Thursday 24 March 2016

Samadhan Kender introduces Jeevan Praman on eve of Holi

Samadhan Kender wishes Happy Holi to all its patrons, customers and audiences. On this Holi occasion we announce that Government of India has approved us as authorised Common Service Centre under Digital India programme. 

The Government approval has been conveyed under Common Services Centres (Scheme) by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India. We will not only be providing variety of services as conveyed earlier but our latest addition Digital Life Certificate will also be issued to retiree senior citizens. Just visit Samadhan Kender, Near Bikaner Mishtan Bhandar, Rajpura-140401 Punjab to get your own digital life certificate generated online along with Jeevan Praman ID. While visiting Samadhan Kender, please bring with you the Pension Payment Order and Aadhar ID. In case of non generation of digital Jeevan Praman (Life Certificate), our team will guide you free of cost.

Benefits of Digital Life Certificate or Jeevan Praman for Pensioners:
  • No need to stand in long bank queues in the cold winter months of November and December every year to prove that you are alive.
  • Get your Digital life Certificate and Jeevan Praman ID from online Government of India Portal immediately. You are just to bring with you the Pension Payment Order along with Aadhaar ID.
  • In case of non generation of digital Jeevan Praman (Life Certificate), our team will guide you free of cost and advise you suitably.
  • Digital Life Certificate is a valid legal document under IT Act and no Bank in India can refuse to accept the Digital Praman ID.
  • Retiree senior citizens can visit Samadhan Kender or any other authorised office for getting the Digital Life Certificates. We remain open 10 AM to 8 PM every day including Saturdays and Sundays to avoid rush.
  • Get your Jeevan Praman ID generated with us any time and you can send the same to your banker via email and the bankers can view your Jeevan Praman anytime, anywhere live at where 1234567890 is your Jeevan Praman ID generated by us.
  • No need to worry even if you are in a foreign country, admitted in a hospital or even if you are unconscious/in coma but you are still alive as your finger scans will prove that you are alive but can not visit the pension paying banker.
  • To avoid disappointment in November or December, visit Samadhan Kender in advance to check proper generation of your Jeevan Praman ID based on your biometrics. In case of any problem with your biometrics in Aadhaar, we will also rectify your present recognizable biometrics as Samadhan Kender is also authorized CSC to accept new biometrics.
Samadhan Kender, once again wishes you Happy Holi to all and we wish you problem free life. Leave all your worries with Samadhan Kender

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