Wednesday 27 April 2016

Use FingerPrint as Your Smart ATM Card

Are you fed up with keeping dozens of ATM-cum-Debit Cards and remembering their passwords? No need to worry as you can now use your fingerprint as your smartest ATM-cum-Debit card absolutely free of cost and without passwords. 

How does your fingerprint works as smart ATM Card:

Finger Print - Smart ATM
Just visit any Bank Kiosk set up under Digital India Programme of Government of India for example Samadhan Kender in Rajpura 140401 Punjab. Tell the Bank Kiosk operator that you want to withdraw sum of Rs.10000 each from your bank accounts with Punjab National Bank and State Bank of India. The operator will fill up your Aadhaar ID and select the name of the Bank out of more than 25 nationalized and private banks where AEPS (Aadhaar Enabled Payment System) has be made operational by the Banks in tie up arrangement with UIDAI. The operator will then fill the amount of money to be withdrawn and make the payment to you on successful execution of payment. You can repeat the process for any Bank at the same Bank Kiosk.

Difference between FingerPrint and ATM-cum-Debit Card:

 FingerPrint - Your Natural Smart ATM
 Synthetic ATM Card issued by Banks
It is natural and absolutely Free of Cost
 It is man made and you pay Annual Charges
No chance of Fraud as it can not be cloned
 Fraud Prone as synthetic ATM can be cloned
It can not be stolen 
 In case it gets stolen you have to inform the bank before it gets misused.
It can be used to withdrawn money from any Bank Account on AEPS
It can be used only to withdraw money from bank account of the issuer bank
It is valid till your death
It has expiry date on which it will have to be renewed.
No need to remember password. Your fingerprint is your absolute property.
In case you forgot your lost password you feel handicapped till password is resent by the Bank
No body can withdraw money after your death
Anybody having access to ATM Card and Password can withdraw money even after your death to cheat your legal heirs.
Even illiterate people can use fingerprints as smart ATM 
Illiterate people fall prey to fraudsters and tricksters. 
Wear and Tear will not require your fingerprint to be changed/replaced. It is your natural body part even if you are hospitalized. Bank Kiosk owner can take the Laptop to Hospital to make you payment when you are bed ridden and hospitalized.
Wear and Tear will require ATM Card to be changed/replaced.
ATM Machine is fixed and can not be taken to hospital. Even patients have to visit the ATM Cabin and Machine.

What are you thinking now? Just surrender you risky, costly synthetic ATM Cards and replace the same with organic, natural finger print which can work on all your multiple bank accounts as you smart card absolutely free till your death.

Now Insurance Premium Deposit Center has also become operational at Samadhan Kender where you can get the Insurance Premium Deposit Receipt issued by more than 25 companies at single counter. 

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