What is the Difference between Suvidha Kender and Samadhan Kender:

Suvidha Kender

Samadhan Kender

You have to pay Parking Charges of Rs.20 for every visit .

No Parking Charges

Limited Working Hours

Working Hours 10.00 AM to 8.00 PM

Lunch Time Half Hour to One Hour

No Launch Time

Closed on Saturday and Sunday

Open 10x7x365 including Saturdays and Sundays.

Long Queues

No queues. Feel at home at Samadhan Kender

No Follow up for Services Provided

We make regular follow up and inform the citizens through Mobile Call and SMS about the status of their availed Services

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hello Rajpura

Samadhan Kender has been opened to provide variety of services under one roof. To start with we are providing the following services from the first week of Nov.2015: (Contact for Free Registration. Special Facilities for College Students and Senior Citizens)

Passport Services : To avail Passport Services, customers are requested to bring following Documents:
  • Address Proof
  • Proof of Date of Birth
  • ID Proof
  • Scanned Photograph and 3 Passport Size photographs.
  • Email ID and Mobile Number.
Pan Card Services: To Get new Pan Card, customers are requested to bring following Documents:
  • Proof of Date of Birth
  • ID Proof, Address Proof.
  • Scanned Photograph and 3 Passport Size photographs
LPG Subsidy Linking: To Get your LPG Subsidy linked to your Bank Account, customers are requested to bring following Documents:
  • LPG copy
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Bank Pass Book
Aadhaar Card Services: To Get your Aadhaar Card Edited, Customers are requested to bring following Documents:
  • For correction in Address : Proof of Address
  • For correction in Date of Birth: Proof of Date of Birth
  • For correction  in Name:  Proof of correct Spelling
Voter Card ServicesTo Get your  Voter Card registered online, Customers are requested to bring  following Documents:
  • For correction in Address : Proof of Address
  • For correction in Date of Birth: Proof of  D.O.B.
  • For correction in Name: Proof of correct Spelling
  • For New Voter Card Enrollment: All Above Documents and Scanned Photo, Ashaar Card.
CIBIL Rating for Bank LoansTo Get your CIBIL Ratings Score Your Pan Card is required, You need CIBIL Ratings for any type of financial loan. We will also tell you how to get those Loan Accounts removed from CIBIL, which has been paid, compromised by you with the concerned banks. Check your CIBIL report to know if any loan is still outstanding even after having been paid by you in full and final settlement.

Keep all your Documents in Digi Locker: To keep your documents safe in a Digi Locker you need the following:
  • Aadhaar Number ( with Mobile Number duly registered). In case your mobile number and email ID is not registered in Aadhaar Card, we will get it done online for you and  Free Digi Locker can be taken from Government of India for keeping all your important documents like certificates, title deeds, wills, birth, marriage and death certificate, Pan Number, Passport etc etc online secured by Government of India. In future your Educational Degrees and Certificates in digital and dematerialised form will land directly in your Digi Locker account.
  • Your Mobile Number
  • Scanned or Physical copies of all the Documents you want to keep safe for Life, You can get copy duly certified by Government of India anywhere anytime 24x7x365 you need. We will upload all your documents after scanning.
Payment of Utility Bills: We will pay all your utility bills of service providers who are making their bills available online. Presently in Punjab - these Service Providers provide the facility of making online payments, recharges and top ups. In case you forget to make payment of bills on the last date then internet provides the facility of making payments up to 24:00 midnight  and you can save heavy penalties being charged by service providers like Punjab State Power Corporation Ltd. But these services up to midnight will be made available to premium customers and for payments involving penalty of more than Rs.500/-.

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