What is the Difference between Suvidha Kender and Samadhan Kender:

Suvidha Kender

Samadhan Kender

You have to pay Parking Charges of Rs.20 for every visit .

No Parking Charges

Limited Working Hours

Working Hours 10.00 AM to 8.00 PM

Lunch Time Half Hour to One Hour

No Launch Time

Closed on Saturday and Sunday

Open 10x7x365 including Saturdays and Sundays.

Long Queues

No queues. Feel at home at Samadhan Kender

No Follow up for Services Provided

We make regular follow up and inform the citizens through Mobile Call and SMS about the status of their availed Services

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Important Notice by Samadhan Kender

From the Desk of the Founder of Samadhan Kender - Important Notice to Public:

This is for the information of the General Public that the Founder of Samadhan Kender has disassociated from the services being provided at Samadhan Kender w.e.f. 01/03/2017 as the Public can see the New Sign Board displayed at Samadhan Kender. However, the following services, which were personally attended by the Founder of Samadhan Kender, will now be available at Expert Consultancy duly verified by JustDial:
  1. CIBIL Consultancy
  2. Personal Tax
  3. Succession Certificates
  4. Drafting of Wills
  5. Difficult Problems Related to PAN Cars, Aadhar Cards and other Proofs of ID, Address, and DOB.
  6. Guidance and Implementation of setting up New Centres like Samadhan Kender including Common Sevice Centres, Aadhar Enrollment Centres, Pension Distribution Centres, Money Transfer Centres of the Western Union and Trans-Fast and all Services being provided at Samadhan Kender.
General Public can avail the above service at Expert Consultancy with Prior Appointment on Phone.

However, the website of Samadhan Kender developed and conceived by the Founder Expert will be managed by Ashok Goyal, the founder himself and the general public can enjoy updates about the likely problems being faced by the public due to Multiplicity of Proofs of ID, Address and DOB - being issued by Government, Public and Private sectors with impunity without relying on One and only One Proof of ID, Address and DOB.

Jai Hind

Every Problem has a solution but we need to understand the Problem and Get involved into it to Solve the Problem to logical end so as to bring Smiles to individuals facing Problems.
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