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Monday, July 17, 2017

Beware Holders of Multiple PAN Cards - e-PAN launched

At last, the Government of India has heeded to my request for issuing e-ID Proofs, e-Passports, e-Driving Licenses, E-Voter ID Cards and e-PAN Cards in line with e-Aadhaar which can be downloaded anywhere anytime. The government has issued its first e-PAN to get rid of Problems relating to "Multiple PAN Cards issued to One Person" and "Same PAN Card issued to more than one Individual". I am sure that if the GOI comes with e-ID Proofs, e-Passports, e-Driving Licenses, E-Voter ID Cards also - then nobody will be able to cheat the Banks or any other person/institutions and it will also save India and Indians from Identity Crisis which is lurking on the resident of India.

e-PAN Launched to Catch Hold of Multiple PAN Card Holders
Today one of our client who was facing a lot of CIBIL Problems, due to faults in his PAN Card, received his first ever e-PAN as shown in the image.

Really it is a welcome step by Government of India to switch to e-PAN from Physical PAN as it will solve many Problems relating to PAN Cards. I am of the opinion – if the GOI bans all ID Proof Issuing Authorities to issue Physical ID Cards and asks them to issue only e-Identity Card then India can avoid the Identity Crisis, which is likely to be faced by the Indians in the next 5 years or next decade. If you are facing any Identity Crisis – Consult this Expert or Join the Premium online Whats App Groups named “Solve CIBIL Problems Online.

As per Data available on Income Tax website of GOI: (As on 25/07/2017)

Total Registered Users:
Registered and Aadhaar Linked:
Not-Registered but Aadhaar Linked:
1,30,27,992 (Aadhar Linked PAN not having IT Profile.
e-Verified ITRs (17-18):
60,15,544 ( Last Date is 31/07/2017)

From the above data/figures, it is evident that Public is not taking the Government Instructions seriously and that's why the Government has levied Penalty of Rs.10000 for late filing of IT Returns ( which will not be possible without PAN linking with Aadhar) wef Financial Year 2017-18 and AY 2018-19.

Source: CIBIL Consultants

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Aadhaar Verified SIMs may Fetch Hefty Premiums!

The very topic "Aadhaar Verified SIMs may Fetch Hefty Premiums!" seems illogical - but it is true. It is a timely alert for Department of Telecommunications, Government of India who has advised the Telecom Operators in India to verify all the Mobile Numbers using Aadhar Based Biometric authentication. Any unverified number or any Mobile Number that is not linked to an Aadhar number will be illegal in India after February 6, 2018.

I wonder as to why the "KYC Process" is not being undertaken in its true later and spirits and all the Government, Private and Public sector organizations are just taking it as a mere formality as there is no Single ID Proof in India which can be relied upon for exact Name, Date of Birth, Address, Mobile Number and Email ID. The main reasons for improper implementation of the creation of single reliable ID, DOB and Address Proof in India is the casual attitude and the vested political and business interests like:
  •  Banks want business and they are not concerned about the reliability of the record available on Aadhar, Voter ID, PAN Card as I have seen that there is different DOB in all the main three ID and Address Proofs. Banks just ask the customer - which DOB do you want to register with the Bank and it is the sweet will of the customer to use Aadhar for Name, Voter-ID for Address and Aadhar or PAN Card for DOB. It is a bare fact that you can get your date of birth changed in Aadhar - without even producing the Birth Certificate or Matriculation Certificate, Passport - so far considered as best proof of Date of Birth. I had mentioned in one of my earlier articles that the Bank Managers just suggest the public to get the date of birth changed in Aadhar in such a way that he or she can earn additional interest @1% per annum extra. The Banks, even on finding different dates of birth in PAN, Voter-ID, Aadhar or any other ID Proof will never ask their customer to get the data synchronized in all of his/her ID Proofs but will just lure the customer to choose any date of birth to suit the customer. In my opinion, the Government of India must get all the ID Proofs in India to be issued digitally and synchronize the data - by providing OTO (One Time Option) to residents to choose any ID Proof of their Choice - which may contain valid data of Name, Address, DOB, Mobile etc.
  • Telecom Operators want their business to increase and this is possible only in case they issue the SIM Cards to the customers without any limit. Presently there is no limit on the issue of any number of SIM Cards to any individual and you can get as many SIMS as you want - thanks to loopholes in the Indian system allowing Mobile Operators to expand their business even if may cause a security risk to National Security. Now the GOI on the directions of Supreme Court has asked the Telecom Operators in India to verify all SIMs through Aadhar Based Biometric Authentication but the GOI has made a blunder by not putting a limitation of issuing not more than one SIM card to any Individual with age restrictions in such a way that the SIMs are never issued to any Minor - with age less than 15 years. I have seen students, who are minor, using high-end devices, smartphones, tablets, iPods - which are sold without any User Verification. I am of the confirmed opinion that the all high-end devices with IP Addresses must be registered with some authority and in case the high-end devices are resold, gifted - the purchaser must transfer the high-end device to the purchaser, gift taker. In case such devices are stolen are not useable then the owner should file and FIR as in the case of stolen vehicle - so that such device can be frozen and blocked permanently.
  • Business organizations, small or big, have to sell their products - and at times I have found that the retailer will ask the purchaser - "In whose name do you want the Bill?" and you can get the Bill issued even in the name of stranger for all type of products including Smart TVs and expensive electronic goods below the price of Rs.200000 as you can now tender cash up to Rs.200000 for any goods and services. I think the Government must track the Cash Purchases by any Individual - as there is no limit of cash payments of less than Rs.2 lac to different vendors and sellers. Let the GOI make it mandatory to ask the business houses to sell the products only by entering the Aadhar Number of the purchaser - and the Aadhar Holder is given the option to accept or reject the transaction through OTP.
Now, in nutshell, what is my concern is that criminals and superfluous elements - will be offering Hefty Premiums for Purchasing Aadhar Verified SIMs from unsuspecting illiterate Aadhar Card Holders and this can be checked only if the Government of India puts a limit of one and only one Aadhar Verified SIM to any individual and that too with age restrictions up to 15 years - though it is million dollar question if a minor can be prosecuted or not as to deal with Minors is not a Minor Issue

Government of India is already aware of the Pre-Activated SIM Rackets but it lacks guts and will power to ask the big lobbly of Mobile Network Operators to limit the number of SIMS to one and only one to any Aadhaar ID. I have issued the warning beforehand and let us see if the GOI can bring in suitable legislations to check the misuse of Pre-Activated SIMs to unathorised persons either by the Network Operators or the SIM Card Purchasers. Currently any individual can easily obtain and procure seven SIMs per mobile network operator and this is the root cause of the all the evils.

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