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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Beware Holders of Multiple PAN Cards - e-PAN launched

At last, the Government of India has heeded to my request for issuing e-ID Proofs, e-Passports, e-Driving Licenses, E-Voter ID Cards and e-PAN Cards in line with e-Aadhaar which can be downloaded anywhere anytime. The government has issued its first e-PAN to get rid of Problems relating to "Multiple PAN Cards issued to One Person" and "Same PAN Card issued to more than one Individual". I am sure that if the GOI comes with e-ID Proofs, e-Passports, e-Driving Licenses, E-Voter ID Cards also - then nobody will be able to cheat the Banks or any other person/institutions and it will also save India and Indians from Identity Crisis which is lurking on the resident of India.

e-PAN Launched to Catch Hold of Multiple PAN Card Holders
Today one of our client who was facing a lot of CIBIL Problems, due to faults in his PAN Card, received his first ever e-PAN as shown in the image.

Really it is a welcome step by Government of India to switch to e-PAN from Physical PAN as it will solve many Problems relating to PAN Cards. I am of the opinion – if the GOI bans all ID Proof Issuing Authorities to issue Physical ID Cards and asks them to issue only e-Identity Card then India can avoid the Identity Crisis, which is likely to be faced by the Indians in the next 5 years or next decade. If you are facing any Identity Crisis – Consult this Expert or Join the Premium online Whats App Groups named “Solve CIBIL Problems Online.

As per Data available on Income Tax website of GOI: (As on 25/07/2017)

Total Registered Users:
Registered and Aadhaar Linked:
Not-Registered but Aadhaar Linked:
1,30,27,992 (Aadhar Linked PAN not having IT Profile.
e-Verified ITRs (17-18):
60,15,544 ( Last Date is 31/07/2018)

From the above data/figures, it is evident that Public is not taking the Government Instructions seriously and that's why the Government has levied Penalty of Rs.10000 for late filing of IT Returns ( which will not be possible without PAN linking with Aadhar) wef Financial Year 2017-18 and AY 2018-19.

Breaking News – Get Lost PAN Card within Minutes!

Get Lost PAN Card within Minutes! Yes, it is true, Now you can get your Lost PAN Card in the shape of E-PAN within minutes.
  • No need to apply fresh
  • No Need to give Fresh Photos
  • No Need to give Fresh ID or Address Proofs
  • No Need to give Fresh Date of Birth Proof
Just visit CIBIL Consultants along with your Aadhar and Aadhar Linked Mobile to get your Lost PAN Card immediately

Source: CIBIL Consultants

Monday, November 5, 2018

Tell us your CIBIL Problem

Tell us Your CIBIL Problem

Has your banker or lending institution turned down your request for Credit Card, Business Loan, Start-Up Loan, Personal Loan, Auto Loan, Car Loan, Home Loan, Commercial Vehicle Loan, Agricultural Loan or any other type of loan by saying:
  • Your CIBIL or Credit Report is not Good.
  • Your CIBIL Scores or Credit Scores are not up to the minimum mark for getting sanctioned the Bank Loans or Credit Card.
  • Your Credit Report has “Settled” or “Written Off” account.
  • Your CIBIL Report includes loan account where it is overdue or past due account.
  • Accounts reported in your Credit Report are categorized as Sub-Standard, Doubtful or Loss Assets.
  • Though the reported loan accounts are regular and you have exhausted your repaying capacity.
  • You are a joint or co-borrower in a loan account, which is in default.
  • You have stood as Guarantor in a loan account which remained in default in the past or is in default presently.
Then you may find it difficult to convince your banker or lending financial institution even if you are not a defaulter. Such questions can be answered easily only by a qualified and experienced professional, especially one who has practical banking experience and know how to analyze and get such damaging Credit Reports.

At the first instance, the analyst will require the following information from your side to proceed further for critical analysis of your Credit Reports by any Credit Rating Agency like CIBIL, Experian, Equifax or HighRank.


  1. Exact Name as per PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, Passport, Voter ID or Driving License.
  2. Exact Address as per PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, Passport, Voter ID or Driving License.
  3. Mobile Number and Email ID if any.
  4. PDF Copy of the latest CIBIL Report which should not be more than 10-15 days old.
  5. Scanned Copies of PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, Passport, Voter ID or Driving License.
  6. Account Numbers of your any Two previously closed loan/credit card accounts or existing loan/credit card accounts along with the amount of loan, Purpose of Loan and Year of Loan. Correct information on your existing or closed loan accounts will help us fetch your Credit Report more accurately from the various Credit Rating Agencies.
  7. Exact Problem: Narrate here that you visited your bankers and they refused to sanction your loan due to various reasons like i) Bad CIBIL Report ii) Poor Credit Score iii) Many Delinquency Strings in the Credit Report iv) Report includes overdue accounts, Settled Accounts and/or Written Off account.
You can submit the above documents through Contact Us after having a personal dialogue at given Mobile/Land Line Numbers.


Immediately after submitting the documents and information as above you will be directed to make online Payment of Professional Fees and Out of Pocket Expense through Online Payment Links at CIBIL Consultants.

Friday, November 2, 2018

CIBIL Consultant on World Map

CIBIL Consultants on World Map: Looking for credit repair services in India? Visit CIBIL Consultants on Trepup, the world's largest business network enabling businesses and people to connect, communicate and sell easily and securely.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

How to efile IT Return without Linking PAN with Aadhar?

How to e-file IT Return without Linking PAN with Aadhar?

As per Government notifications, nobody can e-file the IT Return without Linking PAN with Aadhar we.f. 01 July 2017. Now there are lakhs of PAN Card Holders who could not and can not link their Aadhars with PAN due to one reason or the other. 

Contact for CIBIL, IT and Financial Matters
If you are an honest Tax Payer then you can e-file your IT Return even without linking your PAN with Aadhar. By saying so, we are neither encouraging our audiences not to link their PAN Cards with their Aadhar IDs nor discouraging the honest taxpayers to e-file their IT Returns even without Linking PAN with Aadhar.

Our Experts at CIBIL Consultants will help all those taxpayers who have not been able to submit and upload their IT Returns online due to the following reasons:
  • Those two or more than two different persons in whose case Same PAN Card was issued to two or more than two different persons with the same name, same DOB, and same Father's Name.
  • Those persons who were holding more than one PAN Cards - and inadvertently Linked their surrendered PAN Card to their Aadhar.
  • Those PAN Cardholders whose data like Name, DOB, Gender does not exactly match with their Aadhar Data.
  • Those PAN Card Holders who have not got inserted their Mobile Number and Email ID in their Aadhars.
  • Those PAN Card Holders, whose personal data like Name, Gender, and DOB is not yet updated in Aadhar and they are waiting for the updated Aadhar Card.
  • Those PAN Card Holders, who have got inserted their Mobile Number and Email ID in their Aadhars but the same is not yet updated by UIDAI.
  • Any other PAN Card Holder who is finding it difficult to upload or e-file their IT Return due to some other reasons.
How to E-Verify the IT Return without Aadhar OTP:

Our Experts at Expert Consultancy will also e-verify your IT Return without Aadhar OTP and even without Linking Aadhar with PAN. Call Now at +919814915812 or Join our Premium Whats App Group Voluntarily after reading the Rules and Regulations. 

Friday, June 29, 2018

Think Before Linking PAN with Aadhaar

The government has issued instructions to resident and non-resident Indians to link their PAN Cards with Aadhaar and those who do not link their PAN Cards with Aadhaar will not be able to file or e-file their IT Returns for the AY 2017-18 and onwards. Keeping in view the general difficulties being faced by the public the government, in consultation with webmasters of UIDAI and Income Tax E-filing websites, has simplified the procedures to Link the Pan Card with Aadhar.

Which ID Proof is Most Reliable in India
No doubt it is just a less than one minute job and anybody holding valid PAN Card and Aadhaar Card can do it within a fraction of a minute. But, beware - you should not use the above Link provided by the IncomeTax E-filing website in haste lest you may land yourself into trouble. However, if you are already e-filing your IT Return and there are no issues with 26AS or IT Returns filed by you so far then you can use the above link fearlessly. But the individuals, who have never filed their IT Returns in the past must do the following tests:

  • Register on the e-filing website of Income Tax
  • If registration process says that "This PAN is already registered. If you have not registered, please contact 180042500025 (Not Working) as I tried it.
  • Your Problems starts here.
  • Now you have no alternative but to use the forgot password facility and generate the OTP through your new email ID and Mobile Number.
  • After the generation and filling of OTP through email and mobile - the system will ask you to verify your TDS details through TAN details of deductor. If there is no Tax Deduction in your case, I fear you may not be able to take control of IT Profile associated with your PAN Number which might be being used by some other namesake as that of yours.
  • In case you are able to reset the password - there is every possibility that the other person, who is using your PAN Number - wrongly allotted to two different individuals, may cancel the password reset request as the Income Tax website sends emails to both the email IDs - that is email ID of person already using the PAN Card profile and fresh email ID provided by you.
  • In one such case, one of my friends submitted the password reset which is activated by Income Tax website after 12 hours and the email goes to the previous email ID using the profile and the fresh email ID, who wants to take control of the profile.
  • It is just like two twins with same DOB and same names fighting for one wife. Only the parents of the wife can tell who is the original husband of their daughter. Here the parents are NSDL, UTIISL and the Income Tax People - who will decide as to whom the PAN Card belongs.
  • In the above case of my friend, the other twin canceled the password reset request 5 times and my friend was deprived of his right to view his 26AS and enjoy filing my IT Return.
  • Then my friend played a trick. He sent the Password Reset Request at about 11 PM on the night when the other twin might be sleeping. My friend woke up early in the morning to catch hold of his legitimate wife that is same PAN Number allotted to two different persons. Lo, the parents allowed the wife (PAN Number being used by Other Twin) to go with my friend and now he had full access to the IT Profile.
  • Immediately without checking any other details - the friend linked the PAN with his Aadhaar which got completed successfully. Now legally speaking my friend became the true husband of the wife (PAN Card Associated Profile) who was living with his twin for the last more than 10 years and his twin was left helpless.
  • But during the last 10 years, the twin of the friend had e-filed so many IT Returns which could be seen in the profile along with Income Tax Notices. Now it was my friend's turn to face the problem to bear the burn of bringing up the children born out of the live-in relationship of his twin and his wife.
  • Now my friend was left with no alternative but to re-handover the wife to his twin so that they could live in happily and my friend is now in search of the new wife (Fresh Different PAN Number and not Shared PAN Number).
  • My friend got the new wife (PAN Number) as the parents NSDL, UTIISL and Income Tax People agreed to marry their another daughter (New PAN Number) with my friend.
  • But still my friend has not got the legal rights as my friend could not link his Aadhar with New PAN Card and legally speaking - the previous wife(Old PAN Number) is still claiming to be his wife for snatching rights to properties of my friend as my friend could not delink his Aadhar number from old PAN Card.
  • The issue is still pending with the "Matrimonial Court - consisting of UIDAI and the Income Tax Authorities" who have not been able to solve the issue. 
  • I am still hesitating to live with my New Wife (New PAN Card) as I could not grant her legal status by linking it to my Aadhar Card. The system says that "This Aadhar Card is already linked to some other PAN" - and I am in a dilemma as to how to get Divorce from my earlier wife (Old PAN Card).
What Happens when Same PAN Card is issued to two Different Persons:

There is every likelihood that you might be sharing your PAN Number with some other Person. You will have to pass through the above dilemma - and I am still searching for the solution. However, if you decide to apply for a fresh PAN through your Aadhaar authentication then you will have to loose are your Tax Credits so far and you will have to go through submission of New PAN Number to your Employer, Banker or Tax Deductor.

What happens to Multiple PAN Cards:

I have seen people having multiple PAN Cards either out of ignorance or to cheat the Income Tax Authorities and Bankers as CIBIL Reports are generated through PAN Numbers. Now the Government has taken a step in the right direction to get rid of multiple PAN Cards issued to same Persons as after linking one of your PAN Card with Aadhaar, the other PAN Cards will get automatically cancelled and the multiple PAN Cardholder will not be able to get Tax Credits, if any, associated with the other PAN Cards in addition to penalties.

Still, have any doubts, meet this Expert with Prior Appointment.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Why donot we have Debit Information Bureau of India Ltd?

Do you know that all banks and lending institutions in India are passing on your credit information along with your private information to CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau of India Limited)? On the basis of information provided by the lending institutions complete summary of any type of loan availed from any lending institution in India gets reflected in the CIR (Credit Information Report) of the individual, firm, company, trust, directors, partners, trustees etc.

Often I think that why we do not have DIBIL (Debit Information Bureau of India Limited) on the lines of CIBIL or cant we have one and only one "Credit and Debit Information Bureau of India Limited" to fetch reports of any individual where in information on Loans (Credit) taken by the individual from various lending institutions and Deposits (Saving Fund or Term Deposits) deposited with banks by the same individual are fetched to alert the lending institutions about the cheaters and fraudsters who get their loans settled or written off to accumulate unnoticed huge bank deposits.

In my opinion the day is not far away when the banking and lending institutions may shake hands to either launch DIBIL or convert the CIBIL into Credit and Debit Information Bureau of India Limited (CADIBIL). By doing so rating of India with Transparency International will get a big boost.

Share your ideas on the subject through comments to this blog post which will get published with in 24 hours. 

Monday, June 11, 2018

Income Tax - Benefits for Senior Citizens and other important Points for FY 2018-19

Basic Exemption Limits

For ordinary individual taxpayers the basic exemption limit, from payment of Income Tax is Rs. 2.50 Lakhs. However for resident senior individual citizens who have completed the age of 60 years and yet to complete 80 years the limit is Rs. 3 lakhs. For resident individual taxpayer over 80 years does not have to pay any tax up to Rs. 5 lakh annual income.

Deduction under Section 80D 

For all senior citizens deduction up to Rs. 50,000/- for health insurance premium can be claimed by themselves or their children. From current year, in case the senior citizen does not have any medical insurance, a deduction up to Rs.50,000/- can be claimed for any medical expenses including day to day expenses as well as for hospitalization based on Bills and receipts, Medical prescription. Earlier this benefit was available to only for the senior citizens who had completed 80 years of age. Important Condition is that the Senior Citizen should not have any health insurance coverage.

Deduction under Section 80 DDB

An individual can claim up to Rs 40,000/- for the treatment of Specified Critical ailments. This can also be claimed on behalf of the dependents. In case of a senior citizen (60 age years or more) then the deduction up to Rs 100,000/- is allowed. Now the deduction can be allowed on the basis of a prescription from an oncologist, a urologist, nephrologist, a haematologist, an immunologist or such other specialist. 

Standard Deduction: 

In case of salaried persons, Standard Deduction of Rs.40000 is allowed. This is applicable to pensioners also. 

Deduction for interest from Banks and Post Office under Section 80 TTB 

Up to last year a deduction up to Rs. 10,000 was available in respect of interest from saving bank account under Sec 80 TTA. Now Section 80 TTA benefits would be applicable only for NON-Senior Citizens. From current year,  the senior citizens can claim the deduction only under 80 TTB, for saving bank interest plus Other Deposit interest up to Rs. 50,000/- in a financial year. From current year senior citizens will be able to claim an enhanced deduction on fixed deposits + SB Interest+ Interest on the deposits made under Senior Citizen Savings Scheme(SCSS).

So a senior citizen has to submit form No.15H, to claim exemption from TDS, only when such aggregate annual interest from Term Deposits ( including RD) exceeds Rs.50,000 in a year. Eligibility to submit 15 H - If the Tax Liability would be Nil i.e. If the aggregate annual taxable income would not exceed Rs 300,000/- (after taking in to account Standard deduction and other eligible deduction like 80C, 80 D, 80 TTB etc) e.g. if the  Annual Pension Income is 3,60,000, Annual interest income  2,00,000/- and  eligible Deductions, under 80 C is 1,50,000/-, Under 80 D is Rs 30,000/-, 80 TTA is Rs 50,000/- and Standard Deduction is Rs 40,000/- . Total taxable income falls below Rs300,000/- and the Senior Citizen can file 15 H. 

Other Important  Points:

  1. 3% Education cess to be replaced with Health & Edu.cess @ 4% for all taxpayers
  2.  Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana is extended up to March 2020 under which has an assured return of 8% is given by Life Insurance Corporation of India. The existing limit on investment of Rs7.5 lakh per senior citizen under this scheme is also being enhanced to Rs15 lakh.
  3. Exemption from Payment of advance tax - In cases when tax liability after reducing the amount of TDS is more than Rs. 10,000/- in a year, advance tax has to be paid  in four instalments. However senior citizens are exempted from requirement of payment of advance tax provided they do not have any income under the head “Profits and Gains of Business or Profession”. The senior citizen can discharge their tax liability at the time of filing their ITR.
  4. Under Sec 87 A , Resident Individuals can claim rebate , when Taxable Income after all deductions falls below Rs 350,000/- The rebate is limited to Rs 2,500. Which means if the total tax payable is lower than Rs 2,500, such lower amount of tax will be the rebate under section 87A. This rebate is applied on total tax before adding Education Cess (4%).
  • Question: What is the permissible limit for preventive health check-up by the pensioner? What are the conditions?
  • Any payment on account of preventive health check-up of the pensioner /Spouse of Pensioner restricted to Rs 5000/-. Cash payment allowed here. The aggregate amount of deduction including premium should not exceed Rs 50,000.
  • Question: Whether a Salary class individual can take medical insurance cover for his/her parents, who are Senior Citizens,  and claim exemption while filing his/her IT Return? For claiming the benefits whether Is it necessary that parents of the insured are to be dependent
  • Additional deduction under section 80D can be claimed irrespective of the fact whether parents are dependent or not. Example: An individual pays (through any mode other than by cash) during the FY 2018-19 medical insurance premiums as under: 
  • a) Rs 17,000 for himself, his wife and dependent children b) Rs 40,000 for his parents, who are not dependent. c) According to above provisions, he will be allowed deductions of Rs. 42,000 (17,000 + 25,000) if neither of his parents are senior citizens. However i,f any of his parent is a senior citizen, he will be allowed a deduction of 57,000 (17,000+40,000).
Further, in the above example, if total premium on parents (not senior citizens) is 40,000 out of which Rs 27,000 is paid by the son and Rs 13,000 by the father out of their respective taxable income, the son will get deduction of Rs 25,000 (in addition to deduction of Rs 17,000 for the medical insurance on self and family) and father will get deduction of Rs 13,000.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration, Why do it now?

As of January 2018, around 378,252 active Ecommerce websites are powered by Magento.
Out of these, 99% websites are still using Magento 1, whereas only 1% have already started using Magento 2.

So what’s the fuss about migrating to Magento 2. If the majority of the audience is not going for it, should you be planning for the upgrade?
With the help of this blog post, we are going to give you 5 reasons why you should hire a Magento development company to upgrade your website from Magento 1.x to 2 right away.
Ready!! Let’s begin

1) November 18th, 2018 - End of life for Magento 1?
Magento has been consistently pointing towards this official to officially end support for Magento 1. An official confirmation also came from a senior engineer at Magento on Twitter followed by an official announcement at a Magento meet which further cemented this belief.

The world has every reason to believe that November 18th will be the end of life for Magento, however what does end of life really means. Thus, later in near future you will have to upgrade to Magento 2 by hiring professional Magento developer for version upgrade.
To put it in a nutshell:
  • You can still use your existing Magento 1 setup to run and manage your E-commerce business.
  • There won’t be anymore updates or security patches provided by Magento. (This will mean your website might not be PCI compliant after a while.)
  • There have been speculations that Magento connect for version 1 will shut down as well (Although, there is no official confirmation of the same).
While there is no one stopping you to keep using Magento 1 even after it is deprecated, these reasons should be enough for anyone to upgrade to Magento 2.

2) Magento 2 - Scalable, Faster and more secure
Magento 2 was built to bolster performance, scalability, security and User experience of Ecommerce stores. With Magento 2, they have managed to hit the nail on the head.
Magento 2 is way faster - for both frontend and backend as compared to Magento 1 due to it’s streamlined and robust interface.
It now features:
  • Streamlined checkout
  • Default Ajax Add to cart.
  • Simplified admin navigation.
  • Different database instances for Product, Checkout and Orders.
  • Redesigned and much more practical dashboard.
  • Simplified product upload process
  • Built in testing tools.
  • Built in support for RabbitMQ for easier 3rd party integrations.

3) Magento’s plans for version 2 - Upcoming updates 
Magento 2 is the future of Magento - at least for the next half a decade. As of now it is stable, secure, effective and the recent roadmap shared by Magento for upcoming updates looks promising.

While updates like advanced reporting, Klarna payments integration, Dotmailer bundling, Bluefoot builder are some very tantalizing features, Magento’s plans to support Native PWA development is what makes it stand out of the competition.
This shows that Magento has great vision to reshape the Ecommerce industry utilizing Progressive Web Apps and can be one of the top reasons for merchants for upgrading to Magento 2.x

4) Utilizing the offseason for migration
The holiday season has just ended and there aren’t any major holidays before and after Feb 14th (valentines day). The peak holiday season which is the most productive lies whole year ahead.

The beginning of a year is a window that most clients consider as the time for upgrades, enhancements and experimentation to prepare their store for the holiday season. This doesn’t mean you have to close your store until the new store is ready.
An ideal Magento development team can setup a development server where all work will be done and as soon as things are ready to go live then the old website is replaced with the new one.
This means there is no loss of revenue generation and optimal time is available for development to get the webstore ready in Magento 2.

5) Discounted Magento 2 development rates:
While demands of experienced Magento 2 developers are steadily increasing, it has still not exploded as many would have imagined. There are only a handful of developers or Magento development teams which have worked on a lot of Magento 2 projects.
As of now, Magento developers don’t want to lose an opportunity of adding a Magento 2 project in their portfolio. Keeping this in mind, this is the ideal time for store owners to perform realistic negotiation and get the migration done at a reasonable price.
How long will this opportunity remain - Until the demand increases, which will happen really soon.

Upgradation to Magento 2 is inevitable and the features offered by Magento 2 can generate much larger opportunities and innovations to deliver amazing customer experiences through your Magento store.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Samadhan Kender implement Secure Sockets Layer

Good News for Visitors of Samadhan Kender and Clients of CIBIL Consultants:

See Green PadLock in Address Bar to access Security Certificate
We are pleased to announce that your favorite Samadhan Kender, the website now comes with Security Lock as Samadhan Kender has decided to implement SSL (Green Security Padlock) on all of its websites so that site users can surf our following main websites without any fear of loss of their Private Information:
  • CIBIL Consultants - Professional Consultancy Website for solving CIBIL Problems of the Public is highly secured platform where you can submit your documents required for getting the CIBIL Report repaired and rectified by professional banking experts and credit consultants.
  • Web Question Answers - WQA website was launched for the public, in general, enabling them to Learn and Earn Online not only through content writing at WQA but through AdSense Revenue Sharing Model implemented on the site as you can associate your AdSense publisher ID.
  • Though at Samadhan Kender we do not ask the visitors to submit any of their Private Details while commenting or contacting us but even then we have implemented SSL on Samadhan Kender too as our long-term policy for not having any website at HTTP.
Stay safe with CIBIL Consultants brought to you by Web Question Answers. Now CIBIL Consultants is expanding its area of operation to all type of Financial Problems being faced by the public while dealing with PSU or Private Sector Banks, Financial Companies, Insurance Companies, Securities Companies offering Demat Services, Public Limited Companies - not listening to their customers during their lifetime and after their death - ignoring the Legal Heirs and Nominees - resulting into - that the hard earned money of the investors living or deceased gets unnecessarily parked with Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF) 
To "Tell and Solve Your Financial Problems", Join the Facebook Group launched jointly by Web Question Answers and CIBIL Consultants so that the Public who is being harassed by Financial Institutions like Banks (PSU or Private), Finance Companies, Insurance Companies, CIBIL Credit Bureaus, Demat Service Providers and others providing Financial Services, can easily contact with Professional Experts to get:

Get Directions to Samadhan Kender