What is the Difference between Suvidha Kender and Samadhan Kender:

Suvidha Kender

Samadhan Kender

You have to pay Parking Charges of Rs.20 for every visit .

No Parking Charges

Limited Working Hours

Working Hours 10.00 AM to 8.00 PM

Lunch Time Half Hour to One Hour

No Launch Time

Closed on Saturday and Sunday

Open 10x7x365 including Saturdays and Sundays.

Long Queues

No queues. Feel at home at Samadhan Kender

No Follow up for Services Provided

We make regular follow up and inform the citizens through Mobile Call and SMS about the status of their availed Services

Money Back Guarantee

Get Rid of all your Worries
Have you ever heard of "Money Back Guarantee" by the service providers, who offer various services like PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, Voter Card, Passport, Improvement and Rectification in CIBIL Score? No, never as no service provider can provide such a foolish guarantee. But we do provide subject to few Terms and Conditions like genuineness of your Proof of Identity, Proof of Address, Proof of Date of Birth and exact names of your parents or children as 10% of the PAN Card applications, Aadhaar Card applications, Voter Card application or Passport applications get rejected due to mismatch of the information provided and the information superscribed on IDentity Cards.

We have come across cases where date of birth as per Aadhar Card is different from that on the PAN Card and the Matriculation Certificate tells different story. Spelling mistakes or different spellings like Kuldip Singh and Kuldeep Singh though pronounced similarly can also cause mismatch resulting into rejections.

To get the benefit of our "Money Bank Guarantee" we request to check and thoroughly scan your following documents:
  • The most important document is the Birth Certificate which should have  correctly spelled names of the individual, his/her parents that is father and mother including the grand father. Gender of the Individual, Place of Birth and Date of Birth is equally important.
  • For individuals born on or after 26th January, 1989 no other document is acceptable except the birth certificate issued by Registrar of Births and Deaths. In case of cases prior to 26th January,1989, Matriculation or SSC Certificated is the accepted proof of birth in respect of literate persons whereas illiterate persons will have to declare on oath before Local Magistrate in camera declaring his or her date of birth. The declared DOB be got incorporated uniformly in all the documents and ID Proofs so that there is no mismatch.
  • Aadhaar is undisputed proof of identity and address. But if DOB is declared in the Aadhaar Card then it is one of the best situation. Keep on updating the changed address in Aadhaar so as to get it changed in Voter, PAN or other documents.
  • Voter ID card is also an important ID Proof and with the change of address the voter must surrender the Voter Card and get the new Voter Card to caste the vote.
What is the difference between Samadhan Kender and other Service Providers:
  • Team at Samadhan Kender follow up with all the authorities to logical end and our success rate is 100%.
  • We keep informing the customers about the status of their application for PAN, VOTER, Aadhaar, Passport, Improvement of CIBIL score etc. etc. entirely free of cost.
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