you can get the Bill issued even in the name of stranger for all type of products including Smart TVs and expensive electronic goods below the price of Rs.200000 as you can now tender cash up to Rs.200000 for any goods and services. I think the Government must track the Cash Purchases by any Individual - as there is no limit of cash payments of less than Rs.2 lac to different vendors and sellers. Let the GOI make it mandatory to ask the business houses to sell the products only by entering the Aadhar Number of the purchaser - and the Aadhar Holder is given the option to accept or reject the transaction through OTP.
Now, in nutshell, what is my concern is that criminals and superfluous elements - will be offering Hefty Premiums for Purchasing Aadhar Verified SIMs from unsuspecting illiterate Aadhar Card Holders and this can be checked only if the Government of India puts a limit of one and only one Aadhar Verified SIM to any individual and that too with age restrictions up to 15 years - though it is million dollar question if a minor can be prosecuted or not as to deal with Minors is not a Minor Issue

Government of India is already aware of the Pre-Activated SIM Rackets but it lacks guts and will power to ask the big lobbly of Mobile Network Operators to limit the number of SIMS to one and only one to any Aadhaar ID. I have issued the warning beforehand and let us see if the GOI can bring in suitable legislations to check the misuse of Pre-Activated SIMs to unathorised persons either by the Network Operators or the SIM Card Purchasers. Currently any individual can easily obtain and procure seven SIMs per mobile network operator and this is the root cause of the all the evils.

Beware - Your Smart Phone may Stop Working!

Beware - Your Smart Phone may Stop Working!

Are You Using Recycle Mobile Numbers
We had already alerted the public in general that with effect from 1st July 2017, their PAN Card may become redundant and cancelled if they fail to Link their PAN with Aadhar on or before the midnight of 30th June 2017.

Now it is the turn of Mobile Numbers to go blank anytime as all mobile phone numbers in the country, whether pre-paid or post, will be linked to Aadhaar number in the coming months. This is a mandatory exercise ordered by the Government. Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has sent a notice to all the telecom operators that all phone numbers in the country need to be re-verified using e-KYC processes powered by Aadhaar card. Any unverified number or any number that is not linked to an Aadhaar number will be illegal in India after February 6, 2018. The Government notification comes after Supreme Court ruling in February this year that all the mobile numbers should have verified users but it never suggested that verification should be through biometric authentication via Aadhar of the Mobile User. In my opinion, the Government must ban issue of not more than one SIM to any Aadhar Cardholder as I fear that the public can misuse the facility and illiterate India, without knowing the legal and criminal complications, may get issued dozens of SIMs through Aadhar Biometric Authentication to sell the SIMs to other persons and individuals at premium who do not want to get themselves verified just to be caught by the Economic Offences or other wings of Investigating agencies. It is a forewarning to the Government of India well in advance (today is 1st June 2017) as I am sure that powerful Lobby of Telecom Operators India will never like limits to be put on the issuance of one and only one SIM per Aadhar Card Holder in India. 

I remember the conversation between 2 passengers onboard super fast train No.4682 from Rajpura in Punjab to Saharanpur in West UP in the year 2004 when the mobile numbers were the privilege of the privileged few. The Exact Conversation is as under:

Passenger A:  Yaar, I keep 4 mobile SIMs in my wallet.
Passenger B:  Why So?
Passenger A:  I use SIM No.1 in Punjab, SIM No.2 in Haryana, SIM No.3 in UP and 4th SIM in New Delhi as the train commences in Punjab and terminates in New Delhi after passing through Haryana and UP West.
Passenger A:  That's fine to save roaming charges - thanks to no limits on issuing of any number of SIMs.
Passenger A: Really the mobile has changed the way of life. Now it is very easy to operate. Only recently we were smuggling goods without Sales Tax in a Van and the Police were chasing the vehicle. One of our people was also behind the Sales Tax/Police Jeep and informing the Van Driver about the location of the Police Jeep. He also guided escape routes to the driver.

Now, imagine such people will never try to get verified SIMs and will try to purchase Aadhaar Verified SIMs at Hefty Premiums to escape the clutches of the Investigating agencies and the poor illiterate people mainly from rural India and  will face the music for selling their Aadhar verified SIMs to unscrupulous elements at premium without knowing the consequences - thanks to the DOT, Government of India, who can not dare to ask the powerful Lobby of Telecom Operators in India to limit the issuance of one and only one SIM to any Aadhar Card Holders and that too with age restrictions for issuance of SIM Cards to Minors. But the question is whether the Date of Birth inserted on Aadhars is duly verified or not. Let the Government of India - announce with full authority that Aadhar, the Unique Identity Number is a valid proof of Identity, Name, Date of Birth, and Address. I am of the confirmed opinion that the Registrar of Deaths and Births come under the purview of the State Governments whereas State Governments in India are not at all co-operating with the Central Government as States are governed by regional political parties and they have their vested interest to not to digitalise their population registers, voters data, and registration of birth and deaths. If one and only one SIM to every Aadhar Cardholder with age of more than say 15 years is implemented I am sure that Crime Rate in India will drop drastically. There is no fun issuing Mobile Numbers to minors below 15 years - as in my opinion to Deal with Minors is not a Minor Issue.

The DoT (GOI) has already sent notices to all the telecom operators in India to verify the details of mobile subscribers through KYC biometric authentication using Aadhar. It has been made mandatory to verify and link all mobile numbers with Aadhar. If it is not done then the operator is empowered to cut the mobile connection without any further notice after February 2018. The subscriber of two big operators - Idea and Airtel have already started receiving messages from their respective operators in this regard.

What to do on receiving a message from your Telecom Operator:

  • Visit the nearest Retail Store of your Operator.
  • You need to carry your Aadhar Card and Phone Number - and provide these details to the representative of the Telecom Operator.
  • The representative will send a verification code on your Mobile Number.
  • You will have to confirm the verification code to the representative of the retail store.
  • Then you will be asked to be got verified through fingerprint biometric authentication process.
  • Finally, you will get Final Verification Message within 24 hours and you have to reply the Final Message with "Y".
It is better for you to get the process completed as soon as possible - because during January 2018 and February 2018, when the deadline expires, there will be huge rush in the retail stores of all telecom operators and you might have to wait in serpentine queues for hours as was the case in case of demonetization of 500 and 1000 notes in November 2016. I can easily project that similar situation will arise in November 2017 to February 2018 as you can not even send your representative to give your fingerprints. But I think that the process may get easier in case the GOI allows the Common Services Centres in India and other shopkeepers and retailers, who possess the fingerprint scanners, to complete the process in their nukkad, mohalla, society, village to avoid crowds at Retail Stores of Telecom Operators. Do not delay in Linking Aadhar with Mobile Numbers

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Important Notice by Samadhan Kender

From the Desk of the Founder of Samadhan Kender - Important Notice to Public:

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(Ashok Goyal – Retd Chief Manager PNB)

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Samadhan Kender, Patiala Road, Near Bikaner Mishtan Bhandar, Rajpura 140401 Punjab.

This is for the information of the General Public that the Founder of Samadhan Kender has disassociated from the services being provided at Samadhan Kender w.e.f. 01/03/2017 as the Public can see the New Sign Board displayed at Samadhan Kender. However, the following services, which were personally attended by the Founder of Samadhan Kender, will now be available at CIBIL Consultants duly verified by WhatsApp for Business on +918849950799.
  1. CIBIL Consultancy
  2. Personal Tax
  3. Succession Certificates
  4. Drafting of Wills
  5. Difficult Problems Related to PAN Cars, Aadhar Cards and other Proofs of ID, Address, and DOB.
  6. Guidance and Implementation of setting up New Centres like Samadhan Kender including Common Sevice Centres, Aadhar Enrollment Centres, Pension Distribution Centres, Money Transfer Centres of the Western Union and Trans-Fast and all Services being provided at Samadhan Kender.
  7. Selecting Partners for CIBIL Consultants.
General Public can avail the above service at Expert Consultancy with Prior Appointment on Phone. For consulting CIBIL Problems the members the public can join the Premium Whats App group "Solve CIBIL Problems Online".

However, the website of Samadhan Kender developed and conceived by the Founder Expert will be managed by Ashok Goyal, the founder himself and the general public can enjoy updates about the likely problems being faced by the public due to Multiplicity of Proofs of ID, Address and DOB - being issued by Government, Public and Private sectors with impunity without relying on One and only One Proof of ID, Address and DOB.

Jai Hind

Every Problem has a solution but we need to understand the Problem and Get involved into it to Solve the Problem to logical end so as to bring Smiles to individuals facing Problems.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Aadhar The Great Indian Experiment

Aadhaar, a 12 digit Unique Identity Number is being issued in India to all Indian residents based on their biometric and demographic data. The date is collected and controlled by UIDAI, the Unique Identification Authority of India.The Government has spent more than Rs.85368 million on the Aadhaar Project during the years 2009 to 2017. Aadhaar is the largest biometric based ID system in the world and it is likely to be adopted by other developing countries once the Government is India is able to draw the desired results from the Aadhaar through all ID's in India to be linked with Aadhaar which is possible only if the Government of India enacts a law to ban all authorities in India like Schools, Colleges, Universities, Hospitals, Army and Para Military Forces, Government or Private Employers from issuing any manual ID Card but to issue Aadhaar based and linked Digital ID Cards. Moreover, I fear that the Aadhaar Project will be an Utter failure and will not yield any results unless and until the issuance of Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, and Marriage or Divorces Registration Certificates by Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages are not made digital at the grass root levels like villages, panchayats and every new birth, death, marriage, divorces gets updated in the biometric based Aadhaar Data. Aadhaar is neither a Proof of Citizenship nor does it grant any rights to domicile in India, as even citizens of Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and other countries have been able to procure Aadhaar Cards with impunity thanks to the loopholes in the Enrollment systems of Aadhaar.

What went wrong with Aadhaar - History of Events:

So far there was no single Mandatory document in India which could be used as Proof Of ID, Address and Date of Birth and in case the Government of India is able to make the Aadhar Card as one and only one mandatory proof as a National Identity Document, I am sure that the Aadhar Project will be successful as through biometric based Aadhaar authentication any verifying authority in India or even abroad will be able to verify all the other previously held ID documents issued by any authority in India.The enrollment for Aadhaar was based on following previously issued documents by the Indian residents, Persons of Indian Origin, Non-Resident Indians, Foreign Citizens residing in India. Any individual including newly born babies can get themselves enrolled for Aadhaar and child of lesser than 5 years will not have to go through biometric authentication and Aadhar will be issued on the basis of Aadhaar held by mother or father. The parents have to provide birth certificate bearing the name and date of birth of the child so that full-fledged UID Number with Name, Address, and Date of Birth is issued to the child through biometric process immediately on attaining the age of 5 years. Till the child attains the age of 15 years, the parents can get their Mobile Number and Email-ID inserted in the Aadhaar Data of their child. Ath age of 15 years the Aadhaar Holder has to again go through the biometric process. Thereafter it is mandatory to get the biometric data every 10 years and during the intervening period, you can Lock your Biometric Data so that your biometric data is not misused.

As you can see the Aadhar Enrollment is based on 71 previously held documents by the residents of India. The Government should make it possible for the residents to download any of their e-ID like e-Passport, e-VoterID, e-PAN etc online through Aadhar Based authentication and nobody is required to keep and show the manual ID Proofs like PAN, Passports, and IDs. The Government had started the Unique KYC Process at CERSAI but I wonder as to why the Government is hesitating to allow the citizens for linking all their financial products at the Central Registry through Aadhaar Based Biometric Authentication as I still feel that Aadhar can Change Destiny of India.I will discuss each and every document critically about its validity, trueness, fakeness etc:
  • PASSPORT: Generally Passport is a reliable document as it is issued after a thorough investigation through Police Verification and chances of Fake Indian Passports are very bleak. Indian Citizenship is conferred on the citizen only if his or her name appears on the Voter's List which is not linked cent percent to Aadhaar so far to eliminate the fake voters. The government needs to cleanse the National Population Register and Voter's List by linking these data based registers not only with Aadhaar but also with the Registrar of Births and Deaths. For their vested interests, the political and regional parties are the Sates are not in a mood to digitalise their Births and Deaths to eliminate the fake voters. In my opinion, the EVM's in India should be based on biometric pressing of the Election Candidate's election symbol and Government should enable the Voting Process by the Voters from the comfort of their homes through Aadhaar Based biometric login during night hours say 8 PM to 6 AM on the date of voting.
  • VOTER-ID: Having served in a nationalized Bank for more than 35 years and having been closely associated with KYC processes, I used to check the Voter ID Cards of the customers through online state portals of Election Commission in the years 2005-2007. To my surprise, I could see the more than 5 or 6 different Voter ID numbers to the same person living in the same village though the customer used to be in possession of one of the multiple Voter ID Cards issued. Now the Government has taken the right step in the right direction to link the VoterID Cards of the existing electorate with their biometric based Aadhar. But the Government has not taken the hard decision to cancel the Voter IDs which are not linked to Aadhar. While the Aadhar Cards are issued by an authority under Central Government the issuance of Voter ID are left to the State Governments and there is no co-ordination in the working of State Governments with Central Government. State Governments where regional parties are in power will never like to cancel the Voter IDs which are not linked to Aadhar and the Central Government needs to take hard decision of Cancelling all the Voter ID's which are not linked to Aadhaar and further issuance of Voter Cards needs to be facilitation through biometric based Aadhar authentication process. It is not a difficult process as the number of eligible electorates in India is about 814 million as against a total population of more than 1250 million. But it requires a strong political will power to implement the suggestions and also digitalise the birth and death registrations on priority. Moreover, the Government should launch a SELF- AUTHENTICATION PORTAL where all the Indian citizens or residents be allowed OTP- One Time Permission through Aadhar based biometric authentication to rectify their details about their Name, Father's Name, Mother's Name, Date of Birth, Name of Spouse and Residential Address (owned or rented), Mobile Number and Email ID if any - with clear-cut warning that the fresh rectified data based on any one acceptable previously held documents will be treated as valid data to be updated in Aadhaar and which should also travel to all other National, State or Local level ID's issued to the same person.
  • PAN Card: I have seen different individuals with namesakes, particulars having the Same Pan Number and a Single Individual having More than one PAN Numbers. The government has taken the right step to fixing a deadline of 30th June 2017 for Linking PAN Numbers with Aadhar but I still doubt if the Government will stand by its own notification and deadline. If the Government is honest in its intentions than the Government must take the harsh step of freezing all the financial products viz. Bank Accounts, Mutual Funds, Demat Accounts, Insurance Products etc. etc. of all the Individuals, whose PAN Numbers are not linked to Aadhar. If the Government does not punish those who do not abide by the directions of the Government, I fear nobody will listen to the Government directions in future leading and Indians will be known as "Not Law Abiding Citizens". 
  • Driving License: I fail to understand as to why the Driving Licenses are issued by State Governments whereas the Traffic Rules are one and the same for the entire India. I have seen individuals possessing more than one Driving License of Different States and if they commit or breach any traffic rule there is no entry in their Driving History. Government will take a step in the right direction if all individuals pass through the Driving Test conducted by authorised training institutes who can issue the Digital Certificate of having passed the Driving Test with validity of nor more than 10 years, of course, issued through Aadhar Based Biometric Authentication and Such Certificate can include the fetched data like DOB etc in addition to Blood Group Based on Digitally  verifiable Blood Test Report. The individuals should be free to request for e-Driving License downloadable anywhere anytime by applying a National Portal for Issuance of Digital Driving Licenses by uploading the Digital Driving Test Certificates, verifiable online. The individuals can repeat the process 6 months before expiry for obtaining Digital Driving Test Certificate and Digital Driving License anywhere anytime.
  • Bank Pass Book or Statement of Account: All the Banks must have a utility to fetch and auto update the data of the Individuals through Aadhaar Based Biometric Authentication and this can be ensured in the best way if the Government does not hesitate in allowing the citizens for linking all their Financial Products at the Central Registry through Aadhaar Based Biometric Authentication.
  • Mobile Numbers: The Biggest problem in India is of illiteracy and awareness. The Government of India, to Realise its Dream of Digital India must stop the Mobile Operators in India from issuing SIM CARDS to individuals without Aadhaar based biometric authentication and the Government will do well if it issues a simplified Free Mobile Set to every major Person, below Poverty Line in India, pre-registered to the Aadhar Number of the Individual and the Aadhar Based SIMs should work only in Pre-Registered Mobile Sets. The Government of India should declare a complete Black-Out for 60 days on the lines of Demonetisation of Currency through an ordinance whereby all the existing SIMS in India should be frozen and deactivated through Aadhar Based Biometric Authentication. Let everyone in India should have his or her own Pre-Registered Free Mobile Set, Pre-Registered SIM which is linked to Aadhaar Card and the data of Mobile Number should travel to PAN Cards, Voter IDs, Passports, Bank Accounts and other Financial Products and ID Proofs. Strict rules need to be framed not to issue more than 2 SIM Cards to any Aadhaar Card Holder which should get reflected in the Aadhar Profile of the individuals.
  • Nutshell Approach: In a nutshell, all the 71 proofs of IDs, Date of Birth and Date of Birth should be made Digital - downloadable and linkable with Aadhar anywhere anytime in India.
  • Aadhaar Enrollemts: The UIDAI had entrusted the job of Aadhar Enrollment in 2009-10 to more than 200 Private Enrollment Agencies - who organized camps throughout India for free enrollment of citizens on production of previously held any of the two 71 documents listed above. No enrollment was done by the private agencies without the production of any of the documents required for enrollment. I can smell a big scam in the Initial Enrollment Process for Aadhar started in 2009-10 during the Congress Regime. I do not doubt the intentions of the then Government headed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who honestly tried to change the Destiny of India through Aadhar Project. But I can just imagine that to grab the tenders for enrollment process, the private agencies not only quoted bare minimum rates but also earned huge profits by not completing the enrollment process through Maker and Checker concept. The private agencies earned millions and billions of rupees through the ruthless enrollment process and Government made the payments to the Private Agencies without even Test Checking the data entry made by the sub-agents of national level agencies entrusted with the job of enrollments. Following Common Mistakes were done by the Enrollment Agencies:

  1.  Date of Birth was either mentioned as 01st January of the year in the format YYYY or just the year of birth in the format YYYY whereas Voter Cards are issued only on the attaining of the age of 18 years or more. The enrollment agencies should have been provided with the tools to fetch the DOB from Voter Lists and in case of minors, the Birth Certificate should have been made mandatory as Registration of Births and Deaths came into existence prior to Aadhaar Enrollment.
  2. The government has done nothing to make the Matriculation or Degree Certificates to be used as Proof of Identity and Date of Birth by affixing the photograph and inserting the Date of Birth. In my opinion, it will take another more than 25 years to switch to Dematerialization of Important Documents. While some of the states are at ground level zero and other southern states and state of Haryana have made good progress in that direction. Let the Central Government fix deadlines and accountability for not implementing the project under Digital India Program of GOI.
  3. Aadhaar Card becomes redundant if you have Lost Access to the Registered Mobile number and/or email ID. Government and Enrollment Agencies failed in its duty to educate the citizens, enrolling for Aadhar, about the importance of Mobile Number as OTP is received on the registered mobile number only to link the Aadhar with PAN Card, Voter Card, DigiLocker, Driving License, Vehicle Registration and hundreds of Aadhar based services.
I have not discussed the problems being faced by the genuine borrowers on account of wrong fetching of data in CIBIL Reports as I am dealing with so many distorted CIBIL Reports on a daily basis as a renowned CIBIL Consultant. With the auto-linking of other IDs with Aadhar will add to the woes of the public in the initial phases of implementation and Cleansing Data Processes. Let the Government ask the Credit Rating Agencies to fetch fresh data from the Banks and lending institutions after Linking of Aadhar with Voter ID, PAN Card, Driving Licenses, Passports, and other ID Proofs gets completed through a fixed deadline as in the case of PAN Card.

How to Make Aadhar Project Successful: In my opinion to make the Aadhar Project successful in realizing the Dream of Digital India, the involvement of biggest manpower of Senior Citizens and Self-Less People can bring about required changed if the Government provides the necessary infrastructure and facilities along with recognition and free healthcare, bread and butter to willing senior citizens.

Did you like the article, if yes please comment below and give your suggestions. Even if you did not agree with my point of view, you are welcome to make comments below.

Monday, March 20, 2017

How to contact the CIBIL Consultants at Expert Consultancy?

Why Do you need to contact CIBIL Consultants?
  • Do you have bad CIBIL report? 
  • Has your Bank rejected your loan? 
  • Are you finding it difficult to get strangers' accounts removed from your Credit Report? 
  • Has your Bank damaged your reputation by reporting the loans as "Settled" or "Written Off"? 
  • Do you own unused "Credit Card" complimentary issued by your Bankers?
  • Have you ever guaranteed any loan account availed by your friends, relatives or contacts?
  • Has your EMI cheque or ECS Mandate bounced?
If you are facing any of the above situations, then you need to consult a CIBIL Consultant to know your latest credit score lest you face problems while getting loans or even while getting VISA clearance.

Consult our experts at Expert Consultancy for long lasting solutions to your bad CIBIL reports.

How to contact CIBIL Consultants at Expert Consultancy:

There is no need to panic. In case you are having any problem with your CIBIL Report of CIBIL score then just get ready with the following documents and contact our experts at Expert Consultancy with prior appointment on M-9814915812:
  • The Latest copy of the CIBIL Report. (If contacting online then PDF copy of the complete CIBIL Report.
  • Original ID and address proofs like PAN Card, Voter ID, Aadhaar ID, Driving License and Passport. (If contacting online then scanned copies of above proofs in PDF or JPG Form.
  • Latest Address and Mobile Number.
  • If currently having any loan accounts, then the Account Numbers along with the names of the lending banks. ( Submit documents via email ID to this address). Even the account numbers of previous loans, which have been closed, will be sufficient.
After submitting the above documents physically or online, contact here

Can't I do it myself?

Often public asks us this question if they can not resolve their CIBIL problems themselves. If you ask me that I will say, a big "No" as it is a highly cumbersome procedure as you have to contact the lending bankers who have damaged your credit reputation on the one hand and the rating agencies like CIBIL, Experian or Equifax on the other hand. It takes minimum 45 days to 50 days period to resolve the cibil related issues and sometimes it may even take more than 60 days. But our experts at Expert Consultancy, with more than 35 years experience have a success rate of resolving the CIBIL issues in more than 95% cases in a record time of 10 to 15 days. Sometimes the revised and rectified report has been delivered in 7 days time also.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Good News for Residents of Patiala, Sirhind, Chandigarh, Ludhiana and Khanna

We are pleased to announce that we are soon starting visiting the cities of Patiala, Sirhind, Khanna, Ludhiana, and Chandigarh as we are flooded with inquiries about Analysis of Bad CIBIL Reports from residents of these cities. 

We were really perturbed to see that people from far-flung areas as far as Amritsar, Ludhiana, Khanna, Chandigarh, Patiala, and Sirhind visited us with their bad CIBIL reports due to technical errors, misreporting or ignorance about Credit Score and Rating by credit rating agencies like CIBIL, Equifax, and Experian. The visitors had to spend heavy expenses on travel from their native places in addition to the loss of precious manpower and time. Realizing the difficulty being faced by the existing or prospective borrowers, we have come out with the idea of visiting the hometowns of such borrowers.

To implement the idea, we invite CA's and Professional Accountants to express their interest to favor their own clients, who are facing CIBIL report related problems. On completion of the tie-up arrangements for the cities mentioned above, our leading CIBIL Consultant will be fixing weekly or fortnightly days to visit these cities.

To complete the Tie-Up process, please feel free to talk to Mr.Ashok Goyal (M-9814915812). Personal visit of the CIBIL consultant will be feasible only if there are at least 8-10 clients, which will be booked by the professional accountants, with whom, we finalize the Tie-Up arrangements. You can also reach us at our Email ID.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Counselling for Admission to Nursing Courses opens at Samadhan Kender

We are pleased to announce that counselling for admission to various Nursing Courses at Swift Institute of Nursing, under one of the premier education and research institution (SGOC) SWIFT group of colleges promoted by Ind-Swift, a fortune 500 group, is open for the academic session 2017-18.

All the nursing courses are approved by INC (Indian Nursing Council) & PNRC (Punjab Nurses Registration Council), affiliated  Baba Farid University of Health Sciences.

SGOC's Nursing students are given the opportunity to undergo training with the finest & superlative hospitals in and around Punjab. Students are made to train in the following hospitals:
  • IVY - Hospital Mohali
  • Mata Kaushaliya Hospital, Patiala
  • Mental Hospital, Amritsar
  • Rajindra Hospital, Patiala
  • General Hospital - 16, Chandigarh
  • A.P. Janin Hospital, Rajpura
  • Civil Hospital, Ambala
and the list is unending......

 3 Years and 6 Months
 10 + 2 (Any stream with 40% marks & age 17-35 years
 Post Basic B.Sc.
 2 Years
 GNM pass with PNRC Regn
 B.Sc. Nursing
 4 Years
 10+2 Medical with PCBE min 45% marks

Fees Structure:

 Fees for General Category
 Fees for SC/ST Candidates

Visit Samadhan Kender, Near Bikaner Mishtan Bhandar, Opposite Shivaji Park, Patiala Road, Rajpura to book your seat on first come first serve basis. Please contact Mr. Ashok Goyal (9814915812), Vipin Gupta (9914540600) and Navneet Sood (9316077749) for further help and guidance.

Note: All admissions will be provisional and Decision of the Admission Committee of the College will be final and no correspondence will be entertained. 

But, Why Swift Institute of Nursing?
  • Focused Quality Education
  • Hi-Tech Computer Facilities
  • Use of Latest teaching-learning methodologies
  • Digitalized library with rich collection of books and periodicals
  • State of Art networking facilities to the campuses in a single loop with wireless internet connectivity.
  • Hostels with 24 hrs power and water back up and transport facilities.
  • Executive Development Programmes for health care sector (EDPs)
  • Medical facilities and a well equipped fitness centre
  • Highly trained and dedicated faculty.

Get Directions to Samadhan Kender