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Sunday, July 30, 2017

How to efile IT Return without Linking PAN with Aadhar?

How to efile IT Return without Linking PAN with Aadhar?

As per Government notifications, nobody can efile the IT Return without Linking PAN with Aadhar we.f. 01 July 2017. Now there are lakhs of PAN Card Holders who could not and can not link their Aadhars with PAN due to one reason or the other. 

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If you are an honest Tax Payer then you can efile your IT Return even without linking your PAN with Aadhar. By saying so, we are neither encouraging our audiences not to link their PAN Cards with their Aadhar IDs nor discouraging the honest tax payers to efile their IT Returns even without Linking PAN with Aadhar.

Our Experts at CIBIL Consultants will help all those tax payers who have not been able to submit and upload their IT Returns online due to the following reasons:
  • Those two or more than two different persons in whose case Same PAN Card was issued to two or more than two different persons with the same name, same DOB, and same Father's Name.
  • Those persons who were holding more than one PAN Cards - and inadvertently Linked their surrendered PAN Card to their Aadhar.
  • Those PAN Card holders whose data like Name, DOB, Gender does not exactly match with their Aadhar Data.
  • Those PAN Card Holders who have not got inserted their Mobile Number and Email ID in their Aadhars.
  • Those PAN Card Holders, whose personal data like Name, Gender, and DOB is not yet updated in Aadhar and they are waiting for the updated Aadhar Card.
  • Those PAN Card Holders, who have got inserted their Mobile Number and Email ID in their Aadhars but the same is not yet updated by UIDAI.
  • Any other PAN Card Holder who is finding it difficult to upload or efile their IT Return due to some other reasons.
How to E-Verify the IT Return without Aadhar OTP:

Our Experts at Expert Consultancy will also e-verify your IT Return without Aadhar OTP and even without Linking Aadhar with PAN. Call Now at +919814915812 or Join our Premium Whats App Group Voluntarily after reading the Rules and Regulations. 

Monday, July 17, 2017

Beware Holders of Multiple PAN Cards - e-PAN launched

At last, the Government of India has heeded to my request for issuing e-ID Proofs, e-Passports, e-Driving Licenses, E-Voter ID Cards and e-PAN Cards in line with e-Aadhaar which can be downloaded anywhere anytime. The government has issued its first e-PAN to get rid of Problems relating to "Multiple PAN Cards issued to One Person" and "Same PAN Card issued to more than one Individual". I am sure that if the GOI comes with e-ID Proofs, e-Passports, e-Driving Licenses, E-Voter ID Cards also - then nobody will be able to cheat the Banks or any other person/institutions and it will also save India and Indians from Identity Crisis which is lurking on the resident of India.

e-PAN Launched to Catch Hold of Multiple PAN Card Holders
Today one of our client who was facing a lot of CIBIL Problems, due to faults in his PAN Card, received his first ever e-PAN as shown in the image.

Really it is a welcome step by Government of India to switch to e-PAN from Physical PAN as it will solve many Problems relating to PAN Cards. I am of the opinion – if the GOI bans all ID Proof Issuing Authorities to issue Physical ID Cards and asks them to issue only e-Identity Card then India can avoid the Identity Crisis, which is likely to be faced by the Indians in the next 5 years or next decade. If you are facing any Identity Crisis – Consult this Expert or Join the Premium online Whats App Groups named “Solve CIBIL Problems Online.

As per Data available on Income Tax website of GOI: (As on 25/07/2017)

Total Registered Users:
Registered and Aadhaar Linked:
Not-Registered but Aadhaar Linked:
1,30,27,992 (Aadhar Linked PAN not having IT Profile.
e-Verified ITRs (17-18):
60,15,544 ( Last Date is 31/07/2017)

From the above data/figures, it is evident that Public is not taking the Government Instructions seriously and that's why the Government has levied Penalty of Rs.10000 for late filing of IT Returns ( which will not be possible without PAN linking with Aadhar) wef Financial Year 2017-18 and AY 2018-19.

Source: CIBIL Consultants

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